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I was a lap dancer, I'm now a teacher. AMA

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SenoraSurf · 17/11/2018 22:02

Ask away

OP posts:
Thisisit777 · 17/11/2018 22:11

How did you get into both professions ?

SenoraSurf · 17/11/2018 22:19

@Thisisit777 I got into lap dancing at 18 as I was tired of working lots of hours in a minimum wage job and still being strapped for cash. I wanted to make extra money to fund my studies. I ended up teaching because there is a shortage within my subject and I was given a fantastic bursary for doing it Grin

OP posts:
Thisisit777 · 17/11/2018 22:23

Ah gotcha. What have you learned from both professions Smile

Saffzy · 17/11/2018 22:25

How long were you lap dancing for? Do you miss it? How do you account for that period of time on job applications etc? Do people in your life know you were a lap dancer and how did they react? How long have you been teaching?
Lots of questions, sorry!Blush

danni0509 · 17/11/2018 22:32

How difference is the pay between both jobs?

iwantasofa · 17/11/2018 22:32

Which was the better job (better as in, easiest/ best conditions/ most enjoyable)?

iwantasofa · 17/11/2018 22:34

Did you find there were lots of transferrable skills?( And if so did you highlight those on your pgce personal statement Grin)

ASauvignonADay · 17/11/2018 22:36

Do any colleagues know about your old job? Do you worry about colleagues/school/students finding out (like old photos surfacing or something)?

SenoraSurf · 17/11/2018 22:57

@Thisisit777 confidence is everything!

@Saffzy I was dancing for 6 years and I miss like you wouldn’t believe. I miss the power and I don’t thing I will ever feel as attractive or desired as I did during those years. I was self employed as a dancer so on job applications, I state I was a freelance seamstress and private tutor (both of which where hobbies at the time). The majority of my friends are ex or current dancer. Most people I know we’ll know my history. I have now been teaching 4 years.

@danni0509 I am currently full time and making the same money I was making on average during my dancing years (but only dancing 2/3 nights per week).

@iwantasofa 100% dancing. I was fortunate in that I was very clear and strict about what I wanted from the job. I worked hard and earned money that I invested in myself. I was able to afford to buy a house, live comfortably, study full time at university, have nice cars and still seem like I had enough time in the day for friends and family. I now struggle to fit all my work into the hours of the day and have very low job satisfaction in teaching. However, dancing was never going to be a long term job for me. I wanted to settle down and build a career with a pension. Dancing was easier too.

@ASauvignonADay I worried in my early teaching days. I don’t worry now as it was a part of my past I’m very proud of and as I’m no longer working in that industry, it shouldn’t impact my current career. I wouldn’t ever reveal my true job history to my colleagues, but I wouldn’t deny it should it ever surface. I actually worked with several other teAchers who were very close friends that were lap dancers. It was like our own dirty little secret!

OP posts:
tablelegs · 17/11/2018 23:18

Would you return to dancing?

SenoraSurf · 17/11/2018 23:31

@tablelegs not anymore. There isn't as much money in the industry anymore. Too many clubs are getting stricter licenses and charging dancers crazy fees. I wouldn't want to travel to big cities to make up the difference either.

OP posts:
BasilFaulty · 28/12/2018 12:54

Did you have any scary moments? Did you not feel objectified? I pole danced for 6 months in a club and absolutely hated every minute and every man.

SenoraSurf · 02/01/2019 12:50

@BasilFaulty I once danced for a man in the VIP booth that had a MASSIVE knife/machete down the back of his trousers. Trying to signal the doorman whilst not giving away I knew it was there was scary. I completed my dance and alerted doorstaff. Police arrived shortly after and he was arrested.

I didn't feel objectified, I felt very empowered. I liked being so wanted and enjoyed earning money that was easily given. I was very fortunate that I didn't have to graft too hard.

OP posts:
HollowTalk · 02/01/2019 13:03

Blimey, how did you know the knife was there?

SenoraSurf · 02/01/2019 13:07

@HollowTalk our VIP area was a slouchy old couch, he was really uncomrftoable and kept shimmying around. I thought it was odd, I was about 10 minutes into the dance when I realised as you could see down the back of his collar when dancing over him Confused

OP posts:
strawberryy · 25/07/2020 23:33

Hi, I’m so interested in this so wanted to jump on despite this post being a couple years old! Hope you still reply! I just want to ask...

  • did your past as a lap dancer come up on any background checks when you went for your teaching job?
  • do your teaching colleagues know of your past job?
  • did you have to pay tax, or was there any paper trail linking you to a lap dancing club?
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