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Ultenic FS1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner review: a powerful vac with a self-emptying bin

A cordless vac that cleans up after itself? We put the Ultenic FS1 to the test to try out its nifty self-emptying dust bin.

By Rachel Erdos | Last updated Feb 1, 2024

Ultenic FS1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner review

Price on writing: £300 | Buy now from Amazon

Overall rating: 4/5

What we like

  • Handy self-emptying docking and charging station 

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

  • Simple touchscreen controls 

  • Telescopic handle makes it easy adjust to the right height

What we don’t like 

  • Can struggle with larger debris 

  • No anti-tangle brush 

Our verdict

Vacuuming can be satisfying, especially if you invest in a vacuum cleaner that makes shifting dust and dirt feel effortless. But even if you like the process of cleaning up, it’s unlikely that you enjoy emptying the dust from the canister when you’re finished. Which is why we’re big fans of the Ultenic FS1, a cordless vac that’s fitted with a self-emptying system that takes care of frequent dust removal, keeping your hands clean throughout. 

Our tester, Justine, found it effective at blitzing debris across hard floors and rugs and especially good at dealing with pet hair. She found it easy to set up and lightweight to manoeuvre across different surfaces but its standout feature is undoubtedly its self-emptying bin. A high-tech feature that will set you back £500+ if splurging on its closest competitor, the Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro. The Ultenic FS1 is an affordable alternative and well worth buying if you dread having to deal with post-vacuuming dust clouds. 

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Key specs

Type: Cordless vacuum | Weight: 7kg total (vacuum cleaner: 3kg) | Capacity: 660ml | Charge time: 3.5 hours | Runtime: Up to 60 minutes | Dimensions: (H) 114 x (W) 27 x (D) 28cm | Warranty: One year

What’s in the box?

Ultenic FS1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner parts

  • Main vacuum cleaner 

  • Self-emptying docking/charging stand

  • Combination brush and crevice tool 

  • Two 3-litre dust bags 

  • Extra HEPA filter

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What’s the Ultenic FS1 like to set up? 

Ultenic FS1 vacuum cleaner

The main vacuum cleaner comes in three parts: the floor head, a telescopic extension wand and an engine. All elements click together easily and the instructions are super easy to follow. It’s ready to go in minutes, although bear in mind that the battery needs to be fully charged before use - a full charge takes around 2.5 hours. 

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What’s the Ultenic FS1 like to use day to day?

Ultenic FS1 vacuum cleaner hard floors

Our tester, Justine, put the Ultenic FS1 through its paces at home, tackling a variety of surfaces including hard floors and rugs. She found the telescopic extension wand really useful as she was able to adjust it to the right height, a handy feature you don’t often see on cordless vacs

At 3kg it’s not the lightest vacuum cleaner we’ve tested (most cordless cleaners weigh between 2 and 4kg) but Justine found it easy to hold and to manoeuvre. And there are just two buttons to get to grips with on the touchscreen control panel - one to switch it on and off and one to select a power level (low/high/auto/turbo). The auto setting is adequate on most floor surfaces with the turbo button proving handy in dustier spots.  

The real-life runtime stays true to the product description with it lasting around an hour on hard floors (slightly less if using on carpets). It’s not too noisy when in use and the noise level drops considerably when vacuuming at the lowest setting. 

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"It really is quite different and nifty in the way it deals with emptying and preventing dirt and dust from escaping."

Justine, MNHQ product tester

As stated, it’s a capable cordless vac but the magic happens when it comes to emptying the unit after vacuuming. The nifty docking station sucks all of the dust and debris from the canister automatically so you don’t have to get your hands dirty or deal with clouds of dust. The unit is fitted with a 3-litre dust bag and when it’s full, you just pull it out and throw it away - it should last around a month, depending on how often you vacuum. The docking unit also serves as a charging station and the whole thing can be neatly stored away in a cupboard.

Ultenic FS1 vacuum cleaner on a wooden floor

How well does the Ultenic FS1 clean carpets?

The brush head is fitted with two rollers - one for carpets and one for hard floors, and we found it to be just as effective across both surfaces. Although it’s worth bearing in mind that If you’re using it exclusively on carpets, it’s unlikely that the battery will last a full hour.

It’s better at dealing with smaller debris like household dust than larger scraps - you’ll need to go over the surface a few times to pick up bigger bits. 

It’s excellent at edge cleaning though and proficient when switching from wooden floors to rugs. 

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How well does the Ultenic FS1 clean hard floors?

The Ultenic FS1 performed well across wooden floors and dealt with kitchen debris (herbs, garlic skin, Cheerios) effectively. We found it satisfying to see the dust collect in the transparent canister. 

The included tools are useful - the brush attachment is handy for curtains and the crevice tool makes it easy to shift dust from hard-to-reach areas like the back of the sofa. 

How well does the Ultenic FS1 deal with pet hair?

It does a decent job of getting rid of pet hair, particularly when dealing with clumps of hair on hard floors and shifting stray hair from upholstery. You’ll need to put a bit more effort into eliminating hair from pet bedding though. 

Note that it isn’t fitted with an anti-tangle feature, so you may find that hairs will need to be removed from the brush on a regular basis (a brush cleaning tool comes as standard). 

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Does the Ultenic FS1 offer value for money?

Our guide to the best cordless vacuum cleaners features models that range in price from £130 to £600+ so the Ultenic FS1 sits neatly in the middle. It works well as a standalone cordless vacuum cleaner but the value is built into its innovative self-emptying docking station, a feature that you’d pay double for if investing in the similarly designed Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro. It’s on the pricey side as a basic cordless vac - we rate the Tower VL100 Optimum as a brilliant budget buy - but we think it’s worth the money if the self-emptying element appeals to you. 

How we tested

Tester, Justine, put the Ultenic FS1 through its paces over the course of several months. She used it on wooden floors and rugs throughout her flat and tested its ability to deal with dust, debris, kitchen mess (including Cheerios) and pet hair. She assessed how easy it was to set up, move around, empty, clean and store, awarding a score for each element and benchmarking it against other cordless vacuum cleaners we’ve tested in-house.

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