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Best coffee grinders for barista-quality drinks at home

Coffee lovers rejoice - it's now possible to create barista-quality drinks yourself with home coffee grinding machines. Here are the top 10 coffee grinders to buy in 2022.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Apr 17, 2024

If artisan coffee houses are your spiritual home and you cringe at the idea of drinking a cup of <shudders> instant coffee, a coffee grinder could be the kitchen accessory for you.

These nifty gadgets grind coffee beans in seconds for the freshest brew going, so you'll no longer be reliant on packets of pre-ground stuff.

As one coffee expert on our forums explains: "Air is the enemy of coffee. Keeping coffee in bean form as long as possible keeps it fresher with less surface area exposed to it" (Usernumbers1234).

With that sage advice in mind, here are the best coffee grinders to keep you caffeinated this year.

1. Best overall electric coffee grinder: Bodum 11160-01UK-3 Bistro Electric Blade Grinder

"I have a Bodum electric grinder which is excellent. I just grind a day's worth of beans first thing in the morning, mainly so I don't have to keep fishing the grinder out of the cupboard" - recommended by Mumsnet user, Drummingisfun

A funky-looking kitchen gadget, this entry-level electric coffee grinder is great for newbies that don’t want to compromise on taste.

Constructed from strong aluminium, it uses a stainless steel blade to produce enough coffee grounds for eight cups and gets great reviews across the board including from Mumsnetters. It’s also been commended by reviewers for achieving better results than some conical burr grinders – high praise indeed.

Available in several different colourways, this electric coffee grinder also wins our most stylish electric coffee grinder award because it looks so good – as you’d expect from style-conscious kitchenware design giants, Bodum. It’s also easy to store because you can fit the cord inside the base.

Key specs

  • Coffee bean capacity: 50ml

  • Grind settings: 2 (pulse action or continuous grind)

  • Weight: 0.75kg

2. Best budget electric coffee grinder: Duronic Electric Coffee Grinder

“One of my most used kitchen appliances – the Duronic Coffee Grinder.”

A great budget coffee grinder, this compact device can grind beans in seconds thanks to its 250-watt motor. The removable stainless steel cup can be removed after use, making it easier to clean.

Whatever type of coffee you’re making, you can adjust the grind size produced by this coffee mill to suit your taste. This coffee grinder also has a safety feature, meaning the blade only rotates once the lid is securely placed on the cup.

It can produce enough coffee grounds for up to eight cups – not quite as much as some of the other grinders on our list, but a good effort indeed for such a budget-friendly price.

  • Coffee bean capacity: 75g

  • Grind settings: N/A

  • Weight: 1.14kg

3. Best large capacity coffee grinder: Krups Coffee Mill

“I've got a Krups coffee grinder, and another one I use for spices, and both are lasting admirably.”

Budget-friendly and sleek-looking, this coffee grinder has just one button to push, making it (more or less) foolproof and simple to operate. It can also grind a large volume of coffee – great if you’re catering for more than one caffeine fiend.

This coffee grinder has twin stainless steel blades, which are capable of reducing your coffee beans to powder evenly and precisely in mere seconds.

It’s noisier than other models so not the one for you if you’re noise sensitive, but it’s multi-functional which means you can fling in spices, herbs and nuts too if your recipes require them to be included as powder.

  • Coffee bean capacity: 75g

  • Grind settings: N/A

  • Weight: 0.7kg

Price: £19.99

4. Most versatile coffee grinder: Muzili Coffee Grinder

With an in-built 200-watt motor capable of running up to 22000 rpm, this coffee grinder’s stainless steel blades swiftly turn coffee beans into fine powder.

Easy to use, the Muzili Coffee Grinder is large enough to grind enough beans for 12 cups of coffee at a time. Despite this, it’s very quiet. Another plus point is that you can use this clever gadget to easily grind other ingredients in the kitchen – great for grinding up herbs, nuts and spices.

As it’s one of the larger models on our list, it’s bulkier to store so not ideal if you’re looking to save cupboard space. The in-built safety feature also means that it cuts out if the lid is tampered with during use.

