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The best doll’s prams and pushchairs: realistic strollers and classic wooden prams

Looking for a great doll's pram for your little one to push around? Here are our picks of Mumsnetters' most-recommended doll's prams for 2023.

By Madeline Littlejohns | Last updated Dec 20, 2023

Best dolls prams

Playing with their best doll or teddy bear by pushing it in a toy pram or pushchair is a great way for children to develop social skills and learn to be caring and nurturing, as well as promoting gross and fine motor skills. The best doll's prams also help inspire imagination and language skills as children engage in imitation role play games.

One of the best toddler toys you can buy, there are lots of different options to choose from when it comes to buying a doll’s pram for your child, from simple strollers and old fashioned prams to realistic replicas of full-size pushchairs.  Some are more suited to toddlers while others have extending handles that make them perfect for older children to enjoy.

We’ve spent time in the Mumsnet forums to learn about the prams and buggies that children love to push their dolls and teddies around in, at a range of price points and in different styles to find the ones that come most highly recommended by Mumsnet parents.

Here are the best doll’s prams to buy in 2024.

Best dolls' prams - at a glance:

1. Best overall doll’s pram: Mamas and Papas Ultima Junior Doll’s Pram

Mamas and Papas Ultima Junior Dolls Pram

Price on writing: £39.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability: 3 to 8 years | Size: 70 x 40 x 74 cm | Type: Pram

What we love

  • Realistic design

  • Adjustable height handle

  • Comes with shoulder bag/changing mat

What to know

  • Bulkier than umbrella fold pushchairs

Our verdict

This gorgeous replica of the Mamas and Papas Ultima pram looks so realistic with its adjustable hood, removable pram apron, and storage basket underneath. Your child will love pushing their doll or teddy around in it and pretending to be just like you! It’s suitable from around 3 years old and can grow with your child thanks to the handle which extends from 52 to 74cm.

The pram is really easy to put together and is lovely and sturdy once fully assembled. It also collapses easily for storage or for popping in the car boot to take out on outings. We love the gorgeous navy blue colour and pops of pink on this pram, as well as the details like the window in the hood for checking in on sleeping dolls and the matching shoulder bag which opens up into a dolly changing mat.

2. Best budget doll’s pram: Mamas and Papas Folding Doll’s Stroller

Mamas and Papas Folding Doll’s Stroller

Price on writing: £12 | Buy now from Argos

Key specs

Age suitability: 3 years + | Size: 59 x 26.3 x 40 cm | Type: Umbrella stroller

What we love

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Double wheels for easy steering

  • Great value

What to know

  • Handle height can’t be adjusted

Our verdict

This simple stroller might not have any bells or whistles but it’ll still keep little ones entertained as they push their doll around in it, both at home and while out and about. It’s amazing value at just £12 and is perfect as a first buggy or a spare to play with at a grandparent’s house.

With a handle height of 58cm and double wheels for easy steering, this pushchair is perfect for toddlers and young children, with reviewers reporting that it’s brilliantly strong and sturdy. It also has an umbrella fold mechanism which is easy to use and makes the buggy easy to store even in small homes.

3. Best doll’s travel system: Cosatto Giggle Quad Fairy Garden Doll’s Pram

Giggle Quad Dolls Pram CarSeat Fairy Garden

Price on writing: £139.96 | Buy now from Cosatto

Key specs

Age suitability: 3 years + | Size: 78 x 45 x 86 cm | Type: Travel system

What we love

  • Full travel system for endless fun

  • Bright and fun design

  • Lightweight, foldable frame

What to know

  • Pricey

What Mumsnet users say

“That is the pram my girl has, she has had it nearly 2 years and she loves it.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Bubbles2022)

Our verdict

Why stop at just a pram when you can have a whole travel system for your doll? The Giggle Quad set from Cosatto comes with a chassis and carrycot that can convert into a pushchair seat unit, as well as a car seat that can also clip directly onto the chassis.

