Woolly Hugs. A Blanket for the very lovely UtterlyEthereal. Crafters and donors, we need your help.

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KnottyAndPistey Wed 27-Jan-21 15:53:27

Very sad news we are afraid. There are no words really to describe her devastating loss, the wonderful Mumsnetter UtterlyEthereal’s beautiful 20 year old son Martin suddenly and unexpectedly died at university in the Autumn. He was about to start his third year there. Life has been so cruel to him, to his family and friends, to all who love and will miss him. An absolutely shattering loss. We are desperately sorry. Her thread is here if you would like to add a message of condolence. They are utterly stunned and bereft was you can imagine. His death came like a bolt out of the blue.

We were so pleased that the lovely UtterlyEthereal accepted our offer of a Woolly Hug, she will be able to wrap herself in it, there will be love in every stitch for her and the family and as a tribute to Martin. Can you help us make this for her ?We shall need donors of yarn, funds and crafters.

Martin’s favourite colour was orange, Ethereal says this as because it matched his hair colour, so he was a gorgeous red head. He loved yellow too.

The main colours
Any of the true orange shades in our yarn collection are perfect, do take care to avoid those more salmon coloured, if in doubt please check.
Yellow - one of these two please.. Drops merino extra fine DK no 24 ‘light yellow’ Or the brighter Patons Merino Extrafine DK shade 120
Cream - but please one of the following - Debbie Bliss Rialto DK 02 ecru, Jenny Watson Pure Merino DK WM4 cream, or Drops Merino 01 off white

Then for accents within squares and embellishments only
Red - but one of these two please, Drops Merino Extra Fine 11 Red, or Jenny Watson Pure Merino DK WM6 ‘Ruby’ please
Taupe and browns
Silver greys

From Ethereal….
His passion was listening to all genres of music and he played several instruments from the age of 5, but his favourite was the guitar and he had a whole collection of them - acoustic, electric and bass.

So ideas to go on for squares and a beautiful colour combination

The Yarn we are Using….
Debbie Bliss Rialto DK ( can only be bought from Love Crafts)
Drops Merino Extra Fine DK
Jenny Watson Pure Merino DK
Katia Merino 100% DK
King Cole Luxury Merino DK Currently on sale at Wise Badger
Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK Currently on sale on at Black Sheep Wools
Patons Merino Extrafine DK Currently on sale at Lady Sew and Sew Knits

Just from the brands listed please because we know they combine for wash and wear. If you still have any of our wools that have been discontinued - Artesano Superwash Merino DK, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK or James C. Brett Pure Merino DK in your stash, please do use them.

Our listed yarns are all easily available online - Try Wool Warehouse, Wise Badger,Laughing Hens, Love Crafts, Black Sheep Wools, Lady Sew and Sew Knits

Important crafting info
Squares to be six inches, using 4mm needles or hook. Please knot off VERY carefully when finishing or changing colour and sew your ends in, thank you! No blocking please, makes it much easier to join squares.

Simple or complex, made by beginner or expert, we genuinely welcome them all. It really is the love and thought that counts.

When posting, it will be the Teddington address, please make sure you add your name and who the squares are for, and if you would like to include a card for the UtterlyEthereal and her family, please do, we will pass it on.

Remembering the wonderful Martin, thoughts very much with his family and all who love and miss him.

Thank you so much everyone thanks

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KnottyAndPistey Wed 27-Jan-21 15:54:25

Haven't set a last posting date yet, assume 4 to 5 weeks, but we just need to make sure everyone who would like to join has yarn, thank you xxxx

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TheWoollybacksWife Wed 27-Jan-21 16:24:27

I'd be honoured to make something for this blanket. My condolences to UtterlyEthereal and her family.

I'll send a pm now K&P

WhenDoISleep Wed 27-Jan-21 16:33:39

My condolences to UtterlyEthereal and her family.

I will make some squares - have PM'd.

WitchDancer Wed 27-Jan-21 16:36:13

I'm in and have sent a message for wool please.

MadisonAvenue Wed 27-Jan-21 16:39:38

This is heartbreaking. My love and thoughts are with UtterlyEthereal

I’d love to make some squares, I’ll PM you.

Bearfrills Wed 27-Jan-21 16:41:22

How very sad, my heart goes out to UtterlyEthereal and her family flowers

I have a titchy bit of the Drops yellow so will order some more of that. I definitely have some dark brown and I have an accents-worth of the steel blue which is a silvery colour if that's silvery grey enough?

I'm looking at the cedar in the Drops, is that orange enough or would you say its too brown? I'll order a ball of cream instead if it is.


Yiayoula Wed 27-Jan-21 16:42:00

Oh, my lovely - words just aren’t enough xxx.
Yes of course I’m in - will pm for yarn, please, K and P.

Zhx3 Wed 27-Jan-21 16:43:16

So sorry for your loss, UtterlyEthereal. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Please count me in. I think I have yarn already and will order more if I need to.

BlueEyeshadow Wed 27-Jan-21 16:48:48

I will make some squares. Will check the yarn situation.

bookbook Wed 27-Jan-21 16:51:25

So sorry to hear this - sending strength and prayers .
I will gladly help - I think I have cream and yellow , ( and red ) will have to check on orange though .

HoollyWugger Wed 27-Jan-21 17:03:29

Love and condolences to UtterlyEthereal - I'll certainly get some woolly love winging its way to you for the blanket xx

Pauleen Wed 27-Jan-21 17:05:35

I’m in but need wool. Can I have black as one colour so I can do some music?
I’ll join if needed.

EssentiallyDelighted Wed 27-Jan-21 17:13:37

I'd be glad to help. I will check my yarn stash in daylight tomorrow.

Okki Wed 27-Jan-21 17:15:31

I'll do a couple - think I have wool, will double check.

Condolences to the whole family. thanks

Whatsthatbrightlight Wed 27-Jan-21 17:43:41

So sorry to hear this.

I’m in. I don’t have any of these colours in my stash so will pm.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 27-Jan-21 17:54:55

I will look to see if I have some of the right yarns, and if I have, I’ll start knitting.

AthelstaneTheUnready Wed 27-Jan-21 17:59:09

I would love to help, but would need wool if you have any donors.

TheNinjaGooseIsHooking Wed 27-Jan-21 18:07:42

I'm in, away to pm now. Sending love to Utterly

BellaVita Wed 27-Jan-21 18:30:33

I would like to help, I will PM.

Sending big love to Utterly xx

AmaDablam Wed 27-Jan-21 19:13:06

Oh gosh this is so very sad. Yes I would be happy to make a couple of squares x

Impatientwino Wed 27-Jan-21 19:35:09

How terribly sad. Such a loss, unimaginable. Terrible crafter here so happy to be a donor if you give me some details K&P xxx

SpiralArchitect Wed 27-Jan-21 19:51:51

I can make a couple of squares.

There really are no words...

Thinking of Utterly and her family flowers

mejon Wed 27-Jan-21 21:05:52

I'll be honoured to knit some squares. Will need some yarn though, please.

Replied to your DM earlier.

KnottyAndPistey Wed 27-Jan-21 22:01:18

Hello everyone and a huge huge thank you. This is wonderful. We do have donor yarn and will be in PMs in the morn to help all lovelies who have messaged. Honestly you are all amazing. Thank you so much xx

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