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Yoto Mini review: is the toddler-friendly audio player worth the hype?

Screen-free and designed for small hands, we put the Yoto Mini through its paces to find out what our parent, child and toddler testers thought of the audio player.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Apr 4, 2023

a little girl with a yoto mini, on a colourful background Mumsnet Best

Looking for a safe, fun and easy-to-use audio player for young children? The Yoto Mini could be just what you need. With its simple design and range of age-appropriate content, the device is designed with little ones in mind. 

The player comes highly recommended by Mumsnetters - often mentioned in discussions about the best toys for two-year-olds and three-year-olds. But with parents’ smartphones able to play audiobooks and kid-friendly music, is it really worth investing in a piece of tech specifically for young children? 

Alongside the Toniebox and Echo Dot Kids, the Yoto is one of the most popular audio devices on the market right now. To find out whether this cute and eye-catching gadget is worth the hype, we asked our parent-tester, May, and her 4- and 2-year-olds to put the Yoto Mini to the test. Here’s what they thought…

Our verdict at a glance

Price on writing: £59.99 | Buy now from Amazon

What we love

  • Perfectly sized for little hands
  • Sleep radio is a godsend at bedtime
  • Portable
  • Easy for young children to operate independently
  • Straightforward set-up
  • Ability to record your own Yoto cards
  • Ok-to-wake clock

What to know

  • No rewind or fast-forward button
  • Cannot be turned on through the app
  • Accessories sold separately and can be costly
  • Cards can get damaged

Yoto Mini: What is it?

yoto mini

A Yoto Mini is a screen-free smart speaker designed for children. It's a small, colourful device that can be used to play a variety of audio, including music, stories, and educational content. The device is controlled using physical cards that are inserted into a slot at the top of the player - each card represents a different story, music collection, activity, podcast or radio station. The Yoto Mini also has built-in WiFi connectivity, which allows it to access additional content from the Yoto app.

The Yoto Mini is a great device for parents who want to reduce screen time while still having some tech for their kids. It's useful for children of all ages, and makes a great introduction to the world of technology. With its simple card system and chunky buttons, the device is easy to use and allows children to select and play their own content independently.

The difference between a Yoto Mini and the slightly more expensive Yoto Player is size - the Yoto Player is simply a larger version with all the same functions. 

First impressions

a little girl playing with a yoto mini

The Yoto Mini is great looking, and we loved its minimalist design as soon as we laid eyes on it. In terms of getting it set up, as long as you have a strong WiFi connection, it couldn’t be easier. 

“There are clear and concise instructions as you go along which worked well for me.” Our parent-tester says. “There are also now a number of guides that are automatically in the playlist section.”

Inside the box you’ll find the player, one make-your-own card and USB charging cable. Other cards are sold separately. The sound quality is brilliant and the tiny screen shows cute digital illustrations that bring the stories to life.

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How child-friendly is it?

You won’t find anything inappropriate on the Yoto Mini and there are no adverts. Parents are in complete control of what kids can listen to via the Yoto app so it comes with a lot of peace of mind. Once set up, using the player is very straightforward as there are only 2 major buttons.  

“My 2 year old knows how to make a card play and stop. My 4 year old can switch between cards and find the chapter/track she wants using the 2 controls.”

In terms of robustness, the player is great quality and made to withstand being used by young children. However, the manufacturer recommends the player for 36 months and up due to small parts. Our 2-year-old tester enjoyed twiddling the nobs and this did lead to some of the cards malfunctioning after a couple of months’ use. It’s certainly not a toy - “We encourage looking after the player as it is a special thing,” says May. 

Adorably-named Adventure Jackets can be purchased to give the Yoto a bit more protection when out and about. They’re colourful silicone carry cases which fit snugly over the Yoto Mini, so the buttons are still accessible. 

a toddler playing with a yoto mini

Best feature - Sleep Radio

Our parent-tester’s favourite feature was definitely Sleep Radio. A blend of soothing sounds and songs, it’s now being used nightly to help her 2-year-old fall asleep. 

"Sleep radio is amazing. It helps the youngest sleep every night and even me sometimes too!”

It’s also really useful for travelling, and gets used on family car journeys to avoid the dreaded screens. May’s four-year-old likes to put the Yoto on while she’s playing by herself.

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Will it last?

If looked after well, the Yoto player will last. There are also tons of cards available for different age groups up to 9+, so the player has the potential to grow with your child.

yoto cards and an adventure case


At £59.99, the Yoto Mini is cheaper than both the Toniebox and the Echo Dot Kids. Our parent-tester thought the price was very reasonable for the amount she found herself using it and the value her family got from the player. 

Yoto cards cost from £5.99 for a single story to £39.99 for a 6-book set, which is comparable to an Audible subscription or single Tonies character. Since starting to use the player, our parent-tester has bought extra cards for the player - mostly in the sale or on offer. Non-Yoto branded accessories (like headphones, card carriers and extra charging cables) can be found cheaper than branded versions. 

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Where to buy a Yoto Mini and Yoto cards

Yoto Mini, Yoto Player, cards and accessories are available via the Yoto website and on Amazon. For cards, it’s definitely worth shopping around to find deals and discounts, or joining the Yoto Club for new cards every month.

Final verdict: Yoto Mini review

Overall rating: 5/5

Our tester gave the Yoto Mini an impressive 5/5 stars. As an age-appropriate introduction to tech, it’s hard to beat. 

“We love Yoto Mini and after 8 months of using one so often we bought another so the kids have one each. Absolutely no regrets. We will have to wait and see but with the range of cards available and the simple aesthetics, I feel there is longevity in this product.”

While playing audio through a normal smart speaker, phone or tablet is an easy option nowadays, we think the independence factor, child-friendly features and screen-free nature of the Yoto Mini makes it a fantastic device in its own right. 

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