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10 best shoe racks and organisers

In a busy family hallway, it’s easy for outerwear to descend into chaos. The best shoe storage ideas will keep all that in check and ensure everyone’s shoes, boots and sandals are always to hand.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Dec 18, 2023

Selection of shoe racks

There are various styles of shoe rack on the market, from traditional shelves that can fit into a coat cupboard to organisers that hang on the backs of doors or slide under beds. Then there are those that double up as benches or stools.

Which type you go for will depend on your needs. Do you want every member of the family to have their everyday shoes handy to grab in the mornings? Or are you housing a collection of your own that would embarrass even the most shoe-obsessed of people?

Here are the best shoe racks and organisers to buy.

1. Best shoe organiser: Songmics 15-Cube DIY Plastic Shoe Rack

Songmics shoe rack

This modular shelving unit is a must-have organiser for every household. It's great for storing all your shoes – as well as other items, such as small umbrellas, hats, gloves and more – in a way that’s easily accessible.

It’s made from sturdy waterproof plastic, which is also resistant to mildew, so it can be placed in a sheltered spot outside or in the garage.

The design is really versatile, allowing you to customise the size and shape of unit to the space you have available. It’s also easy to clean. We like the fact that you can see each pair of shoes easily so will never find yourself hunting for a particular pair.


  • Versatile

  • Simple to assemble

  • Can be constructed in different shapes


  • Some customers have complained of receiving incomplete plastic pieces


113 × 36 × 113cm

2. Best value shoe rack: AcornFort® S-115 10-Tier Adjustable Shoe Storage Shoe Rack

Acornfort shoe rack

The ultimate solution for fashion enthusiasts who have too many shoes and not enough storage space, this 10-tier shoe rack tidies away up to 30 pairs, which feels like a lot of storage for just over £20.

It has a really neat footprint so would suit small spaces, and features a non-woven fabric layer that is water- and dust-resistant, making the rack perfect for daily use anywhere in the home. It would also double up as an easy storage solution for other items.


  • Simple design that will suit any house

  • Easy to clean

  • Does not take up too much space


  • Difficult to assemble alone


60 × 30 × 165cm

3. Best shoe rack for small spaces: Knight Three-Tier Heavy-Duty Metal Shoe Rack

Knight shoe rack

A heavy-duty shoe rack that's as sturdy as it is lightweight, the Knight three-tier shoe organiser very easy to move around if you need to.

The metal bars slot together simply to store up to 15 pairs of shoes, making it a great choice for small families, with room for everyone’s shoes.

This rack has an open design, which helps to encourage air ventilation and prevent any build-up of odour in shoes – a must for homes with teenagers.


  • Space-saving design that's ideal for small homes

  • Requires no tools for assembly

  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Not adjustable


90 × 29.5 × 53cm

4. Best wooden shoe rack: Relaxdays Bamboo Shoe Rack

Wooden shoe rack

This bamboo shoe rack is the perfect combination of style and functionality. It's designed to be compact to fit in small spaces while able to store up to 12 pairs of shoes.

Made of premium quality bamboo wood, the Relaxdays Bamboo Shoe Rack is moisture-resistant, so won’t get mouldy in damp corners, and is robust and built to last. It has a traditional but pared-back style that will suit both modern and older homes.


  • Moisture-resistant

  • Stylish design

  • Easy and quick to assemble using instruction manual


  • White paint on the sides might come off if scratched or rubbed against frequently


70 × 54.5 × 24.5cm

5. Best multifunctional shoe rack: AmazonBasics Shoe Rack

Amazon Basics shoe rack

Neatly organise your family's shoes with this 10-tier shoe rack, which holds 50 pairs of shoes. It's the ideal size to be placed in the porch or inside a garage to prevent shoes from escaping all over your home.

This is a multifunctional shoe rack that can be used for other purposes as well, such as for kitchen or pantry storage, and has a stylish finish.


  • Can store many different items

  • Classic design that goes with all types of décor

  • Vertical design that saves floor space


  • Difficult to assemble


68 × 32 × 47.5cm

6. Best enclosed shoe organiser: Vida Designs Two-Drawer Shoe Cabinet

Vida shoe rack

Declutter your shoes and arrange them properly with this classic and traditional-looking pull-down shoe organiser.

This cabinet is made from durable wood and has aluminium handles. It gives a neat look to your house as all the shoes are concealed and out of sight. The walnut colour is very sophisticated.


  • Easy to assemble

  • Sturdy

  • Easy to access shoes with the pull-down design


  • The closed design may cause odours in shoes eventually


80 × 60 × 24cm

7. Best over-the-door shoe rack: Ecbrt Over-the-Door Shoe Organiser

Over the door shoe rack

“I have an over-door shoe and accessories hanging thing made of cloth. It's really good. It even takes children's boots.”

If you’ve got no space at all for a shoe organiser, even in the bottom of a cupboard, then an over-the-door or hanging model might be the answer to your prayers.

