Maternity, paternity and parental leave: your rights

It's a simple truth that, for parents (and women in particular), balancing work and family life is complicated. Here are the facts on your employment rights post-children

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Two barristers specialising in discrimination and parents' rights at work, Natasha Joffe and Lydia Seymour, have put together a series of factsheets on employment rights after maternity leave, covering such things as what kinds of leave and pay you're entitled to, how to seek flexible working arrangements, and your legal rights if you're treated badly because you're a parent. They've also looked at the Talk boards and put together some responses to FAQs on this topic.

Please have a look at our disclaimer before reading and bear in mind that the information provided is no substitute for specific advice on your individual case. 

Any other areas you'd like to see covered? Email us and we'll ask Natasha and Lydia to add them in.

Our FAQs and factsheets are intended only to contain general information and preliminary guidance. They should not be used as a substitute for taking detailed advice specific to your situation. Our responses should not, therefore, be regarded as legal advice, and both we and Mumsnet disclaim any liability in relation to their use. We have endeavoured to provide accurate and up to date information, but no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the accuracy of the information contained.

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