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I’m a former Michelin starred chef (2*) AMA

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TeddyIsaHe · 06/07/2018 22:45

Gave up my career when I had dd. Now admin! Which is a bit hilarious.

I’m good at cooking tips tho.

OP posts:
TFSRM · 06/07/2018 22:47

Are the work hours always ridiculous? Do you like to eat out at other Michelin starred restaurants and judge the food?

Funclesmuck · 06/07/2018 22:49

Hi,what’s your dish that you think- oh fuck! I like to think I’m good at roasts and puddings, and can pretty much can follow any reciep/ but rice, that’s my no go area. I just can’t get the amount right, and if I get the amount right, it’s mushy

Whatsnewwithyou · 06/07/2018 22:49

If you had friends coming for dinner at the last minute who you wanted to impress but didn't have a ton of time, money, or special equipment what would you cook them (starter, main, dessert)?

zzzzz · 06/07/2018 22:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ASAS · 06/07/2018 22:52

If I love food, but want to loose weight, what snacks can I make? What will taste amazing but be slightly better for me than a kit kat/tea and toast/belvita bars?

Coughy · 07/07/2018 07:05

How did you get that admin job?! Do you have admin experience or...?

Noonelikesfruitcake · 07/07/2018 07:09

What do you cook for yourself at home? Do you ever have tinned beans on toast? Cereal for dinner? A pot noodle?

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