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Discover the new Sky Kids channel designed for your family’s routine

Create a healthy, easy-to-follow daily routine for your family with the help of the brand new Sky Kids channel.

By Louise Baty | Last updated Mar 17, 2023

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Parenting can be tough, can’t it? A never ending game of catch up filled with transitions, growth spurts, behavioural leaps, cluster feeding, weaning, sleep regressions and dropped naps… Just as you get to grips with one stage, your kids are zooming into the next. Naturally, these changes are perfectly normal but the truth is they can leave you as a parent feeling out of sorts. Twists and turns in your child’s development can make it tricky to establish a healthy, easy-to-follow daily routine - something which many parents swear by when it comes to juggling family life with work and managing your home. 

But the good news is that every little helps, and if watching a few of your favourite TV shows together helps you get through the day, then so be it. Kids telly is a hot topic on our Talk forums, with many parents sharing that the TV comes in very handy, and not only for entertaining their little ones, but also for helping establish a well balanced daily routine. 

One Mumsnetter reminisced about her own kids’ regular enjoyment of their favourite TV shows in years gone by, saying: “Isn’t this what everyone does?…..They knew what time things had to be done by, by the programme that was on. End of Thomas the Tank Engine meant it was time to leave the house!”

The new Sky Kids channel launches 13 February

So, how do you choose the best platform for your kids to enjoy? Well, since Mumsnetters are already big fans of the Sky Kids app, we’re sure most will be delighted to hear of this new addition to their subscription. 

The Sky Kids pack is poised to welcome a new addition of its very own - an exciting kids TV channel designed to help families create and follow a routine. The channel, which will launch on 13 February, will be available via EPG 609 on Sky and filled with programmes specifically created and curated for children aged one to seven years old. Its aim is to support them and their families through the daily adventures that childhood brings. 

And the best part of all? The channel will be ad-free and have 24 hour programming. 

An ad-free, 24 hour, linear channel designed for kids

Selection of programmes on Sky Kids

Available via EPG 609 on Sky for Sky Kids subscribers

There’s no doubt that children love Sky Kids for the fun-filled shows, while parents trust Sky Kids to provide age-appropriate content for their kids. It’s no surprise then, that their new channel has been designed with a reassuringly healthy dose of common sense and parental wisdom. After all, the last thing you want your child to watch before sleep is something that’s too noisy or rowdy. 

To avoid this - and help make your daily life a little bit easier - the new Sky Kids Channel is designed as a ‘linear’ channel, meaning programmes are scheduled to complement different blocks of your child’s busy routine. Packed to the brim with programmes new and old, the running order of shows will move seamlessly through the day with you and your family, following the rhythm of your routine.

Kick-start your day with the likes of Lellobee City Farm, Singalings and Cosmic Yoga: Yoga Adventures! For daytime learning, watch Mia’s Magic Playground, Pooch Mooch and Ready, Eddie, Go!, which follows animated character Eddie, who has autism, as he navigates new situations and experiences. For winding down, enjoy BooSnoo! and Dreamflight to help kids prepare for their nap or bedtime. 

The line-up also includes Sky Kids Originals like Morph and Obki as well as franchise favourites, including Where’s Wally and Miffy. Plus, throughout the day enjoy new programmes, including broadcaster, writer and mother Fearne Cotton’s new show, My Friend Misty. The scripted programme sees animated character Misty set out to build kids emotional resilience, helping them deal with their feelings and offering tips to support them through difficult situations. 

The TV channel will also house other Sky Kids favourites, including Pip and Posy, The Very Small Creatures, MC Grammar Wonder Raps, Draw with Will and so much more. 

Whether your kids are singing, dancing, making, learning or winding down before bedtime, the Sky Kids channel will be right there with them - and you. Plus since it’s 24-hours, it’s ideal for exhausted parents burning the midnight oil with kids that can’t - or won’t - sleep. We see you, Wide Awake Club

TV shows on Sky Kids
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About Sky Kids 

The Sky Kids package is currently home to over 10,000 episodes of award-winning kids’ content on demand and a variety of linear partner channels such as Nick Jr., Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. All Sky Kids content is available to watch in safe, child-friendly environments. Through the Sky Kids app which offers content on demand, available to all Sky customers with the Sky Kids package, parents can create personalised age profiles for their children, alongside a ‘sleep mode’ to moderate screen time, while they watch content on the go.

The Sky Kids package is available for just £6 a month, for Sky customers with Sky’s signature pack. Members of streaming service NOW can also enjoy Sky Kids with its £9.99 Entertainment Membership.