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Lansinoh mOmma with NaturalWave™ Teat review

Best Baby Bottle for Breastfed Babies 2020

Our overall category winner is the Lansinoh Feeding Bottle. Though one of the most inexpensive bottles we tested, it feels like a quality product, particularly when paired with Lansinoh’s excellent electric breastpump.

By Rachel Jeffcoat | Last updated Mar 1, 2023

Lansinoh mOmma main

Deciding how to feed your new baby is a decision as fraught as it is personal, made at a time when emotions run high and night sweats run eternally. While we can’t guarantee your baby will agree with our findings, our testing programme has been rigorous – and after some months, the Lansinoh mOmma Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave™ Teat has emerged as the favourite.

Lansinoh bottle product

Sturdy and easily assembled, the bottle comes with a super-soft silicone teat designed to mimic the baby’s mouth movement at the breast. It’s a comfortable shape in the hand – surprisingly important during those endless stop-start newborn feeds – and the clear, granulated volume markings are easy to read during even the haziest of midnight hours.

It’s not the flashiest in the category, with a squat, sturdy shape and a simple colour design, but the Lansinoh feeding bottle feels built to last: the BPA-free plastic feels solid, doesn’t leak and is microwave and dishwasher safe (though like most clear bottles, it will take on a rosy tinge if put in the dishwasher with tomato sauce, so plan to hand-wash on lasagne night). Wide-necked and easy to clean, both the 160ml and 240ml models fit comfortably into most electric and microwave sterilisers, showing no degradation after repeated use. Paired with a choice of slow, medium and fast flow teats (sold separately), the bottle should adapt as your baby grows, and last for as long as you choose to use it.

The Natural Wave silicone teat is the real star player here: incredibly soft and flexible, with a sweeping upward slope that’s designed to encourage the baby’s natural feeding pattern at the breast. The manufacturers promise smooth peristaltic tongue movement and easy latch, and our tester’s baby managed both. The idea behind this is that the baby should switch between bottle and breast without confusion, allowing breastfeeding mothers some precious flexibility in those exhausting first months.

The soft silicone doesn’t apply too much pressure around the baby’s mouth when drinking, and the teat includes a small air ventilation system to reduce ingestion of air bubbles. This works well, we’d say, for a baby who doesn’t suffer badly with colic (for persistent colic sufferers, we’d recommend our Best Bottle for Colic).

Lansinoh mOmma milk

Though the Lansinoh bottle is intended to reinforce breastfeeding patterns, it handles formula milk well too. The wide neck means the powder can be added without spilling, and the teat allows the thicker milk to flow unimpeded.

Day-to-day, the Lansinoh feeding bottle is a low-maintenance piece of equipment: slim enough to fit into changing bag pockets, comfortable in the hand, with a lid that doesn’t slip off easily and clear, accessible volume markings that can be seen even in dim light. The Natural Wave teat requires a good tug when assembling, as the teat edge overlaps the collar by some distance, and the smooth silicone is hard to grasp when wet. But otherwise the top screws on easily to the bottom, the thread short and easy to find, even when assembling one-handed.

All that, and these Lansinoh bottles won’t even set you back too much: at £11.99 for two 240ml or £5.99 for one 160ml bottle, they're some of the most inexpensive bottles on the market. When combined with Lansinoh’s excellent breastpump, it’s an overlooked gem from a brand arguably best known for their nipple cream – and should make those early months more enjoyable for everyone.

The Stats

Bottles: available in a single 160ml volume (RRP £5.99), or an 240ml twin-pack (RRP £11.99)

Teats: available in slow, medium and fast flow (pack of two, RRP £5.49)

Materials: polypropylene plastic, BPA free; silicone, BPA free

Compatible with Lansinoh manual and electric breastpumps.