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Best women’s gloves to keep your mitts warm and dry

Protect your mitts from the elements with our roundup of the very best gloves to get your hands on this winter.

By Annabel Ross | Last updated Dec 30, 2021

Best womens gloves

A winter wardrobe staple, a good pair of gloves can keep your hands warm and toasty on the chilliest of days. As temperatures drop, hands can instantly feel the cold as they tend to be exposed while holding onto phones, bags, prams and dog leads.   

But which material is best for warmth and durability and are sleek leather gloves or cosy mittens more your style? We’ve got you and your hands covered with our handy roundup. 

Here are the best women’s gloves to buy in 2021.

1. Best overall women’s gloves: Sealskinz Women's Fit Waterproof All Weather Insulated Gloves

Sealskinz gloves

Price: £39 | Buy now from Amazon

"They are amazing. I bought them for riding my bike to work in the winter so they have sticky grip pads on the palms. But they get worn for dog walking, running. Well you get the picture" - Ohjustboreoff

"I’ve had them for about 3 years and still look good as new" - Ohjustboreoff

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of gloves that are sturdy, warm and practical then these are a perfect fit. They’re tough enough to withstand seriously cold weather thanks to a three-layer construction. The outer shell is tough and waterproof, while the palm area is lined with soft leather, making these gloves good all-rounders. 

Another nice feature is that they’re touchscreen friendly, so you’ll be able to check your phone messages while out and about without having to take your gloves off. They could be worn for almost anything from trips to the playground to walking the dog to skiing down moutains.

2. Best budget gloves for women: RJM Black Warm Magic Gloves with Palm Grip

Magic gloves

Price: £3 | Buy now from Amazon

These gloves are similar to the toasty ‘grip’ socks many of us like to wear in place of slippers around the house and are just as comfy!

They’re made very simply, mostly from acrylic, and do the job of keeping you warm just as efficiently as many other gloves on the market. The rubbery grips on the palms are super practical, giving you a sturdy grasp on things like phones, coffee cups and steering wheels. 

Of course, as with all budget options, there are compromises. They aren’t touchscreen friendly, so you’ll need to remove them to access your phone, and although they are soft and warm, they are definitely not waterproof.

However, the fact that they cost less than £3 makes these a great budget buy (or even a good secondary pair of gloves to keep in your handbag, where they can be happily rolled up and tucked away neatly). The elastane gives the gloves a great ‘stretch’, meaning that one size really does fit all, so you don’t have to faff about working out which size to buy.

3. Best warm gloves for women: Rab Women’s Power Stretch Pro Gloves

Rab women's gloves

Price: £25 | Buy now from Amazon

"I have these which are super warm" Massistar

These gloves are great quality and made to last. Rab specialises in outdoor gear so you can expect these gloves to offer high performance. They’re constructed using the brand’s own delicately crafted fabric known as Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™, which they say is both strong and abrasion-resistant. It has a four-way stretch system designed to mould around your hands, keeping them cocooned and warm, but still enabling you to move and flex your fingers freely. 

They aren’t going to win any style awards, but they’ll keep you warm and protected in the great outdoors.

4. Best leather gloves for women: M&S Collection Leather Gloves

M&S leather gloves

Price: £18 | Buy now from Marks & Spencer 

"I'm a fan of lined leather gloves - reasonably waterproof, not too bulky, smart enough to wear to work. I currently have a couple of brightly coloured pairs from M&S" - TheGirlOnTheLanding

Leather gloves give off an air of luxury and this classic style will never go out of fashion. These gorgeous mitts from M&S come with a real wow factor thanks to a range of bright shades - scarlet red, purple berry, and petrol green. 

At under £20, the price of these leather gloves is impressive and as an added bonus, they’re water repellent - not what you’d expect from traditional leather gloves. They’re also lined with fleece for extra cosiness. 

These would make an affordable luxury gift. 

5. Best cashmere gloves for women: Jasmine Silk Women’s Cashmere Gloves 

Jasmine Silk women's gloves

Price: £24 | Buy now from Amazon

Who doesn’t love the feel of cashmere? There’s nothing else that feels quite as soft and luxurious. These Jasmine Silk gloves are a great option because not only are they 100% cashmere, but they have a lovely ribbed cuff which is really useful for ensuring a snug fit and keeping cold air out. 

They come in a range of muted colours allowing you to subtly match them to any overcoat and accessories you might already have.

They’re not waterproof and you’ll have to hand wash these delicate gloves throughout the winter but they’re a great buy for a fantastic price. 

6. Best women’s mittens: Heat Holders Ladies Thick Fleece-Lined Gloves

Heat Holders mittens

Price: £14 | Buy now from Amazon

Mittens aren’t just for kids! Sometimes they're the comfiest option when it’s really cold outside as they fit snugly over your whole hand like a thick cosy duvet. Mittens are also great for just slipping on quickly when you need to rush out of the house or when you're pushing a pram.

These gloves from Heat Holders are really durable and easy to wear. They’re insulated with a thermal lining to keep you extra warm and a gathering at the wrist will help to keep the heat inside and prevent cold air from seeping in.

