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Our team tested Chantecaille’s Future Skin Foundation - is it worth £80?

“As far as foundations go it is the best. Offers coverage but a very light natural finish and won't sink into wrinkles.” workshy44

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Apr 10, 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of skincare, finding the perfect foundation can feel akin to discovering a hidden gem. One product that has garnered praise and admiration from beauty enthusiasts worldwide - including lead makeup artist on The Crown, Cate Hall - is Chantecaille’s Future Skin Foundation. 

Admittedly, it’s not one we had heard of prior to this review - despite the original being launched over a decade ago. There’s no glossy advertising campaign and no celebrity face to endorse the brand, but somehow, Chantecaille has become a go-to brand that professional makeup artists rely on to create skin that not only looks great in person, but also in high-definition on the telly and big screen.

The brand’s award-winning Future Skin Gel Foundation comes in 15 shades, is oil-free and is made up of 60% water making it super creamy, lightweight and buildable. But how does it fair on my skin and other members of the team at MNHQ? Keep reading to find out our complete review.

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What we like
  • Gel-based foundation

  • Creamy but lightweight

  • Buildable for a customisable look

  • Natural ingredients

What we don't like
  • An expensive foundation

  • Only 15 shades to choose from (and they're on the lighter side)

Key specs

RRP on writing: £80 | Free of: No animal testing, no parabens, fragrance free, Phthalate free | Key ingredients: 60% water, aloe, arnica, rosemary leaf extract | Quantity: 30g

What Mumsnet users say
LordEmsworth · Tried & Tested
I use it every day & I really like it. It feels like not wearing foundation, but it does even up my skin and make it look fresh.
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Damfino · Tried & Tested
The only time I've ever had compliments on my skin was when I used to wear it.
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When it comes to makeup, I prefer a “less is more” look. I have my mother to thank for that, to be honest. Mrs “I only wear mascara”. Of course, as I’ve aged myself and reached my thirties - before which I birthed two kids - well, let's just say I need a bit more than mascara to make me look alive these days. 

My skin also isn’t a fan of creamier products, preferring gel-based cosmetics that aren’t too heavy and don’t clog my pores. With that said, it’s no surprise that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing Chantecaille’s Future Skin Oil-Free Gel Foundation. It’s oil-free gel formula is refreshing and lightweight, as well as buildable and easy to blend. Made up of 60% water, the product gives a sort of ‘breathable feel’ after application, and I enjoy the fact it dries leaving your skin feeling soft. 

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Although it is worth mentioning, if you prefer full coverage or need something to hide blemishes fully, this might not be the foundation for you. While it’s buildable, I’ve personally found that it offers light to medium coverage. It covers redness in my skin, and gives me a smooth and flawless complexion - but I still found you could see darker blemishes underneath. 

Chantecaille foundation review

I'm wearing shade Alabaster

Of course, beyond cosmetic benefits, Chantecaille as a whole prides itself on using natural botanical ingredients that offer skin care benefits overall. Ingredients like aloe and arnica are renowned for their soothing properties, which have a calming effect on the skin.

Final verdict: Overall, it’s easy to see why Chantecaille’s Future Skin Oil-Free Gel Foundation lives up to its reputation as a transformative product in the beauty industry. Its lightweight texture, customisable coverage and use of natural ingredients make it a superb investment for those seeking cosmetic perfection as well as skin care benefits in their foundation. 

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Five fellow MNHQ team members - Rachel, Hannah, Grace, Jane and Charlotte - have also tried the product, each in a different shade. 

How we tested Chantecaille’s Future Skin Gel Foundation

  • Six members of MNHQ each tried out a different shade

  • We each have different skin care needs, including dry skin and adult acne

  • The product has been worn in several different environments, including at home, in the office, on the train and tube, at soft play, kids’ parties, muddy football pitches and on a few nights out

  • The product was tested both on the back of hands, on the face alone and also as part of a full makeup routine

  • Each tester used the site to colour match for the right shade

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation: what shades are available?

There are only 15 shades available to choose from, which is significantly less than other foundations from inclusive brands like Fenty Beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Plus, we found that these shades strayed towards the lighter end. 

Between us, the team tested Alabaster, Vanilla FS, Suntan, Cream, Nude and Aura. 

What is the texture and consistency of Chantecaille’s Foundation like? 

Jane: “It is very easy to apply, not too liquidy, nice consistency so that you can easily just wear a small amount or layer more and get much greater coverage.” 

Hannah: “I’d describe both the texture and consistency as very thin, smooth and lightweight. I know the formula is listed as 60% water, and I do think I can tell. The foundation itself definitely feels water based as opposed to cream.”

Rachel: “It’s light but not thin and runny and glides onto the skin like a gel cream.” 

Charlotte: “The texture and consistency of the Chantecaille foundation is beautifully lightweight and smooth. It blends effortlessly into my skin, and provides a natural-looking finish without feeling heavy or cakey, perfect for day and night.”

Chantecaille foundation

Hannah describes the foundation as “very thin, smooth and lightweight” 

What is the level of coverage like? Is it buildable? 

Hannah: “I usually opt for a medium coverage foundation, but am always looking for my foundation to look as natural and skin-like as possible. The Future Skin Foundation in my opinion is light coverage, and I’ve noticed that I have to use a lot of it to cover my entire face - essentially a little does not go a long way. 

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“However when I add a second layer to my problem areas, with markings from my previous battles with acne, the foundation is very buildable. I also think that when you build up the coverage it is very seamless, it doesn’t look as though certain areas of my face have more makeup than the others.”

Rachel: “It’s a lighter coverage than I usually look for but I found it easy to apply and build. It provides a good all-over finish, but I needed a bit of extra help to cover blemishes, pigmentation and age spots.”

