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JisuLife Portable Neck Fan Review: our verdict on this go-anywhere fan

When the heat gets too much - or a hot flush hits - a neck fan can be the perfect solution for keeping cool. As part of our research into the best neck fans on the market, we put the JisuLife portable neck fan to the test. Here are the results.

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Mar 27, 2024

Our rating:

Price on writing: £33 | Buy now from Amazon

We all know how sticky and sweaty it can get during the UK summer heat and how instantly better you feel when you get a blast of cooling air on your neck or face. That’s why neck fans have become such a hit with our Mumsnet users. A portable fan that sits around your neck, like a pair of headphones, they blow air to help you stay refreshed wherever you go and are great for tackling hot flushes.

This means you don’t have to be stuck at home close to a tower fan to keep cooler and you can wear the fan when you’re exercising, on the school run or doing the cleaning. Ahead of the summer months, we decided to put some of the best neck fans to the test, including the JisuLife portable neck fan which our tester Sam used across the course of a week rating it on its effectiveness against hot flushes, how long the batteries lasted, ease of use, and overall value for money.

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What we like
  • Very effective

  • Comfortable and lightweight

  • Good battery life

  • Ready to use, with clear instructions

What we don't like
  • More expensive than other neck fans we tested

  • Does give off a bit of noise

Key specs

Type: Bladeless | Speed settings: 3 | Battery life: Up to 16 hours (speed 1) | Battery type: 4000mAh | Dimensions: 19.7 x 19.8 x 6 cm  | Weight: 257g

Our verdict

  • Effectiveness 9/10

  • Ease of use 8/10

  • Value for money 6/10

If you’re looking for a fan that can keep you feeling refreshed during a long day out or at work, the JisuLife Portable Neck Fan could be the one for you. With up to 16 hours of battery life (on the lowest speed setting), the joint longest of all the neck fans we tested, you shouldn’t have to worry about recharging it while you’re out and about.

We liked that it came fully charged so it can be used straight away and the lightweight, soft silicone material ensures it rests comfortably around your neck. The 78 air outlets have been designed to blow air all around which makes it effective at giving off a refreshing blast of air around the back of your head, ears, and neck. It does give off a bit of noise but it’s not too loud, and it is pricier than other similar models.

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What is the JisuLife portable neck fan?

A portable fan, the JisuLife can help you stay refreshed whether you’re sitting at your desk at work or out for a run. The fan has no blades so longer hair won’t get caught and has 78 air outlets to help blow the air all around your neck area.

The battery life has been designed so it should last most of the day, depending on your usage, and there are three fan speeds to help you find the right comfort level. The neck fan also comes in five colours so you can find one to suit your style. 

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Jisulife neck fan

How easy is the JisuLife portable neck fan to use?

This fan was able to be used straight out of the box! It arrived fully charged so Sam could get straight to wearing and testing it. While it may not be an obvious requirement for a neck fan, we like that the JisuLife had left and right written on the sides of the fan, so you can easily get the position right the first time you wear it. 

This fan feels nice and weighty, making it feel good quality. The soft silicone material also makes it comfortable to wear yet it still feels robust for wearing out and about.

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How effective is the JisuLife portable neck fan?

The fan has three different speeds (weak wind, natural wind, and strong wind) and 78 air outlets around the neck to encourage good airflow. While we found that the JisuLife portable neck fan isn’t powerful enough to be effective against sweat, it gives a pleasant, cooling feeling to help you feel more refreshed during warmer weather.

Our tester Sam found that it cooled the back of her head and ears, as well as the front of her neck, which helped her feel more comfortable when experiencing hot flushes. While some neck fans can be noisy, this one wasn’t too bad but also wasn’t quiet either.

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What’s the battery life like?

Depending on what you need your fan for, whether that’s for keeping you refreshed during long dog walks, a day at the office or cooling you during a hot flush, you’ll want to find a fan with a battery life that will be suitable for your needs. 

The battery life of the JisuLife portable neck fan is impressive, lasting from four up to 16 hours, with the longest being on the lowest speed setting. That is more than long enough for a day’s usage, meaning you shouldn’t have to recharge it too often.

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Price: is the JisuLife portable neck fan worth it?

At £33 at the time of writing, this is one of the more expensive fans we tested. It did score higher in some areas compared to some of the lower priced fans, with a quick and easy set up, an impressive battery life, and fans that effectively keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day, this could be worth paying out for. However, there’s not a huge difference between this and the under-£20 fans to justify the price tag. 

How we tested

Sam used the neck fan across the course of a week. During testing, she carefully rated the fan on its effectiveness against hot flushes, how long the batteries lasted, the ease of use, and overall value for money:

  • Tested across a week

  • Used to combat hot flushes and hot temperatures

  • Cross-compared with other neck fans 

All of the neck fans were tested under the same criteria and were compared together to help us determine which fans are the best products on the market right now.

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