Best Budget Baby Feeding Bottle 2018

NUK First Choice+ Review

An extra soft latex teat at a lovely budget price make the NUK First Choice+ a perfect newborn bottle option

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The contoured teat of the NUK First Choice+ comes bristling with credentials: it’s often provided in hospitals, and was developed with orthodontists to promote healthy oral development. More importantly, perhaps, it has a good reputation as a bottle for stalwart bottle-refusers: as the teat fits the baby’s mouth more organically, the milk comes out without much effort (hence its frequent appearance in NICU awards). There’s an anti-colic valve on the side, and you can choose between silicone and latex teats, should your baby prefer one or the other.

That easy-flow teat has one disadvantage: with the hole on the side rather than the top, it makes for more accidental leaks and splashes than other bottles. Sealing discs are provided for transit, which should avoid a damp changing bag. The volume markings are also rendered in a grey that can be difficult to read in dim light.

Otherwise, though, this bottle is a sleek, pretty piece of kit. Tall, slimline and covered in a delicate pattern, it looks attractive and fits into changing bag pockets and sterilisers. The narrow neck means you’ll need a brush to scrub the inside (there isn’t one provided), but the teat is shallow, easily cleaned and just as easily assembled.

Here’s the final selling point: the NUK First Choice+ was the most inexpensive of all the bottles we tested, at £16.26 for four 300ml bottles (correct at the time of writing). Considering its solid performance, attractive appearance and impressive credentials, the price point is remarkable – making the NUK First Choice+ an obvious choice for our Best Budget Bottle 2017.

The Stats

Bottles: available in a single 150ml volume (RRP £5.29), or a four-pack 300ml volume (RRP 19.99)
Teats: available in silicone or latex, in sizes 1 or 2 with three sizes of feed hole
Materials: polypropylene plastic, silicone, latex, BPA free

Available in various patterns, and compatible with NUK Jolie and Luna breastpumps.

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  • Best Budget Baby Feeding Bottle 2018

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