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Can anyone tell me about running on a trampoline?

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numberthirtytwowindsorgardens · 20/07/2022 13:40

I used to run at least five times a week, but now I have two small children who don't sleep and I'm trapped in the house. I read - quite possibly on MN! - about using a trampoline to run indoors and was wondering whether anyone could tell me about it? Is it worth the investment? If so, which trampoline do I want? And anything else I haven't thought of!

All advice gratefully received!

OP posts:

GoldPig · 20/07/2022 13:44

I bought a small ‘trampette’ from Argos. It was ok in that it got me moving with reduced impact. However the squeaky springs were really annoying and, living in a flat, made me too self conscious.


FinallyHere · 20/07/2022 13:58

Yeah, I have a 'trampette' which I use to walk / jog/ run indoors. An audiobook, headphones and I'm sorted.

Not as feel good as the fresh air in the great outdoors but much better than nothing.


numberthirtytwowindsorgardens · 20/07/2022 14:21

Thank you both! @GoldPig , it sounds as if you wouldn't recommend yours, with the springs? - @FinallyHere , would you? I feel a bit at sea with knowing what I'm looking for!

OP posts:

FinallyHere · 20/07/2022 14:25

I'll be home later, can send you a picture.


alllo · 20/07/2022 14:29

I bought an Fit Bounce pro 2 for £200ish and have used it pretty much every day for a few years with no squeaks - I love it and can't recommend it enough.

I know that's pricey but I purposefully spent more to get a quiet one, and it that much also "made" me use it more at first.

You can do all sorts of exercises and it's better for your joints than running on concrete too.


numberthirtytwowindsorgardens · 20/07/2022 14:45

@alllo , I was looking at that one, but it's the most expensive one I saw and it doesn't seem to come with a handlebar - did you not mind not having one? I have visions of falling off the front!

I can't quite picture what running on a trampoline will be like - wish there was a place I could try one out before committing!

OP posts:

alllo · 20/07/2022 14:50

I've never fallen off, can't see how you could unless you closed your eyes (maybe don't bounce drunk Grin)

When I next buy one I'll go for a Bellicon which are the very most expensive ones but look amazing.

Are there any that would let you return them within 30 days if you don't get on with it?


alllo · 20/07/2022 14:51

Some gyms do rebounder classes, you could take a look nearby for any of them?


numberthirtytwowindsorgardens · 20/07/2022 14:54

OK, this is such a stupid question, but - all the articles I'm seeing talk about rebounding. Is it possible just to run on one? I'm not really coordinated at all (I do fall off things when I'm not drunk!!) and what I really miss is just a good straightforward run. Is that doable on a trampoline, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Thank you so much for your advice @alllo !

OP posts:

Rosa1211 · 20/07/2022 15:02

Bellicon are well worth investing in, I've had one for a few years and they're silent. I'm the noisy component, farting away as I dance. I think you could run, after a fashion, just have to adjust your stride according to the rebound. They do a model with handle bars for safety should you get a bit giddy.


alllo · 20/07/2022 15:24

Rebounding is just a fancy word for bouncing. Grin You can run or jog on the spot, yes.


numberthirtytwowindsorgardens · 20/07/2022 20:13

Thank you!

I just looked at Bellicon - wow at the prices! I'm hopeful that one day, my children will learn to sleep and I'll be able to run outside again. It might happen. One day ...?

OP posts:

cannaethink · 20/07/2022 21:04

I’ve got this one

It’s got elastic bungee cords and is considerably cheaper than the bellicon. It’s not exactly running but I can sprint or do high knees running, but mainly I follow YouTube videos of rebounder cardio.

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