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It can be hard and expensive trying to find a skincare routine that works to soothe and hydrate itchy, dry skin. Luckily, Balneum Cosmetics is giving Mumsnet users the chance to win a dry skin and itch relief kit along with a £150 shopping voucher. Good luck!

What Mumsnet users thought of the Balneum range

Mumsnet users have been looking for a solution to combat dry and itchy skin, making them keen to try out Balneum dry skin and itch relief cream. They were so impressed with the results that the product ended up winning Mumsnet Rated.

We all struggle with heat-related itchy skin and I get dry patches sometimes, too. It's been great so far. Definitely soothes any irritation pretty quickly.

The cream is fab. It's not sticky or heavy, goes on very silkily and dries quickly. My daughter has very sore skin and usually fights the idea of having creams applied but had no problem having this.

I find the cream wonderful for stopping itching. It seems to work on contact, which is wonderful. I'd been waking up in the night due to itchy skin, but this has sorted it.

How does Balneum Cosmetics' range for dry skin help?

Suitable for the whole family, Balneum dry skin and itch relief cream is designed to help soothe and hydrate skin. The dual-action formula contains urea, providing 24-hour moisturisation, and active ingredient lauromacrogols that is proven to relieve the itch in just five minutes. The formula is easily absorbed and leaves skin feeling soft, supple and smooth due to the replacement of much-needed oils, locking moisture into the skin.

The Balneum Cosmetics range is suitable for all skin types including eczema and psoriasis-prone skin, and is dermatologically tested by our experts and works to restore your skin's natural balance. It leaves skin feeling hydrated, soothed and refreshed – helping you to #ItchLessLiveMore.

The Balneum Cosmetics range is available on Amazon.


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