  • Coffee bean capacity: 50ml

  • Grind settings: N/A

  • Weight: 0.76kg

5. Best quality coffee grinder: Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Grinder

A more expensive option, this stylish coffee grinder can grind up enough beans for 14 cups of coffee. If you’re uber fussy about the quality of your brew, don’t stress because this coffee grinder has a conical burr rather than blades. Experts recommend burr grinders – which crush the coffee beans rather than slice them – as the way to achieve a more even grind and fresher taste.

The Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Grinder also offers a staggering 18 grind settings, ranging from coarse to extra fine powder. Unsurprisingly, this higher-end coffee grinder will take up more space on your worktop and is also more expensive than most of the others on our list.

  • Coffee bean capacity: 250g

  • Grind settings: 18

  • Weight: 1.8kg

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6. Best manual coffee grinder: Hario Mini Mill Plus Coffee Grinder

“I got the Hario hand coffee grinder for Christmas.”

You’ll have to put some effort in with this manual coffee grinder, which allows you to create your cup of coffee from scratch. The Hario Mini Mill Plus uses adjustable ceramic burrs – the grind of choice according to coffee experts – which explains its higher price tag. It’s also lightweight and portable, making it an ideal travel coffee grinder.

That said, as it’s hand-operated, it does take longer to grind beans than an electric coffee grinder and the cup can only hold enough for two cups of coffee at a time. But at least you’ll feel like a bona fide barista, knowing you put in the hard work to grind your coffee by hand.

  • Coffee bean capacity: 24g

  • Grind settings: N/A

  • Weight: 0.3kg

7. Quietest electric coffee grinder: UUOUU Coffee Grinder

Despite this compact coffee grinder having a 200-watt motor, it’s very quiet – ideal if you’re sensitive to loud noises. It can also grind up to two ounces of coffee beans in moments.

Easy to clean thanks to the brush and washable bowl, you’ll have it spick and span in no time. The only downside? The bowl isn’t removable.

Easy to handle and operate, it has a lid-activated safety switch, making it very safe. It suits a more modest budget too.

  • Coffee bean capacity: 56g

  • Grind settings: N/A

  • Weight: 0.81kg

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8. Best burr coffee grinder: De'Longhi KG79 Coffee Grinder

“I got a De’Longhi electric grinder for Christmas last year and I use it everyday.”

De'Longhi produce highly regarded coffee machines so it figures that their coffee grinders make the grade too. With a black plastic casing and transparent tank to collect the coffee grounds, the KG79 is simplistic in design and would fit stylewise in most kitchens.

Capable of whizzing up enough coffee grounds for up to 12 cups, you can also use the fineness selector to choose the consistency of your grounds with this clever electric coffee machine – ideal for espresso fans who need very fine grounds.

Using barista-approved conical burr grinders, you can be sure you’ll get the freshest brew going. Safety comes first too with an automatic shut off if one of the two tanks is removed.

  • Coffee bean capacity: 120g

  • Grind settings: 17

  • Weight: 1.5kg

Price: £44.99

9. Best portable coffee grinder: VonShef Electric Coffee Grinder

“We take a mini one away with us (think Airbnb kind of thing).”

Featuring an easy one-press mechanism, the longer you hold down the button, the longer this electric coffee grinder will grind up your beans.

Lightweight and compact to store with a clever space for the cord within the base, it’s a great kitchen space-saver and also works well for weekends away and holidays (let’s hope we can book some for 2021).

It can whizz up enough beans for four cups of coffee and is also very easy to clean. A great budget coffee grinder choice, the VonShef Electric Coffee Grinder is a wise option for those who are new to coffee grinding.

  • Coffee bean capacity: 60g

  • Grind settings: N/A

  • Weight: 0.46kg

10. Best barista-level burr coffee grinder: Sage The Dose Control Coffee Grinder

“We went for a Sage fancy-pants separate-bean grinder.”

