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Trybike Steel 2 in 1 Balance Trike review: we put the stylish convertible ride-on through its paces

Suitable from 15 months to 6 years, the Trybike converts from a 3-wheeler to a balance bike. Our tester Bethan put it to the test, with the help of her one and five-year-olds. Here's what she thought.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Dec 6, 2023

Price on writing: £130 | Buy now from Mountain Warehouse

What we like

  • Great quality

  • Easy to pump tyres

  • Converts into a balance bike

  • Sturdy without being overly heavy

  • Easy to manoeuvre

  • Can be used indoors or out

  • Easily adjustable seat

  • Retro design

What we don’t like

  • Takes up quite a lot of space

  • Tricky to assemble

  • As a trike it can’t be hooked onto a buggy

Key specs

Age: 15 months - 6 years | Weight: 6.3kg | Wheel size: 12 inch | Tyres: Pneumatic | Resale value: approximately £75 | Conversion kit: included | Seat height: adjustable 30cm - 45cm | Handlebar height: adjustable 54cm - 61cm | Colours: red, black, pink, blue, green

What Mumsnet users say

It converts from a tricycle into a balance bike. My 2.5yr old DS has one and is approx. 98cm and there is still room to raise the seat. It's a nice sturdy balance bike.

How we tested

Our parent-tester Bethan put the Trybike through its paces over a period of two months, with the help of her one- and five-year old children. She took note of a number of factors, including quality, ease of use, comfort and how much her children enjoyed using the bike.

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How easy is the Trybike to set up and ride?

There is some assembly involved and Bethan found the set up quite tricky. It’s a sturdy bike made of great quality steel, and with the option to convert into a balance bike, so there is some complexity to the design.

Was initially a bit tricky to assemble but got the hang of it quite quickly, user failure was at fault to start! I found the rubber handle grips very difficult to put on. I like that the tyre valves point out slightly so pumping up the tyres was very easy.

The bike was a bit tall for her one-year-old, who was desperate to have a go nonetheless! Bethan’s 5-year-old found it easy and fun to scoot around on the bike, and Bethan thinks it’ll get lots of use as her 1-year-old grows. 

How adjustable is the Trybike?

Both the seat and handlebars can be raised and lowered to the perfect height for your child, and they’re easy to adjust as your little one grows. The seat’s lowest setting is 30cm, and can be raised up to 45cm. For the handlebars, you can have them between 54-61cm. 

The bike also converts from a three-wheel trike into a two-wheel balance bike with the help of a conversion kit. Trybike claim that mastering their balance bike will mean your child will find the transition to a pedal bike an absolute doddle - in just 1-2 hours. Having tested out a few balance bikes in our time, this is the case for balance bikes in general - it really is astonishing to see how quickly balance bike aficionados take to pedal bikes, when compared to kids who’ve never ridden a balance bike. 

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How does it look?

There’s no denying it, the Trybike is a looker. Its insta-ready retro design and tasteful colour options make it an aesthetically pleasing option - especially if you’ll need to store it in your hallway or porch. For added cuteness as well as storage, add a wicker basket like this one from Trybike or this similar one from Amazon.

What’s it like to use day-to-day?

Bethan’s 1-year-old is happy careering up and down the hallway of their terraced house on the Trybike right now, and they’ve ventured out to the local park on it too. The tyres are big and robust enough for uneven surfaces but won’t scuff up your floors either.

The tyres are large enough to combat any crooked pavements. Definitely will be used a lot at our local park.

The one big drawback to the Trybike is its size. As a balance bike it’s pretty streamlined but in its three-wheeler form, it has quite a big footprint and isn’t foldable. This is definitely something to bear in mind if storage is at all an issue, or if you’re looking for something to sling over the buggy handles. But if you have plentiful space, this is a beautiful bike that will grow with your child, seeing them right through until they’re ready to ride a pedal bike.

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