You can choose from a range of really cute patterns too so if you’re into an old-school winter look with a bit of a kitsch vibe, then these could be a lovely option for you.

7. Best waterproof gloves: Coskefy Thermal Touchscreen Waterproof Gloves 

Coskefy women's gloves

Price: £16 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re looking for double duty, extra warm gloves to keep up with a very active lifestyle, then these mitts from Coskefy are for you. They’re water-resistant and lined with a soft thinsulate fleece. The outer material is breathable, allowing for airflow while you get stuck into all manner of outdoor activities so your hands will always feel dry and comfortable. 

There’s a fastening at the cuff so they can fit any wrist size, and there’s a useful security clip to keep the gloves together when stored away. They're also touchscreen sensitive, and have a hardwearing anti-slip lining over the palm area to help you grip everything from your mobile phone, to a dog leash to a ski pole! 

For less than £20 you get a good range of features with these gloves.

8. Best fingerless gloves: Boer Fingerless Gloves for Women

Fingerless gloves

Price: £6 | Buy now from Amazon

Fingerless gloves are really useful. Sometimes you just want a little extra warmth around your wrists and the central part of your hands, but don't want to be completely covered by a full glove - perfect for mild winter weather or even for use indoors where the temperature of a room is colder than you’d like.

These gloves are made mostly from soft cotton and they come in a wide range of colours. At under £6 you could even think about buying a couple of pairs to have both a practical pair and a more statement colour such as hot pink.

The silicone spots on the palm are really effective at providing a decent grip and they can be rolled up neatly and stored in a coat pocket and you’ll barely feel like they're there.

9. Best touchscreen gloves: H&M Touchscreen Gloves

H&M women's gloves

Price: £5 | Buy now from H&M

Always need to be a tap away from your emails? H&M has this covered with their practical touchscreen gloves and for less than a fiver, you get not one but two pairs to keep you warm all winter.

They’re pretty basic in their make up and are mostly made from acrylic, so although they’re gorgeously soft, they’re definitely not waterproof. However, for the price, this is certainly not a huge compromise, as you could buy these and then invest in a different pair if you need something for when the weather turns snowy and wet.

Overall these are a great everyday pair of gloves to cover you for all manner of basic tasks and you can happily keep them on to retrieve your phone messages so your fingers can remain toasty and warm at all times

10. Best designer gloves: Paul Smith Swirl Stripe Leather Gloves 

Paul Smith women's gloves

Price: £170 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners 

These designer gloves might be a jaw-dropping £170, but they are pure opulence. The leather is lambskin, which is luxuriously soft, and they are lined with a combination of wool, cashmere and silk, for the ultimate in comfort and cosiness. Meanwhile, your money isn't just paying for the splendour of these sumptuous materials, but also for the lavish style, a statement Paul Smith multicoloured stripy print. 

These gloves can be teamed with literally anything and they’ll automatically turn your look from everyday to elegant.

If you love the idea of a really special pair of gloves to wear to work or a special occasion, then these are a perfect choice. What’s more, the iconic print is timeless - very much a collector’s item that won't go out of style.

How to choose the best women’s gloves

There are hundreds of styles and materials to choose from, so when thinking of the ‘best’ gloves, this will never be boiled down to one type as everyone will differ in their opinions. It's more about which are the best gloves for you, and this decision can only be made after plenty of research and sampling.

Try on a variety of different materials from leather to wool, whatever takes your fancy. Then make sure that whatever you’re drawn to also suits what you need them for and that they'll adequately keep you warm and protected during all of your pursuits.

After this it's about choosing your favourite style, pattern or colour, which is definitely the really fun bit. Gloves are a very personal accessory, so make sure yours are tailored to your needs.

What’s the best material for women’s gloves?

There’s no straight answer to this. It’s really about your individual needs. Do you require waterproof gloves? Or perhaps you need gloves lined with insulating fleece to keep you as warm as possible on early morning dog walks or wintry rambles. Leather gloves can fit snugly and are typically hard wearing, cashmere gloves are super soft, wool gloves are cosy to wear and lightweight fleece is a good option for warmer weather.  

How do you measure glove size?

This is really a trial-based endeavour. So many gloves are sized differently and it’s actually really difficult to be certain that a medium in one brand won’t fit similarly to a small size in another. If you like a roomy fit, it’s always worth going for a larger size for extra comfiness. 

Some brands offer specific information on measurements for each of their sizes, such as the length of the fingers or the width of the palm area. In this case you can measure up at home before buying. Otherwise the only alternative is to simply try a few pairs on for size.

What are the best women’s gloves to buy?

We love the Sealskinz Women's All Weather Insulated Gloves. Reliable, sturdy, warm and practical - in many ways these really are a perfect fit. The three-layer construction ,means they’re tough enough to withstand a seriously cold winter and they’re touchscreen friendly, so you can check your phone messages while out and about without having to take your gloves off. 

How we chose our recommendations

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