Politicians' best answers to the MN biscuit question

When politicians take part in Mumsnet webchats, they're careful not to repeat Gordon Brown's mistake in dodging the biscuit question.  Here are some of the best answers

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Keir Starmer

"The one in front of me right now at the end of this hour, which is a chocolate digestive, but won't be for much longer!"

Jess Phillips

"As I haven't answered the biscuit question, it is for once because I do not have a definitive answer. I like all the biscuits except Hobnobs which taste like sawdust."

John McDonnell

"My Mum worked behind the biscuit counter in BHS and we lived off broken biscuits, in particular rich tea."

Tim Farron

"Am I allowed to have Kendal mint cake? (Some skepticism here at MNHQ.) If not, we'll have to have a custard cream biscuits."

Is it a cake, is it a sweet? One thing we know is, it's definitely not a biscuit.

Alan Johnson (Chair of the Labour In for Britain campaign)

"I've tried to think of a European biscuit with 28 different ingredients - but have decided to plump for a boring old chocolate digestive."

How very... neutral.

Andy Burnham

"I don't have a sweet tooth and don't eat biscuits. But give me a beer and chips and gravy any day..."



Liz Kendall

"I'm more into savoury snacks. Currently popcorn."

Nobody puts biscuits in the corner. Except Liz Kendall.


Yvette Cooper

"Chocolate Hobnobs, but I have to say I really can't walk past an open packet of crisps without diving in. Salt'n'vinegar is definitely my favourite flavour."

Keep your hand over the bag Ed.


Douglas Alexander (former Labour MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South)

"This is a terrible admission and not very patriotic, but my favourites are chocolate Leibnitz - a slab of chocolate pretending to be a biscuit. I prefer the dark chocolate ones to the milk - and of course hope they will soon become Fairtrade."


Nicola Sturgeon

"It's an easy choice for me - Tunnock's Caramel Wafers."

Living the brand.


Alistair Darling

"Tunnock's Caramel Wafers."  

Also living the brand - awks. 

Alex Salmond

Round one; February 2011: also "Tunnock's Caramel Wafers."

Round two; September 2014 (Scottish referendum): "I'm on the 5:2 diet - but Jim Walker's chocolate ginger shortbread."

We're not sure what this change of heart means, but it sure means something

Ed Davey (former Lib Dem MP for Kingston and Surbiton)

"My favourite biscuit is a fig roll - but I am partial to bourbons too. In fact, I'd better stop now..."

This guy's outta control.


David Cameron

"I like oat cakes with butter and cheese." 

WRONG. On every level. 

Ed Miliband

"Jaffa Cakes. No dunking of any biscuit - yuk."

The beginning of the end..?

Nick Clegg

"Let's get this out the way. Rich Tea if dunked. Hobnobs if not. I have a fruit bowl and a biscuit tin in my office, and to be honest, it's always the biscuits first."

Laughing in the face of five-a-day.

Andrew Mitchell

"Caramel chocolate digestives, I'm afraid!"

What is he afraid of?


Stella Creasy

Hope you've got some biscuits of your own on hand to get through this essay...

"There is no contest if you're talking chocolate (Fox's Viennese are still the best). I am also partial to deconstructing Malted Milk Sandwich Cookies, and have gone off cake completely since the Jubilee, when I ate 58 sponge cakes in three days (proper aversion therapy) so hot tip if you want me to come to something - bring pastry not icing."

Stella knows how to have a good time.


Ken Livingstone

"White chocolate Cadbury Fingers are my favourite."

Oh, KEN!

Boris Johnson

"Chocolate digestives." 

Man of the people.

Lawrence Webb (UKIP candidate for Mayor of London in 2012)

"Sainsbury's bourbons; cracking dunkers."

This biscuit takes its name from the European royal House of Bourbon.

Jenny Jones (Green candidate for Mayor of London in 2012)

"M&S Dark Chocolate Ginger are the best in the world."

At last - someone who has taken the sampling process global.


Natalie Bennett

"Macaroons! (My range is limited because I can't eat gluten, so an easy choice.)"

Not to be confused with the continental - and definitely not gluten-free - macaron. 

Jacqui Smith

"Last night my husband cleared out the baking cupboard and used the stuff he cleared out to make some biscuits. Both of these events are so unusual that these are definitely my favourites."

Unexpectedly vivid snapshot there.


Gordon Brown (he took to Twitter to answer after!)

"Anything with a bit of chocolate on."

Worth the wait, huh?


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