Best Zip-up Swaddle 2018

Woombie Air Review

Looking for a swaddle that won’t have you tied in knots after changing a nappy at God-knows-what-o'clock? Look no further, the Woombie is here to help

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If you think the Woombie Air swaddle looks a little bit like a giant sock with a zip down the middle, that’s because it does. But for the blissful ease of zipping in our mini-tester, we would definitely recommend it for any swaddling novice.

Woombie comes in a wide range of colours and patterns

It came a very, very, close second to our Mumsnet Best, and although it was just pipped to the post, this is a real testament to how much our tester loved it. She particularly commended how simple it was to use, the breathable fabric, and the huge choice of patterns and colours.

The swaddles themselves are lightweight, made of cotton, and give a pretty tight fit. The Air model also has a lovely bit of breathable fabric, which Woombie boasts takes the swaddle across 'all four seasons'. So if you're concerned about your baby overheating in the summer months, but you know that swaddling is the only way she will sleep, this is a good option.

For a swaddling rookie, the zip is a godsend: you don't have to worry about how tightly the swaddle has been fastened because the zip squeezes it shut for you.

The Woombie has made a big difference for our 10wo. Pricey, but then my sleep is priceless!

The Woombie comes in two weight ranges to ensure you're swaddling correctly: firstly 5lb to 13lb, then 14lb to 19lb. The one we tested came up quite tight as our tester’s baby was at the top end of the weight guides, but still allowed enough movement to make sure our baby was happy (and most importantly safe).

The swaddle even aced our ‘night-time test’, as an all important double zipper allowed our tester to change her baby without any disruption. The zip can be opened from the bottom, allowing easy access to your baby’s nappy without having to undo the whole swaddle from the top.

The swaddle our mini-tester put through its paces was an attractive teal colour, and there are lots of other options available, whether you want something more neutral or with more pizazz.

Baby in Woombie wrap

Woombie recommends its product is suitable up to 19lb, but remember your baby should not be wearing a swaddle past the point at which she is able to roll over and lie on her front by herself. We have more information on the safest swaddling practices in our Buyer’s Guide.

All in all, this product is gold. As parents, we love anything that makes our lives that tiny bit easier, and we reckon a zip-up swaddle may ease at least two or three of our hundreds of daily battles. For the less-practised swaddlers, we can’t think of a better choice, and that’s why the Woombie Air Swaddle has gained our Best Zip-Up Swaddle award.

The stats:

Fastening type: Zip-up swaddle
Dimensions: 6 × 5 × 1in
Materials: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Age range/sizes: A smaller option for 5-13lb, or larger for 14-19lb
Colours: Lots and lots of options for colour and pattern, see website
RRP: £25 per swaddle

Machine washable

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  • Best Zip-up Swaddle 2018

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