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I'm bored - AMA

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Bouledeneige · 16/07/2018 20:57

Just that.

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Mimsy123 · 16/07/2018 21:21

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever held in your hand?

Japanesejazz · 16/07/2018 21:24

Do you want to do my ironing?

Bouledeneige · 16/07/2018 21:34

Gotta think about the biggest thing in my hand.... there was this Australian guy...

Ironing you say? What a kind offer. Umm, let me see..... No thanks - I might continue slumping on the sofa watching Love Island. I'm crap at ironing - only do it once a year. As I did some yesterday ask me again on 15th July 2019... i might be bored then too.

OP posts:
Bouledeneige · 16/07/2018 21:34

Had quite a boomerang..

OP posts:
MustDust · 16/07/2018 23:14

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

SantaClauseMightWork · 16/07/2018 23:16

Who lost their marbles at MNHQ and thought AMA would be a very good idea?

Japanesejazz · 16/07/2018 23:41

Less than an unladen kestrel or yard cat judging by what goes on at our livery yard

faofjamp · 16/07/2018 23:43

what do you think of brexit?

SinisterBumFacedCat · 16/07/2018 23:45

Shag Marry Push off a cliff -

Barry Scott
The Go Compare Guy
Alexander Meercat

Bouledeneige · 17/07/2018 00:12

Brexit has not been as much fun as everyone said. One kestrel does not a swallow make..

I think Scotland should definitely join the EU and Theresa May is toast.

Bored and muddled you say?

OP posts:
MonaLisaSimpson · 17/07/2018 00:44

Why does my ankle ache so much? It normally only gives me jip in the cold weather.

Bouledeneige · 17/07/2018 21:38

It means you're going to win the lottery...

OP posts:
phimum69 · 17/07/2018 21:46

Hi. I know this isn't the right place to post my feelings or ask advice, but I can't see where to go. I see that people are communicating often here, so maybe you could point me in the right direction. I'm feeling like doing something almost bad because of social services getting everything wrong about me. Do you know where I should go please. I'm new to all of this and have never posted anything ever before. Thankyou.

Bouledeneige · 17/07/2018 22:12

Oh phimum. We're just fucking about on this thread.

Your issue sounds serious. All I'd say is please don't act in haste - anything to do with social services could have very far reaching consequences. So I'd pause and pause again.

Talk to someone in real life and maybe write what you're thinking on a piece of paper and put it away for a week or two. Act according to your long term interests not your short term pain/anger/frustration. Its probably not a good idea....

OP posts:
Japanesejazz · 17/07/2018 22:15

You ok?

ICanOnlyLaugh · 17/07/2018 22:17

What time are you going to be tonight?

I can (seriously) hear someone shouting drunkenly on the street outside. What do you think they’re saying?

SequinsOnEverything · 17/07/2018 22:30

Why can I never follow through with a plan to get an early night?

Japanesejazz · 17/07/2018 22:41

Boule and me are listening.
Give us a reply please

ICanOnlyLaugh · 17/07/2018 22:47

Are you serious @phimum69 ? If so, welcome to the site! We’re listening Brew

Japanesejazz · 18/07/2018 00:41


phimum69 · 25/07/2018 21:10

thanks to those who replied to my first message. I'm fine, and it was very kind of you to ask. I think my situation is so complicated and convoluted, that it would take the patience of a saint to read it. I do feel that a big black blanket has covered me over and it's because of children's services acting on wrong information. I just want a peaceful life, and to enjoy the summer with my children, not wondering when the S.W. will knock at my door, as he's made it very apparent that he can do so at anytime. I think I'll just weather the storm as there is no back tracking and no solution in the foreseeable future. thanks for reading anyway.

Bouledeneige · 25/07/2018 21:24

Ah phimum thanks for replying - it sounds like you are going through a very tough time. Keep focused on enjoying your time with the kids and looking forward to simple pleasures. It could very well be that SW wont be back for a while - if you carry on loving and caring as I'm sure you do, then that will disprove any false information they have been fed.

Look after yourself. Big hugs.

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