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Best oven gloves to buy to keep your mitts protected in the kitchen

Sexy, no; essential, yes! Protect your mitts with some quality oven gloves. We've rounded up the best options to give you a helping hand in the kitchen.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 10, 2022

Best oven gloves

Okay, so buying oven gloves won't give you same kind of buzz as splurging on a fancy food mixer, but they will keep your hands protected from painful scalds and burns, so they're an essential purchase for any kitchen.

Whether you’re an occasional baker or a whizz in the kitchen, your oven gloves are the only protective layer between your hands and a scorching hot dish, which means sub-standard quality really isn’t an option.

From cheap and cheerful gloves to fancier pairs, our list has you (and your hands) covered!

Here are the best oven gloves to buy in 2022.

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1. Best overall oven gloves: Big Red House Double Oven Mitts

Big Red House Double Oven Gloves

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

The silicone stripes on these gloves ensure you have a super tight grip on whatever you’re handling and they’re heat resistant up to 250°C. Whether removing a pan from your oven, picking up a steaming pot from your hob or tending to a hot grill, you can rest assured that your hands will be well protected. They come in a variety of shades to match your kitchen’s colour scheme including red, grey, royal blue and classic black. And if you’re not fully satisfied you can return them for a full refund.

Key specs

  • Material: Silicone and cotton with terry cloth interior
  • Heat protection: up to 250°C
  • Machine washable: Yes

2. Best budget oven gloves: Premier Housewares Oven Mitts

Premier Housewares leaf oven gloves

Price: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

Add some colour to your kitchen with these bright double mitts from Premier Housewears. Not only do they offer protection, they’re also great value at less than £10. They're made from 100% cotton mixed with fibre fillings to allow you to remove your meals from the oven safely. They're easy to clean as you can pop them in the washing machine when dirty and here’s a handy loop for hanging.

Key specs

  • Material: Cotton
  • Heat protection: Not specified
  • Machine washable: Yes

3. Best heat resistant oven gloves: Dualeco Oven Mitts

Dualeco oven gloves

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

These mitts provided the best protection out of all the products we reviewed and are heat resistant up to a scorching 300°C. They come with two additional pot holders for extra protection and have a longer than average cuff length providing extra protection for wrists. The silicone strips on the surface of the mitts offer a strong grip when removing hot pans from the oven which means you can be confident of handling a wide range of items without fear of dropping them. The only downside? They’re handwash only.

Key specs

  • Material: Outer silicone, inner lining cotton
  • Heat protection: Up to 300°C
  • Machine washable: No

4. Most durable oven gloves: MasterClass Oven Mitts

MasterClass oven gloves

Price: £12 | Buy now from Amazon

This heavy-duty double oven glove from MasterClass has a thick towelling and protective nylon fabric layer which means your hands will be super protected from any hot pots and pans. Along with the nylon layer, it features an inner cotton towel lining with a soft quilted sheet in between which creates an insulating barrier to protect against heat. The towelled section between the gloves also helps to protect the insides of your wrists against burns.

Key specs

  • Material: Cotton
  • Heat protection: Not specified
  • Machine washable: Yes

Buy now from Amazon

5. Best cotton oven gloves: Lakeland Heavy-Duty Double Oven Glove

Lakeland Heavy Duty double oven gloves

Price: £10 | Buy now from Lakeland

“These oven gloves are totally boring but heavy duty, last forever, and protect the back of the hands too” – recommended by Mumsnet user, bookbook

These exclusive Lakeland heavy duty double oven gloves are made from 100% cotton and in tests, a roasting dish from an oven at 240°C was held comfortably for over a minute. To help protect your palms from heat, the pockets are triple-lined meaning you can confidently take dishes from the oven to the table safely. And if you spill some of your food on them, the gloves are machine washable. They come with a Lakeland three-year guarantee.

Key specs

  • Material: Cotton
  • Heat protection: Up to 240°C
  • Machine washable: Yes

6. Best oven gloves with fingers: Coolskin Heavy Oven Gauntlets

Coolskin oven gloves

Price: £27 | Buy now from Amazon

All Coolskin products are made from a duplex knitted structure to provide a glove within a glove for extra protection from burning hot pans and pots. The inner glove controls the fit and comfort and the outer glove absorbs the heat. The gloves are designed to be loose fitting and should not be worn tight as it will impair the flexibility and comfort. It’s recommended to go too large rather than too small. They come in a variety of sizes to cater for most people’s hands.

Key specs

  • Material: Meta aramid (a strong synthetic fibre that is heat resistant) and cotton
  • Heat protection: 250°C
  • Machine washable: Yes

7. Best quality oven gloves: Le Creuset Canvas Oven Glove

Le Creuset oven gloves

Price: £28 | Buy now from Amazon

“These Le Creuset ones are my favourite ever. They wash well and become quite soft so you can feel what you're doing” – recommended by Mumsnet user, Polter

These stylish Le Creuset oven gloves are popular with Mumsnetters and add a bit of style to your kitchen. They have four layers for maximum protection and are stain resistant, repelling water and oil. The quilted cotton insulation, with nylon steam and grease proof barrier, ensure protection against steam and grease. They come in a generous length for added safety, flexibility and use with large pots and are easy to clean as you can pop them in the washing machine.

Key specs

  • Material: Cotton
  • Heat protection: Up to 250°C
  • Machine washable: Yes

8. Best silicone oven gloves: Dunelm Silicone Double Oven Glove

Dunelm Silicone oven gloves

Price: £12 | Buy now from Dunelm

“The silicone ones are brilliant. Very good at protecting against heat and wipe cleanable” – recommended by Mumsnet user, MachineBee

Ideal for getting those steaming hot casserole pots out of the oven and in front of your hungry family, this silicone double oven glove is designed to help make the process as safe and effortless as possible. Made from heat-resistant silicone, the gloves provide excellent heat protection while allowing you to get a secure grip on your pot or oven tray as you transfer it. The gloves are cotton-lined for comfort.

Key specs

  • Material: Silicone
  • Heat protection: Up to 250°C
  • Machine washable: No

How to choose the best oven gloves

There are a few considerations to think about when buying a pair of oven gloves. They need to be comfortable for a variety of hand sizes to use while still being able to safely grip hot pots and pans. Heat protection is obviously a very important factor as clearly you need the gloves to protect your hands and wrists from high temperatures. Other handy things to look out for are hooks to hang them up easily, a good anti-slip grip and machine washable fabrics.

Which material is best for oven gloves?

Most oven gloves are made from either fabric (usually cotton) or silicone. Some are made of a combination of the two, like a cotton-lined silicone mitt or a cotton oven glove reinforced with silicone. Cotton is generally softer to wear and easier to wash in a machine, but silicone can be more durable and provide a better grip. There’s no hard and fast rule about which material and style make better oven gloves. Ultimately it comes down to what style you find the most comfortable to wear and which specific gloves do a better job at protecting you from heat.

Are oven gloves machine washable?

Fabric oven gloves are usually machine washable and silicone gloves are not. Read the instructions to find out before throwing them into a drum.

What are the best oven gloves to buy?

We rate the Big Red House Oven Mitt as our top pick because of the reviews it’s received across the web for being durable and for offering great protection for your hands and forearms. It’s also a good price and machine washable, making it our top recommendation.

How we chose our recommendations

Because we know that there’s nothing like a real recommendation, we first headed to the Mumsnet forums to find out what oven gloves were being recommended.

We then did some research across the wider web, looking at what oven gloves had won accolades or been featured in ‘best buy’ lists across websites, and what customer reviews said about them. Having collated all that information, we then narrowed our list down to the best oven gloves online at the moment.

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