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Is this the ultimate laundry hack for parents? Introducing the revolutionary LG WashTower™

If you’re short on space in your home, LG’s latest product could be the answer to your laundry problems. We’ve taken a look at this washer and dryer unit to give you the lowdown.

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Oct 20, 2023

Is this the ultimate laundry hack for parents? Introducing the revolutionary LG WashTower™

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As the winter approaches, the issue of where and how to dry your laundry can become trickier. A tumble dryer is the dream for many families, but if you’re short on space this may not be possible. Step forward the LG WashTower™, the ultimate space-saving solution.

A one-piece washing machine and tumble dryer, you don’t need to have enough space for two individual machines or stack them on top of each other. The streamline design allows the unit to fit into small spaces, and comes with smart features that make it extremely user friendly for busy families. 

These days, more and more families are looking to invest in energy efficient machines that will last. Here we’ve taken a look at the LG WashTower™’s features to see how it works so you can decide whether it’s worth investing in.


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What we like
  • Washer and dryer combo 

  • Streamline design can fit in small spaces

  • Control panel is easy to reach

  • Washes and dries in sync

  • Sensors choose the best washing setting

What to know
  • Despite being one piece, each unit has its own plug - so, if the washer malfunctions, the dryer still works and vice versa

Key specs

Price on writing: £1,999 | Capacity: 12kg wash, 10kg dry | Dimensions: H165.5 x W60 x D65.5 cm | Energy consumption: 211 Kwh/per year  | Energy consumption grade: A (wash)  | Special features: Auto Sensing AI Direct Drive, Turbowash 360, Smart Pairing  | Finish: Platinum black  | Wifi enabled: Yes

What Mumsnet users say
Damnautocorrect · Recommended
My LG was brilliant. I adored it.
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gingerninja99 · Recommended
I have the LG one, couple of months old after my Samsung gave up. No idea on the Bosch as out of my price range but when I was looking which recommended Bosch as the best. Very happy with my LG though I have to say.
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Neverknowinglysensible · Tried & Tested
On my second LG direct drive and really rate the brand. First one lasted 14 years with no trouble at all. This one has (never used) steam functions, a 30min wash and is very quiet generally - there’s also a silent wash but it takes forever. I particularly like the function where you can add a forgotten item late to the wash.
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Our verdict

Being a parent means you probably have a constant pile of washing to get through and a trusty washing machine and dryer will help you keep on top of it. However, we don’t all have a large utility room to house two machines. The one-body design of the LG WashTower™ is a compact unit designed for smaller spaces. Instead of stacking two machines, the LG WashTower™ comes already attached with the front loading washing machine on the bottom and electric dryer on top.

This means the unit is more streamline in dimension, measuring 65cm deep, so you can fit it in tighter spaces like a small utility area or even in a cupboard. Although, thanks to the minimalist black design, you may not want to hide it away. The machine also comes with plenty of handy features for making washing and drying even easier for a busy family.

Firstly, the digital control panel is located in the middle of the machine. So, there’s no having to stretch to turn the dryer on and off - an issue for us shorter people when the separate dryer is on the top. We like that it controls both machines too, with plenty of useful smart features.

The washing machine can take loads up to 12kg and 10kg in the dryer, and the LG WashTower™ has been designed to take the guesswork out of laundry. The Auto Sensing AI Direct Drive allows the washing machine to sense the size of the load, type of fabric type, and how dirty the clothes are, and then selects the correct setting. There are nine wash programmes in total.

There’s also the Smart Pairing feature, in which the machines work together so the dryer can predict the optimal drying time for the load. This will help save energy as you won’t be using the machine longer than is needed and the dryer uses dual heat pump technology to help you reduce your energy usage as well.

LG WashTower™

All of this is made even easier with the LG ThinQ app, which allows you to monitor and control the cycles from your phone. As the unit is Wi-Fi enabled, you can easily connect your mobile device and check on your laundry wherever you are - the LG WashTower™ even sends you a text when the load is finished, which can be super handy if you need something urgently. For those instances where you’ve gone to find some uniform or football kit that you urgently need, only to realise it’s not clean, the Turbowash 360 gives your laundry a thorough clean in just 39 minutes and there’s the option to do a quick wash and dry in an hour for small loads.

For those who suffer from allergies, there’s a wash cycle that uses steam to remove up to 99.9% percent of allergens like dust, pet dander and pollen from your clothes. There’s also a Steam Refresh option, which freshens clothes, reducing odour and wrinkles - perfect if you don’t think your clothes need a full wash. Finally, for parents with little ones, there’s a child lock to prevent children from opening the door or stopping your washing mid cycle. 

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With a unit like this, there is a chance that if one unit has a fault and it needs to be replaced entirely, you would need to replace both machines. However, for maintenance, the washer and dryer each has its own plug. So, if the washer malfunctions, the dryer still works, and vice versa. But, with a five year warranty from LG, you can rest assured that should there be any issue with your LG WashTower™ in that time, you’re covered.

Final verdict: we think the LG WashTower™ could be the perfect solution for busy families who need to save on space and want to be more energy efficient and save money in the long term.

What are the main features?

  • Compact all-in-one washer and dryer combo

  • 12kg washing machine, 10kg dryer

  • TurboWash 360 - stain removal in 39 minutes

  • ThinQ app for easy controlling and monitoring cycles

  • Smart Pairing allows the machines to work together

  • Steam technology to help remove allergens

  • Auto Sensing AI DD identifies the best cycle

  • Easy reach central controls 

How loud is it? 

The LG WashTower has a noise rating of A and a sound power of 62 dB when drying and between 54 dB and 72 dB when washing and spinning, which is considered quiet for a washing machine and dryer. 

How much does it cost to run?

  • Energy consumption grade A for washing

  • Energy consumption grade A+++ for drying

  • Washer part uses 49kWh per 100 cycles, therefore approximately £38.06 per year*

  • Dryer part uses 211kWh per year, which is approximately £57.70 per year*

  • In total, less than £100 a year to run

*Calculations are based on 284 cycles a year and the current energy price cap of 27.35p per kWh. Actual costs depend on factors like your tariff, supplier, and location within the UK.

About LG 

Known for its innovative and smart products, LG Electronics has a wide range of home appliances to suit every household that deliver the latest technology, without compromising on style. From smart appliances to stylish inbuilt designs, people can enhance their kitchen and utility room with LG’s design-led fridge freezers and dishwashers or simplify their cleaning routine with LG’s washer-dryers and stylers.

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