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Why Mumsnetters can't get enough of the Uniqlo shoulder bag

“I'm obsessed with mine. It really is the perfect bag.” tattygrl

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Apr 10, 2024

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When it comes to handbags, our Mumsnet users prefer items that are practical, good quality, durable and more importantly, functional, often preferring bags with enough space to carry their essentials over what’s ‘hot right now’. 

So, finding a crossbody bag that is suitable for daily use that fits everything you need in it, as well as extras like dummies, drinks bottles, books and headphones, is like searching for the Holy Grail. It’s no wonder, then, that Uniqlo’s round mini shoulder bag has become insanely popular over the last year.

Uniqlo bag

Mumsnet user TheLongRider certainly agrees, sharing that “the bag is great because it is small and lightweight, and the shape and softness means that it folds around your body and doesn’t jut out or dig in. 

“It does have excellent capacity for its size. A 500ml water bottle fits in comfortably and still leaves room for everything else. You can tighten or lengthen the strap to sit high on your body or at hip length. It's just a very good design for most people on the move.”

Round mini shoulder bag

They are better than any cross body bag I've ever had...


Round mini shoulder bag


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After first launching, the bag - also known as the Uniqlo half moon bag - was available in select colours only. But over recent months, we’ve seen the popular Japanese brand release their hit bag in corduroy, pastel colours, and now, crochet. Just in time for warmer temps - and I particularly love the natural colour, personally.

Understandably, some Mumsnet users were intrigued to learn exactly why these bags are so popular with mums on our boards. 

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One user was EbonyWood, who recently asked if “someone [could] please tell me what is so amazing about this bag? Not a snarky comment, genuinely curious!”

Well, EbonyWood, I’m here to explain - and show you - why these mini shoulder bags have become one of the most sought after bags by parents. As a mum of two toddlers myself, the day I graduated from my battered baby changing bag felt like I was clawing myself back, bit by bit. I promptly invested in two bags during my celebrations: a new backpack, specifically the Fjällräven Kånken Classic Backpack, which I'll admit was a splurge. And also - you guessed it - a black Uniqlo round mini shoulder bag

So, what can you fit in a Uniqlo bag?

I’m not exaggerating when I say I use it everywhere. All female relatives of mine received one of their own for Christmas. Prices start at just £14.90 for the original round mini shoulder bag, although the new crochet ones are an extra tenner in price. 

Uniqlo bag

When closed, it's not bulky and is comfortable to wear - plus, the strap is adjustable.

I chose the black version, simply because it was the most versatile colour that suited my wardrobe. However, with the release of the new crochet bag, I am tempted to upgrade to a lighter colour for warmer days… 

On a normal day, I’ll shove my large purse, house and car keys, lip gloss, ear plugs, my inhaler and a small water bottle in it for when I’m on-the-go. It’s particularly handy if I’m heading to the supermarket with any child in tow, as it allows me to be hands-free and confident that all my important items are close and secure. For days out, when we need our backpack with us, it still proves very useful to have things close to hand and not lost at the bottom of the larger bag we have. 

In terms of where on your body to wear it, I find it easier to place it higher rather than low on your hip. It’s more comfortable this way, I feel. And it seems I’m not the only one, as EffortlessDelegation explains: 

“Most women I see have them just under one of their boobs, not at hip height, but you can do either or put it over your head and adjust the strap to wear it around your waist like a bum bag.

“I wear mine just under my right boob (right-handed) it's perfect for seeing what's in there and getting things in and out and doesn't bounce around like longer cross body bags.”

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