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Minor Car accident

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MumsTheWerd · 21/07/2018 12:35

Hi, so a few months ago I was driving on a 2 lane roundabout and was exiting at the 3rd exit. All the way through I was signalling right and the driver in the inside lane decided to come off at the 2nd exit and smashed into my car, bear in mind she had undertaken me on the road leading to the roundabout, as I was stuck there for like 2mins had vehicles hooting at me as I was in shock. I looked around for the lady but she was no where to be found, so I drove off. Only to see her following me as I got to my house. I didn't contact my insurer because there was no damage to her car but mine had dent, and during that period my phone was in a bad way so I couldnt take down any of her information to contact her insurer, but she took a pic of my plate number. I was then contacted by the police but they dropped the case as as it wasn't a crucial one, now my insurance is contacting me about it, I'm so scared and don't know what to do. Any advice please?

OP posts:
mancnet · 21/07/2018 12:56

Tell your insurers what happened (truthfully) and let them deal with it. That's what you have insurance for!

MoneyWhatMoney · 21/07/2018 21:17

Tell your insurance. There is usually a clause in the policy about them potentially not indemnifying you if you don't report and cooperate (this essentially means they have the right to deal with the claim and reclaim costs from you). It's unlikely but I'm not sure why you're worried.

Call the claims dept, report the claim and put forward your side of the story. Then let them do the rest. They want to talk to you to check if you're liable as they will presumably be receiving a claim from the other driver that they won't want to pay if you're not at fault.

MintyT · 22/07/2018 08:07

I work in insurance, you need to tell the claims team what happened. As the other person (TP)has told her ins co. The claims team will take the details to defend the case. If the Ins co is asking you for your explanation and you are not telling them they can give you notice and cancel your insurance for non co-operating. This will make getting insurance difficult

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