If you’re serious about coffee, you’ll want a serious high-end coffee grinder – and Sage The Dose Control Coffee Grinder delivers on that score.

This quality electric coffee grinder is the sort of conical burr grinder you’d find in a hipster coffee house. It offers a staggering 60 different grind settings and the option to adjust the grind time by one second increments, so your taste satisfaction is guaranteed.

The heavy burrs used in this coffee grinder turn more slowly to minimise heat transferring to the grinds and affecting flavour. Granted, it’s the most expensive electric coffee grinder on our list by a long (double) shot and a fair bit heavier too, but for true coffee geeks, it should hit the spot.

  • Coffee bean capacity: 340g

  • Grind settings: 60

  • Weight: 3.49kg

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What should I look for when buying a coffee grinder?

You can choose from three main types of coffee grinder: electric blade, electric burr or a hand grinder.

Blade coffee grinders

Cheaper and more readily available than electric burr coffee grinders, blade coffee grinders make up the majority of our list. These coffee grinders feature a spinning blade (or blades) that slice coffee beans into smaller pieces.

Often more compact and portable than their burr counterparts, blade grinders are an excellent choice for coffee lovers who are new to grinding their own beans.

They’re good for producing the medium grinds used in filter and cafetière coffee. However, experts reckon that the blades heat up the coffee beans, affecting taste. Electric blades also don’t generally produce a grind fine enough for espresso.

Electric burr coffee grinders

The mechanism within burr coffee grinders doesn’t slice beans – it crushes them to produce finer grounds. Coffee fans credit these types of coffee grinders for producing a fresher brew than others because they don’t heat up the beans during the crushing process.

They can produce large quantities of grounds fine enough for espresso coffee, but do tend to be priced a fair bit higher, so they’re more of an investment buy than electric blade grinders or hand grinders.

Hand coffee grinders

A more traditional choice, a hand grinder does what it says on the tin – it lets you do all the hard work by grinding the coffee using your own arm power.

Most hand grinders contain a burr mechanism but are much cheaper than electric burr grinders. This means that hand grinding is a more affordable way of achieving the fine grind required for espresso.

A hand grinder is also a good travel coffee grinder choice as it tends to be fairly compact and you only grind small amounts of coffee beans at a time.

Other features to consider

  • Capacity – how many beans can your grinder accommodate?

  • Weight – is your coffee grinder easily portable or is it a weightier model?

  • Settings – some electric grinders offer a range of grind settings to consider while others only allow you to determine grind size by the length of time you press the grind button

  • Speed – electric grinders will grind beans automatically in mere seconds whereas a hand grinder will take longer and the effort will be all yours

  • Noise level – some grinders produce more noise than others. It’s a good idea to check, especially if you’re sensitive to sounds

  • Material/durability – lower priced grinders tend to be encased in plastic which may not last. You will probably have to pay more if you’d prefer a metal-encased grinder

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Are burr coffee grinders better?

Coffee experts tend to prefer burr grinders over blade or manual coffee grinders as they’re widely acknowledged for their ability to produce a finer grind size and maintain the freshness of the bean.

That said, there’s no denying that a burr grinder is a more expensive investment. If you’re only whizzing up beans to pop in a cafetière, you may find that an electric blade coffee grinder does the job just fine.

What is the best coffee grinder for home use?

The Bodum 11160-01UK-3 Bistro Electric Blade Grinder is the best electric blade coffee grinder for home use. Achieving high scores on looks, results and price point, we think it’s the best overall electric coffee grinder on the market for 2021.

We rate the compact and speedy Duronic Coffee Grinder as the best budget electric coffee grinder. Our best barista-level burr coffee grinder is the Sage The Dose Control Coffee Grinder which offers an impressive 60 grind choices. For the traditionalist, our best hand coffee grinder is the Hario Coffee Grinder.

How we chose our recommendations

Our coffee grinder suggestions came from recommendations on the Mumsnet forums and from consumer reviews on the web. We consulted independent review sites for opinions about products to ensure we were bringing you an honest summary of coffee grinders in 2021.

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