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I am an expat living in India AMA

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jjwelcomd · 13/07/2018 23:00

just that really......

OP posts:
Girlgoneglobal · 15/07/2018 09:27

Bit of a derail but I used to live in Sri Lanka and in general (Sinhalese) Sri Lankans really used to turn their nose up at India, particularly South India (which I suspect was anti-Tamil driven).

I used to love telling them where I lived and then following it up with...."and I LOVED it!" And I did. Loved the food, the people and the vibrancy. India does epic like nowhere else. I agree totally with the pp who said you get used to the poverty very quickly (there was a dead body at the end of the road outside my office and although I remember it still I don't remember it as bothering me too much at the time) but the rubbish; oh my god everywhere. This sounds horrendous but I think I was more upset by the sight of cows eating plastic bags than I was about the body.

Tartle · 15/07/2018 17:01

What sort of school do your kids go to? Is it mostly international or is there a mix?

What do you miss the most from home that you can't get?

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