This shoe organiser holds between 12 and 24 pairs of shoes, depending on their size, and can easily double as storage for other small items such as scarves and accessories. It comes with four hooks to attach it to the top of the door easily, with no tricky installation, and it's moisture-proof and washable too.


  • Moisture-proof

  • Great for space-saving


  • Some report that pockets come up a bit small


25.2 × 21.3 × 4.6cm

8. Best shoe rack for boots: Cox & Cox Hallway Storage Bench

Cox & Cox storage bench

This very stylish bench from Cox & Cox is made from rustic-looking spruce wood, which is hard-wearing and will only look more lovely as it ages.

If you have room for it in your hall, this bench is a great piece of furniture that looks charming and gives you somewhere to sit to pop your shoes on as well as stowing away your everyday footwear. It also comes in a larger size if you want it to store a couple more pairs.

This is ideal for four or so pairs of shoes and brilliant if you have a pair of tall wellies to store, but it doesn’t deal with a mass of family footwear in the way some shoe racks will. That said, if you’re looking for something that’s useful as well as beautiful, this definitely fits the bill.


  • Stylish design will suit any interior

  • Beautiful craftsmanship


  • Cushion not included

  • Expensive


63 × 110 × 40cm

Price: £395

9. Best shoe storage seat: Dunelm Round Grey Shoe Storage Ottoman

Dunelm ottoman

“I’ve got a nice ottoman (cheap from Dunelm) that doubles up as shoe storage and a seat for my son when I'm getting him ready to go out.”

Doubling as a handy seat, this grey ottoman stool opens up to reveal neat shoe storage for a handful of shoes. The shoes fit into pockets around the edge, so they don’t get into a jumble inside.

This is the perfect size to have in a corner of your hall or behind your front door and would look great in any home. The best bit, though, is surely the price. At £16, it’s fantastic value simply as a stool, so to have storage inside too makes it a total steal. It’s available in cream, black and a mustard colour.


  • Stylish looks

  • Doubles as a seat

  • Great price


  • Doesn’t hold many shoes (but, at this price, we’d order two)


45 × 45 × 42cm

10. Best underbed shoe storage: Homyfort Large Underbed Shoe Storage Bag

Underbed shoe storage

Ideal for out-of-season shoes (or if your collection is just a little out of hand), this set of two storage bags holds up to 24 pairs of shoes, and keeps them all tidy and out of sight.

A transparent window on top allows you to find what you’re looking for quickly and sturdy handles make it easy to pull the bags out from under the bed when you need to get your hands on your footwear. When not in use, the bags fold up flat for easy storage.


  • Great for little-used pairs of shoes

  • Good value

  • Keeps clutter out of sight


  • Shoes aren’t easily to hand


74.5 × 60 × 15cm

Why do I need a shoe rack?

Your hallway or porch is the first thing people see when they enter your home and if it looks like a centipede has imploded just inside the door, it doesn’t create a warm welcome.

A shoe rack will keep footwear neat and tidy and prevent shoes from escaping all over the place. It also means you should be able to find the pair you want more easily. There’s nothing more irritating than wandering your home with one shoe in your hand, trying to root out the matching pair.

Family homes in particular will benefit from a shoe rack just to keep everything organised.

Where should a shoe rack be placed?

Ideally, a shoe rack should be placed near your front door so that, as soon as you kick your shoes off, they can be put away. But it might also make sense to put a shoe rack at the bottom of your coat cupboard or wherever you store outdoor items. The bedroom is a good option if you’re storing a large collection of shoes, rather than just everyday pairs.

How deep should a shoe rack be?

A shoe rack should be deep enough to fully fit your shoes, no matter the size. If someone in your household has particularly large feet, it’s definitely worth measuring their bulkiest pair of shoes and double checking they will fit on the rack before you buy. Generally, you should aim for a depth of around 30cm, but a smaller depth should also work fine.

What is the best shoe rack?

The best shoe rack is one that works for you, but we think the best shoe rack is the Songmics 15-Cube DIY Plastic Shoe Rack. It can be constructed in various ways to help you make the most of it in the space you have available, it holds a good number of shoes, and it's really easy to clean and care for.

What should I look for in a shoe rack?

First, think about the space you have available and where you want your shoe rack to go. If you have room, you can go for a rack with a larger footprint but, if not, you might prefer one that can be hung over the door.

Tot up the number of shoes you want to be able to store easily and use that to guide your choice. Look for models that are versatile and will be able to store different sizes and styles of shoe. This is particularly important if you need it to store a mix of kids’ and adults’ shoes.

On a practical note, shoe racks can get dirty, so look for a model that will be easy to clean and won’t damage easily. And don’t forget to think about seasonal shoes – do you want it to take winter boots as well as flip-flops, for example? Check that all these will fit and won’t slip through gaps and get lost either.

How we chose our recommendations

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We then ensured that, in our top 10, there was a range of products that would fit the bill, no matter what your shoe storage conundrum or budget, making sure to include small models for homes short on space as well as products that would be big enough to show off an entire collection of footwear.

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