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Private Messaging

Private Messaging is a service that allows one user to send a message to another.

It is FREE to all registered Mumsnet users.

You have to be logged in to send and receive private messages (PMs). Your messages will be sent from the Talk nickname you are logged in as.

How to send a private message

To send a message, just go to your Inbox (at the very top of your browser window between the 'Log out' and 'About us' links) and click on New message. In the 'To' field, fill in the Talk nickname of the person you want to message, then write your message and press 'Send'.

You can also send a message by clicking on the 'Message poster' link to the right of the poster's name on a post.

The recipient of your private message will only see your message and your Talk nickname; your email address will not be revealed.

Similarly, when they reply to you, you will not see their email address.

How to see if someone's sent you a private message

If you've been sent a PM, your Inbox icon will develop a fetching little 'You've got mail'-type flag.

You will also receive an email notification that a new PM message is waiting for you. You can choose not to receive email notifications by clicking on 'Settings' (next to the 'New Message' button) and unticking the default option.

Private Messaging guidelines

All our Talk Guidelines apply to PMs. We do ask all folk to show the same courtesy in their private messages as elsewhere. If you receive a private message that breaks our guidelines, please do report it to us at [email protected].

You can block a poster from sending you more private messages by clicking the red 'Block' icon next to their name on a message to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Private messaging is NOT for journalists or market-researchers (or advertisers/company reps) to contact Mumsnetters.

If you are a journalist or market-researcher and would like to canvass our members' opinions, please mail [email protected].

If you get an unsolicited private message from a journalist or market-researcher (or someone trying to spam you with advertising), please feel free to report it to us at [email protected].