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My Sims 4 character has 29 children, AMA

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peanutpeanutbutterbutterandjam · 26/07/2018 21:12

what a loser.

OP posts:
needtimealone · 26/07/2018 21:16

Do they all have the same dad?

Theweasleytwins · 26/07/2018 21:16

At what stage do you kick them out of the house

Theweasleytwins · 26/07/2018 21:17

Or do you just put them in the pool and remove the ladder (haven't played since sims 3)

CreakyAuldYin · 26/07/2018 21:17

How many hours did you have to play for all that woo hooing? Grin I just don't have the time to devote to the Sims these days....

SleepingInYourFlowerbed · 26/07/2018 21:18

Do you have aging off?

CreakyAuldYin · 26/07/2018 21:19

I want to go play now. I've forgotten how to work the Sims 3 though. I tried to play it the other week and was confused at the setup. Where are all the random families and wee houses to buy?

Actually I could Google that. Sorry.

IamReginaFalange · 26/07/2018 21:19

Do they have a sims pie shop?

CherryBlossom23 · 26/07/2018 21:20

How the feck do you manage them all? I thought twin toddlers was bad Grin

TaliZorahVasNormandy · 26/07/2018 21:22

Is the character male?

Because I play Sims 3 and one of my male characters bed hopped and left a wake of children, he didnt wanna pay for.

Treesaw · 26/07/2018 21:24

My male sim had 22 and I thought that was impressive. One was an alien. Well done you Grin

HarrietKettleWasHere · 26/07/2018 21:27

Biological or did you phone the adoption agency and get a few dropped round?

I like the Generations expansion pack for Sims 3. You can send them away to school or get a nanny over so you can still do your painting or whatever. I can't get on with sims 4.

CreakyAuldYin · 26/07/2018 21:37

I'd go back to Sims 2...I had so many expansion packs. I think I especially loved the university one and the ridiculous showbiz type one.

TaliZorahVasNormandy · 26/07/2018 21:39

I modded the shit out of sims 3, just to make it more interesting.

Flowerfae · 28/07/2018 15:31

do they all live in the same house?

SegmentationFault · 28/07/2018 15:49

How does in compare to Sims 3? Especially with all the expansions.

DannyDogg · 28/07/2018 15:56

Can’t you kill them all with a house fire?

DuckingMel · 28/07/2018 20:59

Do social services still come to take them off you if you leave them lying on the road for extended periods (glitch - weirdly and randomly my chatacter walked out and put the baby down and could not pick up again!) or have too many to take care of (I'll put my hands up on this one for Sims 3!).

FlaviaAlbia · 28/07/2018 21:02

I used to make my Sim's childrensjip school to do the housework and then they'd get taken away to military school. Can you still do that? Grin

FlaviaAlbia · 28/07/2018 21:03

Skip school! Not whatever that autocorrect blip was..

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