The design is fun and colourful and it matches the real Giggle Quad products so your little ones can feel just like a grown up while taking care of their dolls. We love how versatile this set is, with so many options for playing and taking dolls of up to 60cm out and about to the park or the shops. The added extras like matching backpack also add to the fun as well as the value that you get for the higher price point.

4. Best doll’s pram with adjustable handle: Silver Cross Ranger Pram

Silver Cross Ranger Pram

Price on writing: £34.99 | Buy now from Smyths

Key specs

Age suitability: 3 years + | Size: 63.5 x 42 x 70 cm | Type: Pram

What we love

  • Easy to fold

  • Comes with matching bag and storage basket

  • Adjustable height handle

What to know

  • Pram hood doesn’t always stay up

What Mumsnet users say

“My dd is 6 and has the silver cross pram. I think it was from Smyths. It’s quite big and sturdy compared to the little dolly buggies you get“ (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Kanaloa)

Our verdict

If you want a doll’s pram that can grow with your child or be adjusted to be played with by children of different ages then this Silver Cross Ranger is a great option. It’s a great size and lovely and sturdy and the handles can be adjusted from 45 to 72.5 cm. The pram can also be folded down for when you need to store it.

The pram can fit dolls up to 45cm which is a bit bigger than average, and it comes with a mesh storage basket, soft removable apron, and foldable hood to keep the sun out of dolly’s eyes! There’s even a matching shoulder bag for children to wear or hang from the handles to store all their doll’s special things.

5. Best doll’s pram for older children: Daisy Chain Zipp Zenith

Price on writing: £119.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability: 6 - 13 years | Size: ‎69 x 39 x 95 cm | Type: Pushchair

What we love

  • Realistic design

  • Adjustable height handles

  • Easy to fold down

  • The tallest on the market

What to know

  • More expensive than other options

What Mumsnet users say

“I fully recommend... Daisy Chain dolls prams. We have every single one on the market. Children range from 1-8 years and still have plenty of years worth of play in it for height wise.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user sunshineandrain82)

Our verdict

Doll’s prams aren’t just for toddlers, and the Daisy Chain Zipp Zenith pushchair perfectly fills the gap in the market for toy buggies for older and taller children. The handle height can be adjusted from 89-95cm making the pushchair perfect for children aged six to 13+. The realistic design features a handy storage basket and adjustable hood with a mesh window for checking in on sleeping dolls.

Recommended by parents in the Mumsnet forums as being great for taller children, this buggy is also really easy to fold down in one simple move and comes fully assembled so it’s ready to go straight out of the box.

6. Best double doll’s pram: Play Like Mum Daisy Chain Zipp double buggy

Play like mum Daisy Chain Zipp double buggy

Price on writing: £69.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability: 4 - 9 years | Size: ‎58 x 60 x 82 cm | Type: Double pushchair

What we love

  • Folds down easily

  • Adjustable height handles

  • Sturdy frame and solid rubber tyres

What to know

  • More expensive than other options

Our verdict

Let your child enjoy double the fun with this double buggy, perfect for when they just can’t decide which doll they want to play with and take out for walks. The side-by-side design means they can see and reach both dolls easily but is still compact enough for young children to be able to keep control as they push it around.

It’s not a cheap option but the design is incredibly realistic and the whole thing is of amazing quality with strong, robust frames and solid rubber tyres. We love the fact that the handles can be extended all the way up to 82cm, so older children can still enjoy playing with this double pushchair. It also folds down in one easy move for when you need to store it or carry it home from trips out.

7. Best wooden doll’s pram: Le Toy Van Wooden Pram

Le Toy Van Wooden Pram

Price on writing: £72.88 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability: 3 years + | Size: Not specified | Type: Wooden pram

What we love

  • Beautiful design

  • Sustainable and safe

What to know

  • Expensive

  • More suited to indoor use

Our verdict

This pretty wooden pram will be loved by your children for years and will most likely be passed down to future generations thanks to the classic styling and the fact it’s so strong and sturdy. The soft cream and pink colours are pretty and timeless and the little details make it something really special.

