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To ask for your sturdy trampoline recommendations?

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VeryGoodVeryNice · 18/05/2022 20:29

I have an 11 year old dd who has ASD and is being assessed for ADHD.

She goes out and bounces on the trampoline for at least 15 mins per hour when she’s awake, all year round, in all weathers. It’s like an actual
need for her, I think she finds it soothing and her behaviour is definitely worse if we’re away and she has no access to her trampoline.

She has just worn out her third trampoline, and I need to get another one asap. I’m a single parent and don’t have masses of spare money, but I’m starting to think that the old buy cheap, buy twice (or 4 times in my case) thing is true. Or maybe any trampoline would wear out in a year or two with the amount she uses it.

There’s also the issue of dismantling, taking to the tip, and building new ones which is not a fun job when it’s just me and I could do without having to do it again now and then again in a year’s time.

So anyone got any recommendations for a trampoline that is:
a) sturdy and built to last
b) affordable

Bonus points if it’s not too noisy as she really is out there bouncing at all hours and I don’t want to piss the neighbours off any more than I have to. Luckily they’re lovely and very understanding of her SEN.

12 foot is about as big as we can go in our garden.


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butterflyfox · 18/05/2022 20:33

Spring free. Is very sturdy. Wonderfully silent six years after being bounced on every day for hours In all conditions. Safe too. What it is not is cheap. But given its heavy use if I calculate price per bounce I can justify it.


RedMake88 · 18/05/2022 20:38

Until I saw your budget thing I’d say spring free too. Maybe look for a second hand one?


fairytwinkletastic · 18/05/2022 20:39

We bought a Plum one which has lasted years and loads of kids.


VeryGoodVeryNice · 18/05/2022 20:40

Ooh I didn’t know spring free trampolines existed! Will have a look.

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VeryGoodVeryNice · 18/05/2022 20:53

Hmm yeah don’t think she’ll be getting a brand new one of those! Have seen a few on marketplace which I’ve messaged about.

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percypig84 · 18/05/2022 20:58

We have a SpringFree and it is brilliant, little noise, sturdy and still in perfect condition after 2 years. If you can get your hands on a second hand one definitely go for it!


VeryGoodVeryNice · 18/05/2022 21:00

They do look brilliant, and I’m sure the neighbours would appreciate it now that it’s windows open season again.

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enterparentone · 18/05/2022 21:02

Also consider applying to Family Fund - I think this is exactly the sort of thing they help with


YouHaveNoAuthorityHereJackie · 18/05/2022 21:05

We have a huge rectangular JumpKing and it’s fantastic. I bought it second hand at the very start of the first lockdown and it’s been used every single day by 4 children since, still in great nick. I second the Family Fund recommendation though, this is definitely something they’d help with. I think waits for a first time application can be fairly long though.


ChocoLeibniz · 18/05/2022 21:06

I can recommend the Bellicon rebounder. We've had ours for 5 years and use it indoors as we don't have a garden. It's not cheap but it's very sturdy and spring free so very quiet - I can use it at midnight in an apartment and my children and next door neighbours never hear it (it uses elastics which you have to replace from time to time).


Neverendingmindfuck · 18/05/2022 21:06

Just a word of caution...
DGC broke their own nose on a trampoline recently 🙄
Its a common accident apparently. They need a surgical procedure when the swelling has gone down.


VeryGoodVeryNice · 18/05/2022 21:08

My eldest daughter also has ASD and I applied to the family fund last year for her, so I can’t apply again until December (I’m pretty sure it’s done per household not per child). There’s no way dd2 can hold out until then 😂

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orwellwasright · 18/05/2022 21:14

I read that the ones you can bury so they're flush with ground level are the best. Obviously needs work to install and you've got a massive hole in your garden but they're safe(r) and very robust.


bridgetjonesmassivepants · 18/05/2022 21:16

We have a Salta 14ft one, the premium model. It is very sturdy and can take up to 23 stone.


VeryGoodVeryNice · 18/05/2022 21:26

Hmm 🤔 not sure me and a shovel would have much luck burying a trampoline. It was hard enough with the hamster, RIP 🪦.

Think the springless ones are the way to go, if I’m lucky it looks like I could pick one up second hand for about £200.

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CraftyGin · 18/05/2022 21:27

We have a Springfree - it's 20 years old and still going strong.


TinaYouFatLard · 18/05/2022 21:29

It’s expensive outlay but we’ve had our Springfree for almost 9 years and it’s still going strong.


CraftyGin · 18/05/2022 21:31

Just RTFT...

Glad others are happy with their Springfree trampolines.

The main attraction for me is that the full width is jumping surface (we have a very narrow garden), and they are silent apart from children's giggles.

We've had 20 drunken adults on ours.


VeryGoodVeryNice · 18/05/2022 21:37

Yes the jumping surface is another bonus, no wasted space with springs. If I got the oval one I could easily get the strimmer underneath it which would also be good as I can’t move the 12 foot round one on my own and I can’t get to the middle bit!

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Badgerstmary · 18/05/2022 22:28

Our 12ft TP trampoline is approximately 14 yrs old & still in fantastic condition.

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