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This Loewe puzzle bag dupe is just £42 on Amazon

Love the Loewe puzzle bag but not its price tag? Get the look for less with this Loewe puzzle bag dupe on Amazon.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Apr 10, 2024

Loewe puzzle bag dupe on Amazon

The Loewe puzzle bag is a favourite designer handbag among our MNers, but with a price tag that starts at £1,750 for the mini version, it's no wonder our users seek a more affordable bag that can give the same look but for a lot, lot less.

With A-listers like Sienna Miller and Beyonce as fans of the bag, the Loewe puzzle bag is an It accessory throughout the seasons ever since it was first created nine years ago. We understand the obsession with the OG, though. It's practical, spacious enough to fit all life's essentials in and thanks to its cuboid design, it keeps its shape very well over time. Available in five sizes from nano through to large, the Loewe puzzle bag is certainly a versatile bag.

A medium Loewe puzzle is £2,700, though. So, it's no wonder that some users on our style and beauty seek a dupe that can give the same designer look at a more affordable price. Thankfully, we might have found just the thing: the ICOBES geometric handbag on Amazon.

ICOBES Geometric Design Handbag with Crossbody and Handle, £42 | Buy now from Amazon

This Loewe dupe is equally as stylish, with a geometric design that's made of durable, waterproof and scratch-resistant lychee grain PU leather. While not real like the OG Loewe puzzle, this ICOBES version is still comfortable and easy to take care of. Plus, you won't be bothered about this one hitting the floor.

With a large capacity, you'll find one main pocket, a zipper concealed pocket as well as a card pocket inside. There's enough capacity for you to carry your smartphone, glasses, keys, wallet, cosmetics and any other daily essentials that you need.

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What's more - like the original Loewe puzzle bag, it can be used as a handbag and comes with an adjustable shoulder bag so you can wear it as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag. Practical, versatile and beautiful? We're sold.

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