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Did you know that, in addition to the vast repository of wisdom that is Mumsnet Talk, you can also get some of the best bits in book form?

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jun 4, 2021

Mumsnet Guides Baby

Our Mumsnet guides will fortify you when your internet connection is down, your toddler has dropped your smartphone in the toilet or you just need to curl up with a good read. There's a recipe book for the whole family, bedtime stories for little ones, and our newest member – How to Blitz Nits (and other Nasties) which will take you through all the most disgusting scenarios that come with being a parent, and help you deal with them…!

Our latest book

How to Blitz Nits (and other Nasties)

Blitz Nitz

The book you've all been waiting for! Got a child with worms up their bum? A poonami on your hands? Projectile vomit in your hair? Never fear. Mumsnet is here to help, even when you can't get to your laptop to update us in real time. Contained in this handy little book are all of the most ingenious ways to rid your child, house, hands, and hair of things that wriggle, drip and smell.

Also from Mumsnet…

Pregnancy: The Mumsnet Guide

MN Guides

From hormones to hypnobirthing, stretch marks to swollen ankles, birth plans to births-not-so-planned, Pregnancy: The Mumsnet Guide is the essential birthing bible for every parent-to-be.

Babies: The Mumsnet Guide

Babies: The Mumsnet Guide then takes you through everything from breastfeeding, colic and getting some sleep to debates about parenting gurus and the best form of childcare, by way of a fair bit of gore and the odd flagrant silliness about postnatal vaginal circumference and baby names.

Toddlers: The Mumsnet Guide

Finally, Toddlers: The Mumsnet Guide carries you further on the journey that is motherhood: through behaviour and discipline, potty training, food, sibling rivalry, returning – or not – to work, travel and education.

Top Bananas!

You've woken up with an adult headache, there's breakfast to be made, children to be taken to school, lunches to be packed and jobs to go to. You all get home, a playmate comes over at the last minute, your plans fall by the wayside, and everyone's clamouring for food. Sound familiar? Top Bananas! brings you a collection of 120 tasty and hassle-free recipes – recommended, tweaked, tried and tested by real-life mums to make the relentless filling of little bellies that bit easier.

The Book of Bedtime Stories

This book features 10 stories written by Mumsnet and Gransnet users selected by none other than Michael Rosen from over 350 entries. In addition, each story is beautifully illustrated by up-and-coming artists. It's perfect for reading aloud at bedtime and can be enjoyed again and again.

Why Did Nobody Tell Me?

Taken from the Talk, and based on the assumption that if thousands of parents have found a piece of advice to be helpful then you can be pretty sure it's worth knowing, this book shapes that collective Mumsnet wisdom into dozens of dos and don'ts that will lead you through the minefield of twenty-first-century parenting.

The New Granny's Survival Guide

With half of the UK’s grandparents aged under 65, being a granny is no longer all blue rinses, hip replacements, and bingo. Happy, healthy and energetic, the modern gran is worlds away from the little old biddy stereotype.

If you’re a new gran, or about to become one, The New Granny’s Survival Guide is your essential handbook for grandparenting. Packed full of sanity-saving advice from Gransnet – the number one online platform for grannies – this book covers everything you need to know in order to be a brilliant gran.

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