10 best kids' wellies

18 February 2021

child wearing wellies

Let’s face it - with the British weather, wellies are an essential all year round. Here’s our pick of the best for kids.

Toddlers and younger children love to channel their inner Peppa Pig by splashing about in muddy puddles, but wellies aren’t just for little ones.

Children of all ages need to keep their feet warm and dry whether they’re stomping through muddy woods and fields or through streets that seem to be more puddles than tarmac.

With the rise in popularity of forest schools, you may even need a couple of pairs – one for home and another for nursery or school.

Here are the best wellies for toddlers and children, as recommended by parents.

1. Hunter Original Big Kids Nebula Wellington Boots

“They are the only brand I buy for my kids. Love them because they are tall and the feet are more narrow than most wellies. They got some lovely bright new colours too. We just bought a gorgeous bright pink pair.”

1. Hunter Original Big Kids Nebula Wellington Boots

Hunter Original Wellington Boots are the same tall shape as the grown-up equivalent and made from the same hardwearing vulcanised rubber, but designed especially for five- to 11-year-olds. They have durable soles and reflective patches, upping the safety credentials.

The iridescent style will make your child stand out at the park but if that doesn’t appeal, then look out for their collaboration with Peter Rabbit 2 movie. There’s carrots, pumpkins and the naughty rabbit himself on a blue or orange background. There is also a junior version for children aged 18 months to eight years for £38, which are slightly shorter on the leg and have grab handles.

When deciding on the size, watch out if your children’s feet are wide as Hunter boots can come up on the narrow side.

Sizes: Infant 12 to 4

2. Zorax Kids' Wellington Boots

“I buy cheap colourful ones from Amazon called Zorax. Never had a problem with them and I've had four pairs used till they were outgrown.”

2. Zorax Kids' Wellington Boots

Whether you have a toddler or a tween, Zorax Wellies from Amazon will fit the bill. They range from a size five (infant) all the way up to a size 4 (adult).

They’ve had a recent rebrand – you might have known them as Leopard, but other than the name, very little has changed. They still come in five bright colours (and black) and are under £15 a pair. Bargain!

Don’t expect any fancy extras though. Other than the funky colour all you can expect is a non-slip sole, but as a cheap and very cheerful pair for nursery or school you can’t go wrong.

Sizes: Infant 5 to 4

3. Joules Roll Up Welly Boot

“Joules wellies are fab. They last years (buy a size up at least) and, best of all, they resell on eBay for half the price!”

3. Joules Roll Up Welly Boot

Joules’ Roll Up Wellies are great for really muddy walks as they fold up into their own carry bag. It also means the rubber is extra flexible so they’re comfortable too.

The blue sausage dog design is typical of Joules – super cute, stylish and bound to be a hit with young ones.

They have a removable lining which gives them longevity. When your child’s feet inevitably grow the week after you’ve replaced their wellies, just take out the lining and you’ll get a few months, or maybe longer, out of them.

There’s also a reflective strip at the back, which is a nice safety feature to help your child be seen in the dark.

Sizes: Infant 8 to 3

4. Polarn O. Pyret Stripe Kids Wellies

“Polarn O. Pyret wellies are the best we've had.”

4. Polarn O. Pyret Stripe Kids Wellies

This is a brand that knows wet-weather gear. The stripey design will look cute on a toddler, but still suit an older child too.

The weighted sole helps them stay on and the reflective strip will help them be seen in the dark.

For those days when younger children are feeling independent – the words that strike fear into any adult in a rush: “I do it myself” – there’s a handy strap on the back. It will help them get the wellies off and on by themselves.

Sizes: Infant 4 to 1

Price: From £24

Buy now from Polarn O. Pyret

5. Bobux Paddington Boots

“The Bobux range is excellent.”

5. Bobux Paddington Boots

These half-height wellies by Bobux are perfect for toddlers. The design is called Paddington and, if you buy a duffle coat to complete the look, the likeness could be uncanny!

However, these boots are about far more than just looks. They’ve been tested to keep kids' feet dry for up to four hours submerged in water. The lining is merino wool so it should be warm and cosy.

Where Bobux really excels, though, is in making shoes that are actually good for feet. Their wellies have an extra flexible sole, which allows for natural foot development in infants, babies, toddlers and children. It’s particularly good if your little one is just finding their feet. Comfy and cute.

Sizes: Infant 2 to infant 6

6. JoJoMaman Bébé Rust Fox Wellies

“DS2's JoJo wellies lasted him forever. I took them into school as he outgrew each pair to be used in the outdoor classroom.”

6. JoJoMaman Bébé Rust Fox Wellies

JoJo Maman Bébé’s Splash Wellies are one of their bestsellers. As well as this gorgeous fox design there are dinos and ducks (very appropriate) too. They also do a plain one-colour design for just £17.

Considering they’re under £20, the Splash Wellies have some great features including an anti-sweat lining and extra-grip sole. All designs are made from natural rubber, making them very flexible, and they’re 100% vegan and cruelty-free too.

Sizes: Infant 3 to infant 11

Price: From £17

Buy now from JoJo Maman Bébé

7. Crocs Handle It Kids’ Rain Boots

“We use Crocs. Comfortable and very lightweight.”

7. Crocs Handle It Kids’ Rain Boots

Yes, Crocs Handle It Kids’ Rain Boots really do have a handle on either side – ideal for carrying muddy wellies, but even better for younger children to get the wellies on and off all by themselves.