Jane: “Yes, very buildable. When I was working from home I thought you couldn’t notice I was wearing anything but then I noticed on my Zoom calls that my skin looked fresher, and dare I say radiant! But subtle and natural.”

Chantecaille foundation review

Rachel wears the shade Vanilla FS

How does the foundation feel on skin? Breathable or heavy? 

Grace: “The foundation feels lovely and light on my skin. It is breathable and feels so natural that it almost feels like I’m not wearing makeup.” 

Hannah: “I can barely feel the Future Skin Foundation on my skin, it really has a second-skin feel. I know I’m going to be reaching for it for day-to-day use where I want to feel like my skin can breathe."

Jane: “Very lightweight. I have quite dry skin and I always wear moisturiser and so the foundation really glides on.”

Does the foundation provide any skincare benefits?

Hannah: “I don’t believe I have noticed any skincare benefits or improvements to my skin. However, I’ve also noticed no changes - which for me is a big green flag! Having struggled with adult acne, and finally coming out the other side, I’m now always so very conscious of introducing a new product to my routine and it causes me to break out.” 

Jane: “I really like it as a foundation, I am in my early forties and while it gives great coverage it doesn't get stuck in line lines or wrinkles.”

Charlotte: “I have very sensitive skin, and often after wearing foundation I break out. However this has been a blessing to my skin, no spots, no breakouts and my skin feels visibly smoother. This has been after wearing the foundation every day.”

Chantecaille review

Jane wears the shade Aura

Have you experienced any irritation or sensitivity during testing? 

Rachel: “No. I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and live in constant fear of flare ups but I’m happy to report that I didn’t experience any major issues while using this foundation.”

Hannah: “Not at all; as I mentioned, I’m very happy to have noticed no differences to my skin, since it is acne-prone. My skin is always looking for any reasons to flare up, whether it is in little bumps, or full blown cystic spots - so to feel that I can trust the Future Skin Foundation, is a great feeling for me.”

How does the foundation blend into skin?

Rachel: “It glides on well. I found it easy to blend using my fingers and it doesn’t drag like I’ve experienced with some drier foundation consistencies, particularly under the eye area. I often have dry patches around my nose and mouth and I found that it didn’t cake into these areas.”

Chantecaille review

Grace tested shade Suntan

Grace: “It blends well with my skin. The only issue with my skin, which other black individuals may also have, is that different parts of my face are a different shade. Therefore the foundation works particularly well in the lighter areas whereas in the darker areas I need to put more foundation there, which then makes it look less natural.

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Hannah: “During testing, I’ve been applying the foundation with both a dense fluffy makeup brush, and my fingers. I find that both methods of application allow for a really seamless, quick and easy application. It doesn’t take long to work the foundation into my skin, and I don’t believe it to ever look streaky/patchy. 

“I’m very impressed that I can build extra layers of the foundation onto my problem areas, and it does not look patchy or as though I have more makeup on in certain spots.”

Does it last throughout the day? Does it need touch ups? 

Charlotte: “For me, it has had lasting longevity and really stays in place. It has maintained its coverage and finish without caking or melting, both indoors or outdoors. It also looks great in all lighting conditions and has kept me radiant throughout the day.”

Rachel: “No touch ups required when working from home, but I did reapply concealer and face powder on days that involved travelling and office time. I think the foundation has staying power but because of the lighter coverage, I personally felt the need for additional touch ups.”

Hannah: “Whilst the Future Skin Foundation isn’t the most long lasting foundation I have tried, I don’t think it slips or slides off of my face throughout the day. I’ve never had to touch it up and I know it’s still going to be there by the end of the day.” 

Chantecaille foundation review

I tested shade Alabaster and found it very lightweight

How does it perform in different environments? 

Hannah: “I wouldn’t want to get caught in a rain-storm wearing the Future Skin Foundation, however for general day-to-day use, I think it holds up just as well in indoor and outdoor environments.”

Rachel: “It held up well in a range of different environments including sweaty tube carriages and a muddy football field.” 

Chantecaille Future Skin Gel Foundation: the team’s final verdict

Hannah: “I love the foundation, and will be continuing to use it until I’ve finished my jar. However, because of the hefty £80 price point, I don’t think I can justify repurchasing it. For that reason I’d be happy to tell others that I enjoy using it, and love the results it gives, however I wouldn’t go out of my way to tell them they must purchase it. I do think the same look can be achieved at a far lower price! Also, the foundation doesn’t have SPF - which I feel like would make me far more inclined to re-purchase, if I felt I was getting two products in one.”

Chantecaille foundation review

Charlotte tested shade Nude

Charlotte: “Despite the price, I would absolutely repurchase this product and would recommend to anyone looking for a lightweight foundation that keeps you glowing all day. I love the glass jar the foundation comes in, making it feel more premium and luxurious.”

Rachel: “I love the lightweight gel texture and the fact that it's easy to apply and build. It glides onto the skin and offers a good finish in a shade that closely matches my skin tone. And I didn’t experience any breakouts while using it - always something to shout about given the unpredictable nature of my sensitive, acne-prone, 40+ skin.  

“I’m used to a heavier coverage though and appreciate a foundation that can help to blur out signs of active acne, pigmentation, age spots, dark circles and wrinkles (the joy!). Although it feels lovely to wear, it doesn’t fully tackle my bumper list of blemishes. It would suit someone looking for a lightweight everyday foundation that doesn’t like the feel of heavy makeup on their face. I’ll definitely come back to it in the summer months when I’m seeking a lighter look.”

Our final scores

Value for money:
Shade match:

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