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I am a mental health support worker, AMA

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YouCanAskMeAnything · 15/07/2018 20:18

Worked in the NHS for a very long time is a secure unit with patients who have an offending past and major mental illness.

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YouCanAskMeAnything · 15/07/2018 20:39

Sniffs dramatically as no one wants to know anything!

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MrMagnoliasBoot · 15/07/2018 20:46

How did you get into the job? What training did you need to do?

YouCanAskMeAnything · 15/07/2018 20:49

I got into it as I had some experience working in care. You don't really need qualifications but I do have GCSEs and A Levels.

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YouCanAskMeAnything · 15/07/2018 20:50

The NHS is very good at giving lots of training including restraint training, and lots of work related courses.

The best way to learn ultimately is to be on the ward, learning the trade. I have worked with some amazing nurses over the years, and I try to emulate some of that with my own care.

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