The Rain Boot’s more famous sibling – the Croc sandals – are known for their breathable holes. Of course, gaps are not ideal for wellies so don’t expect them on the front. But there are two of the iconic holes at the top – a design feature and a place where your child can add shoe charms to personalise them.

They’re also made with the same ‘Croslite’ material as the sandals, which is not plastic or rubber, but rather a very flexible resin. And it’s very, very light, making them comfy to wear.

Sizes: Infant 6 to 3

8. Hatley Kids’ Classic Wellington Boots

“I like Hatley wellies for my four-year-old. Some of them are colour-changing and they have lovely patterns. Last well too, as does the rest of Hatley’s rainwear.”

8. Hatley Kids’ Classic Wellington Boots

Hatley’s brightly coloured wellies with contrasting sole and trim look stylish, but they’re still up to the job of some serious puddle jumping.

There are a whopping 14 different colourways to choose from and they are great for younger children because the tab at the back makes them easier to take on and off.

As you’d expect, they’re made from rubber and have a non-slip sole too.

Sizes: Infant 3 to 3

9. Mini Boden Junior Ladybird Wellington Boots

“My four-year-old loves the Boden wellies.”

9. Mini Boden Junior Ladybird Wellington Boots

Boden is one of Mumsnetters’ favourite brands and it’s easy to see why with these adorable ladybird wellies.

They’re made from a waterproof rubber and they have a stylish striped jersey lining to keep your little one’s feet warm and dry.

It’s the design, however, that makes these wellies stand out with a 3D spot print and cute ladybird face. Users say they do come up a bit small though so it may be worth sizing up.

Sizes: Infant 7 to 13

10. Dr. Martens 1460 Boat Shoes

“My DD wears her Dr. Martens for everything – they're really hardwearing. She can walk for miles in them and they're waterproof.”

10. Dr. Martens 1460 Boat Shoes

Not strictly wellies, but Dr. Martens are a great option, particularly for tweens and teens. They’re not only waterproof for all those muddy puddles, but they’re stylish to boot (see what we did there?).

The best bit though is the sole. Not only will it keep the rain out, but it’s one of the reasons these boots are so famous. The Airwear design contains air pockets that make them springy to walk on and comfortable to wear – after they’ve been broken in.

Unlike traditional wellies, your child should be able to walk a good distance in these without any foot or back pain.

There are a whole range of colours and styles to choose from, including size zips, sparkle leather and stripe, but you can’t go wrong getting your child the classic 1460 style in black – and they may bring back memories of your teen years too.

Sizes: Infant 10 to 3

Price: from £65

Buy now from Amazon

How to choose the best kids' wellies

  • Fit – It’s a myth that wellies should be big. You only need to buy them big if you want your child to wear them with thick socks.
  • Material – Natural rubber will be more bendy and flexible than plastic.
  • Lining – Some wellies have removable liners. These can be a great idea because they will keep your child’s feet warmer and, when they grow, you can remove them and get an extra few months’ wear out of them.
  • Shape – Full height wellies are great for deep puddles but shorter styles can be easier for little hands to grapple with. For really young children, some have handles or a strap to help them pull the wellies on and off. It will increase their independence and save your back.
  • Style – Long gone are the days when wellies only came in green or, um, green. You’ll now find stylish stripes, cute dogs, cartoon characters and glitter. The only limit is your child’s (and your) preference.
  • Price – Wellies don’t have to be expensive to be good. Pricier models can have rubber that lasts longer and more supportive soles but that’s not always the case.

Are wellies bad for toddlers' feet?

Wellies are excellent for keeping your children’s feet dry, but often they aren’t as supportive as other shoes. It’s less of a problem as children get older but, while they’re learning to walk, it’s something to consider.

As long as you’re using them splashing and muddy walks, there shouldn’t be a problem – they are not designed for walking miles, but there are very few toddlers who will do that anyway.

The soles can be thinner and the rubber is often less supportive than walking boots. Look out for wellies that have more cushioned soles and are shaped to your child’s foot for maximum comfort. As with all shoes, check the fit regularly – children’s feet can grow fast – and make sure they’re not rubbing or causing blisters.

Should you go up a size in wellies?

Wellies come in standard shoe sizes. If you want your child to put on pairs of thick socks for extra warmth in snowy or cold weather, it’s a good idea to get one size up so the wellies fit better.

Look out for wellies that come with removable thick liners and/or insoles as these will keep your child’s feet warm and have the effect of increasing the size of the welly when you remove them, meaning they’ll last even longer.

What are the best wellies to buy?

The best wellies for older children are Hunter Original Big Kids Nebula Wellington Boots. Mumsnet users love the quality and fit and they are made to last – they are great for handing down to younger siblings if needed.

For younger children parents rate Bobux Paddington Boots. Not only do they look very cute, they are shaped for your child’s foot and are very supportive when they are just becoming steady on their feet. What’s more, they’re tested to stand up to some serious puddle jumping.

How we chose our recommendations

All of our recommendations for wellies for toddlers and children came from Mumsnet users themselves. We searched the Mumsnet forums for posts about which wellies, including roll-up styles and ones with liners, that Mumsnetters really loved. We also looked at other reviews to see which wellies performed well across the board.

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