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I had a major primary post partum haemorrhage, AMA

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Cheesenacho123 · 23/07/2018 01:38

Ask me anything

OP posts:

Paddingtonthebear · 24/07/2018 20:32

This happened to me too, major PPH, theatre and two blood transfusions. Awful. And I was discharged the next day. Confused


Whatififall · 24/07/2018 20:32

I totally understand and empathise op.
I also had a major pph and I really struggled afterwards. I had no skin to skin with DD due to me being rushed from birthing suite to theatre. For months afterward I had flashbacks to the feel and sound of the blood coming out of me. I was losing consciousness and had to be roused to sign consent for blood and hysterectomy before having a GA.
Luckily i didn’t need a hysterectomy but I was convinced I was going to die. I said that to my consultant afterwards and he said something like “if you were in a 3rd world country or somewhere without instant access to blood supplies you would have”. Very matter of fact about it. Which didn’t help my spiralling pnd/ anxiety.
I’ve never had another child. I was told that I’d have to have a planned section if I did as due to the 3rd degree tear my pelvic muscles wouldn’t be strong enough to carry to term. I was told that the atonic uterus which caused the pph was bad luck. Having one doesn’t mean you’ll have a second. But if you have a second atonic episode they recommend you don’t have a third pregnancy.


Paddingtonthebear · 24/07/2018 20:37

Yes this ^^ I had a 4th degree tear that hasn’t completely healed properly so have been advised no more vaginal births as it will likely make me incontinent in the future. I also fractured my coccyx during delivery (induction and forceps which probably caused PPH). It was just a total mess really. Luckily I have no plans for more children. I didn’t get any time with my baby for hours after delivery due to going to theatre and the blood transfusions. Didn’t manage to breastfeed either. I have let that all go. She’s 5 now, fit as a fiddle and top of her class. It’s fine Smile


Bowlofbabelfish · 24/07/2018 20:42

cheese that feeling of it pumping out of you I will never forget.



Cheesenacho123 · 24/07/2018 20:44

I don’t know how they could discharge someone the next day! I spent 4 days in hospital before I felt ok to go home.

I agree consultants are definitely matter of fact and aren’t great at being very empathetic. Mine was like ‘it happens every day in here get over it sort of attitude.’

I had retained products which caused my haemorrhaging but what I want to know is what caused them to be retained? But no one can answer that.

OP posts:

Paddingtonthebear · 24/07/2018 21:45

I think they needed the bed to be honest! I felt awful but was desperate to get out so I said I felt better than I did. I was in no way well enough to be discharged though, I left in a wheelchair and they also discharged me with no pain relief. Health visitor came round to meet the baby and was horrified and put in a call for a prescription for me.

I did, years later, request an debrief and it was acknowledged by Pals that things were not handled well.

It was a horrible experience so I empathise with anyone who has similar, it’s quite harrowing when you look back. It has made me realise that I am actually tough as nails though Grin


Blerg · 25/07/2018 08:15

Sorry to everyone who has had this. This has made me remember some of the details I’d forgotten about less than ideal aftercare and semi fainting. That’s interesting and I’m ok with it now, and as @Paddingtonthebear said it can be one of those experiences that makes you realise how much you can cope with when you need to.

Time heals hopefully- DD is nearly 5. We did manage to establish breastfeeding despite being told to just go for formula. Milk is made from the blood apparently. No shade at all on anyone who didn’t or couldn’t.


Shednik · 05/08/2018 21:53

I had one. Lost 3.5l but went home the same day. No transfusion either. My haemoglobin was 6. I felt lousy and faint for weeks so perhaps should have been given a transfusion really.


Natsku · 06/08/2018 08:13

How long did it take for your haemoglobin to get back to normal? Were the transfusions enough or did you have to take iron supplements after?

I had one 6 months ago (though not so bad, just technically major as it was 1.3 litres but I only needed one bag of blood and two bags of iron) and I'm still really distressed about it. They think the cause was probably because my bladder was distended so was stopping my uterus from contracting properly so they had to do several in and out catheters and push down heavily on my belly to get my uterus to contract which was more painful than the labour (they gave me back the gas and air though)


carmelsundae · 09/08/2018 20:16

I had a pph also, 3 hours after giving birth I collapsed and was rushed to theatre. I remember some of it but not all. Id had a fairly straight forward labour so no idea why it happened and was denied a debrief. I felt a mixture of guilt and fear for months afterwards and eventually for some CBT which was very useful!
I received 2 units of blood and was sent home 2 days later with my new born and 2 year old to look after! I look back and think no wonder I was exhausted!!

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