We love the little cut outs on the side, the hood that can be folded up and down, and the little bag that hangs off the back. You do have to assemble this pram yourself but reviewers all say it’s not as hard as it looks when you first open up the box and the end result is well worth the effort.

8. Best traditional doll’s pram: Moover Wooden Doll’s Pram

Moover Wooden Doll’s Pram

Price on writing: £64.48 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability: 2 years + | Size: 41 x 23 x 43 cm | Type: Wooden pram

What we love

  • Simple, classic design

  • No assembly needed

  • Different colour options available

What to know

  • Can’t be folded down

Our verdict

Doll’s prams don’t really get more stylish than this traditional wooden offering from Moover. We love the clean, classic look of the white model but you can also get it in vibrant red, navy blue, light blue, and natural wood. Solid and sturdy it’s perfect for younger children and will help new walkers develop their motor skills.

It’s not adjustable and can’t fold down for storage but its pretty compact design means you can still fit it easily in most homes. The pram comes fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box, with shock absorbing rubber wheels and a sweet heart cut out window to peek through the hood at sleeping dollies. You can take this pram out and about with you, but it is better suited for indoor use and is the perfect first pram for little ones to take care of their dolls at home.

9. Best 3 wheeler doll’s buggy: Molly Dolly My First 3 Wheeler Buggy

Molly Dolly My First 3 Wheeler Buggy

Price on writing: £19.50 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Age suitability: 3 - 5 years | Size: 47 x 27.4 x 11.6 cm | Type: 3-wheeler pushchair

What we love

  • Fun 3-wheel design

  • Folds for storage and transporting

  • Strong and sturdy

What to know

  • Handle height can’t be adjusted

Our verdict

The sporty design of this three-wheeler buggy is perfect for busy, active children who’ll love pushing it around the park or on walks to the shops. It has a handy storage basket underneath for stashing their bits and bobs, a safety harness to keep their doll safe and secure, and a hood that can be folded up and down.

It’s strong and sturdy so it can handle being pushed on pavements and grass, and it folds up easily for storage and stashing in the car boot with a safe folding mechanism that will protect little fingers. The handle can’t be adjusted so this buggy is more suitable for younger children but should still last them up to age five and it fits dolls up to 41cm.

What to look for in a doll’s pram

When it comes to buying a doll’s pram for your child, here are some things you might want to think about:

Size: Make sure that the pram will be a good height for your child to hold the handle and push it comfortably. Some toy prams and buggies have adjustable height handles which mean they can grow with your child and last them for years. It’s also worth considering how much space you have in your home to store a bigger toy pram and if your child has bigger than average dolls make sure they’ll fit inside the pram.

Safety: Look for a pram that’s strong and sturdy, especially if you’re buying it for a child who has only recently started walking. It’s also important to make sure that they can’t trap their fingers in parts that fold up and down like the pram hood.

Portability: If your child will be taking the doll’s pram out on walks then there’s a good chance at some point you’ll end up carrying it or popping it in the car boot. So look for one that’s not too heavy and can be folded down easily.

Extras: There are some great, simple strollers that are perfect for little ones who just like to push their dolls around, but if you want to encourage more creative play then look for a pram that comes with extras like a storage basket underneath, a bag to carry pretend bottles, or a folding hood with a window.

What’s the best doll’s pram to buy?

The best doll’s pram to buy is the Mamas and Papas Junior Ultima. Aimed at children aged three to eight, it looks stylish and is a great replica of the real model and comes with a matching shoulder bag that opens up into a changing mat for extra role playing fun.

We love the fact that the handle can be extended from 52 to 74 cm so your child can keep playing with it over the years as they get taller.

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