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Summer Infant SwaddleMe Review

Looking for a super-secure and easy-to-use swaddle without a huge price tag? We’ve found the perfect solution

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If you’re looking for a swaddle that does exactly what it says on the tin, we’ve got you (and your baby) covered. A simple Velcro fastening and a wing design make this swaddle easy to use, and gives parents the final decision on exactly how tightly to swaddle their baby.

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First things first, the swaddle comes in two sizes: small, which is suitable for 0-3 months, or large, which is suitable for 0-6 months. Our mini-tester was three months, so we popped her into the ‘large’ size to see how she fared.

Summer Infant recommends its product is suitable until around the three-month mark, or up until the point your baby is able to roll over and lie on her front by herself. We have more information on the safest swaddling practices in our Buyer’s Guide.

The product is proudly simple to use – our mini-tester was slotted into a little pouch before wrapping the wings around her one by one (secured to the pouch and to each other firmly with Velcro), which meant the swaddle remained tight, even for a wriggly baby.

Mine didn't sleep well at all for the first few weeks due to her startle reflex waking her up. Then we remembered we had the SwaddleMe and it was absolute heaven; it worked instantly and she started sleeping well.

The fastening also meant that we could easily access the nappy for any middle-of-the-night changes (which, let’s be honest, are inevitable). You can easily get access into the leg pouch without unwrapping the arms, meaning it aced our ‘night-time’ test. This was definitely simpler than unravelling a traditional swaddle and trying to get it done back up again on two hours' sleep in the pitch black.

One thing to bear in mind, however – Velcro can be loud. Although we love the ease of this product, be prepared for your baby (and DP) to wake up every time you change a nappy as, no matter slowly you try to unfasten it, we all know Velcro can wake a snoring rhino at a thousand paces.

We tested a lovely, white swaddle covered in grey stars, but there are so many options ranging from grey, blue and pink right through to animals, stripes and (a favourite at MNHQ) ‘Into the Woods’ which is covered in very cute bears and trees.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe

The quality of the fabric didn’t scream luxury – it's a lightweight cotton, which we guess would be good for a summer holiday, but it was obviously not quite as high a quality material as other swaddles we tested. The fabric is also pretty small, but because of the Velcro fastening we weren’t worried about it coming undone at all.

But honestly, when you can get a three-pack of these cutesy decorated swaddles for less than £25, there isn’t that much to complain about. Being at the cheaper end of the spectrum, we don’t expect luxurious materials – and if you’re looking for a swaddle which will do a damn good job at wrapping your baby up securely and tightly, Summer Infant has you covered.

The stats:

Fastening type: Velcro
Dimension: 24 × 1 × 46.5 cm
Age range/sizes: Small: For 0-3 months or 7 -14lb/3.2-6.4 kg. Large: For 0-6 months or 14-18 lb/6.4-8.2 kg
Materials: 100% cotton
Colours: Lots of colourways, check the website to see all the options
RRP: £9.99 for one, £17.99 for two, £24.99 for three

Machine washable

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