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3 year old wont take his socks off

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Bish133 · 06/08/2018 20:19

i hope this is just a phase hes going through. has anyone elses LO's had this. i can manage to get his socks off for bath/shower or at the swimming baths, but anywhere else its a no go zone. i have put him to bed tonight and forgot to put a clean pair on him after his shower. once he realised he had a full on melt down! came running to his door crying his eyes out. i have tried to explain he will end up with poorly feet like his dad has, and also he will be a lot cooler without them. nothing seems to be working. thanks in advance for any help/advice

OP posts:
RideOn · 07/08/2018 00:56

Take them off/change them whilst he is asleep?
My DCs wake up with clipped finger and toe nails. Smile

SleepingStandingUp · 07/08/2018 01:03

As long as he's having clean ones for bed, I'd humour him for now. It's an odd age, it might be a weird sensory kook and I'd pick my battles as it won't cause any harm as long as they're swapped hygiene wise

catsofa · 07/08/2018 01:06

You need to insist they are changed regularly for clean ones of course, but is there any reason you can't then just let him wear socks all the time?

If mine felt so strongly I think I'd allow it if I could, they can't always articulate their reasons at that age but he obviously feels strongly. Let him have control where it's practical?

What kind of sock related poorly feet does his dad have?

BlueJava · 07/08/2018 01:40

I'd just go with it for now and not make a fuss. Leave them on, he'll phase through the phase and then it'll be something else soon!

MKroundabout · 07/08/2018 01:47

Wrong time of year for this obsession!

How about taking him to buy some super new sandals or soft shoes that you don't wear socks with? Might get him out of the habit.

Or, sandpit or (messy) playdoh. My son can't wait to get shoes and socks off if he can put his feet in sand or something squidgy!

Astrid2 · 07/08/2018 02:20

Meh what's the worst that will happen? He won't get 'poorly feet' as long as you change them and wash feet regularly!

Bish133 · 07/08/2018 07:04

thanks everyone haha. his socks are changed a lot. and i can get him to wear his sandles sometimes, but starting nursery 5th september so not much longer left to get him in his sandles haha. his dads feet used to crack open a lot when he was younger (not sock related) and hes had ingrown toenails a lot lately (also not sock related) i was just trying to get my LBS socks off lol.

OP posts:
VioletPickles · 07/08/2018 07:11

My dd does this, trying to get shoes and socks off causes ww3. Unless of course its her who decides to take them off, normally just as we arrive somewhere in the car and are usually late...

To save drama I just let her keep them on in bed. If I manage to get her shoes of her actual feet, she has to have them tucked under the covers with her... I'm hoping it won't last Confused

Raindropsonmynose · 07/08/2018 10:06

Meh! As long as he is getting them off for shower and changes them regularly - whats the harm- My DD who is almost 7 still likes socks on most of the time even in summer. I would get good cotton absorbent sock and let him be.

SleepingStandingUp · 07/08/2018 11:46

Why do you want him bare feet?

mummyhaschangedhername · 07/08/2018 12:01

My 8 year old is the same, he has autism though so I expect that's part of the reason (not saying that's the reason for your son at all). He gets very upset if he doesn't have socks immediately to put on after a shower. It's just one of those battles that doesn't really seem worth fighting to be honest.

Also, not sure this post is in the right place.

ThePricklySheep · 07/08/2018 12:03

What exactly are you worried about? I’d just let him keep them on so long as he changes them daily.

deptfordgirl · 07/08/2018 12:23

My ds is like this. He has to wear socks every night. Once I thought I'd managed to take them off without him noticing as it was baking hot but just before he went to sleep he sat up and shouted to have some on! He also has to wear shoes and socks at the beach. I just go with it!

deptfordgirl · 07/08/2018 12:25

Oh and my ds doesn't even own sandles as I know he would tantrum if I made him wear them and I don't feel strongly enough to force him.

Bish133 · 07/08/2018 14:16

i just want him to get some air to his feet occasionaly. and it would also help him to get to sleep quicker if he would just take them off lol. i have never posted on here before and thought the ask me anything thread was the best place to ask. hopefuly its just a phase. he also has to take his shoes off as soon as we get somewhere regardless of how long we are staying haha

OP posts:
SporkInTheToaster · 07/08/2018 14:35

AMA is where posters ask YOU (the OP) questions, Bish. Ask for this post to be moved to a more appropriate part of the board, you’ll get more tailored replies as more people will see it.

Do that by pressing ‘report’ on your original post, that will allow you to generate a message to MNHQ.

ThePricklySheep · 07/08/2018 14:40

So do his feet get too hot in the night? Or do you just have a fixed idea that he must sleep in bare feet? You didn’t answer what exactly you’re worried about happening.

Bish133 · 07/08/2018 15:00

im not worried, i was just wondering if its a phase and if anyone elses LO's are going/have gone through it. and about not wearing socks on a night, i just know it helps to regulate your body temperature and help you fall asleep if your feet are cool

OP posts:
ThePricklySheep · 07/08/2018 15:11

If you take them off it won’t help him get to sleep quicker if he wants them on though. Smile

SnowOnTheSeine · 07/08/2018 15:17

My DS is nearly 7 and always wears socks. Although not at night fortunately (39 degrees where we are today!)

He'll only wear sandals to the beach. And has his socks on in the car until we get to the beach, then agrees to put sandals on. Then puts socks back on as soon as we get back to the car.

I've given up fighting it.

SleepingStandingUp · 07/08/2018 21:54

The ask me anything section is more like
I have a son who has never taken his socks off, ask me anything
Then we ask you questions.
Anyway, hopefully we've reassured you your child is as weird as the rest of the cray kids and in 6 months you'll be on here saying how do I make my kid wear socks??

Shaverlogan01 · 29/11/2022 02:57

Convince him to wear Sandals in the Spring and Summer to let his Feet and Piggies (Toes) air out and I used to not take my Socks Off when I was a kid and started to wear Sandals without Socks and I wear Birkenstocks in the Spring and Summer and when the Weather is nice without Socks to Air them out

Shaverlogan01 · 29/11/2022 03:05

Convince him to wear Sandals in the Spring and Summer to let his Feet and Piggies (Toes) air out and I used to not take my Socks Off when I was a kid and started to wear Sandals without Socks and I wear Birkenstocks in the Spring and Summer and when the Weather is nice without Socks to Air them out

Texasgrown · 02/07/2023 20:27

My son is 12 and I cannot get him to take his socks off to get in pool. I highly suggest to not just "let it be."

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