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Overwhelmed thank you so much

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slinkysaluki Tue 10-Jul-18 10:02:04

I've just received my Woolly Hug.....I's beautiful. Thank you to everyone who helped make it, I shall treasure it.

Such kindness from people I don't know restores my faith in human nature. Thank you for the lovely words in your cards I am truly touched.

The work in my Woolly Hug is beautiful, it's quite weighty. I love all the squares, each one is made with feeling. So clever.

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slinkysaluki Tue 10-Jul-18 10:15:33

My boys and I love it thank you to all of you.

Eleanor xxxx

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bookbook Tue 10-Jul-18 19:35:48

So pleased it has arrived, and wrapping you in hugs and love flowers

SasBel Wed 11-Jul-18 10:37:26

So glad it has arrived safely, and so sorry that it was needed.
Hope it brings you and the boys comfort.
It was an honour to be a small part of the project.

MadisonAvenue Wed 11-Jul-18 10:49:07

So glad that you have it and I hope that it brings you and your boys some comfort, so sorry that it was needed though 💐

BoreOfWhabylon Wed 11-Jul-18 11:19:58

Oh, it's beautiful!

I am so glad it is bringing you some comfort and am proud and humbled to have played a small part in this flowers

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Wed 11-Jul-18 16:27:54

Knotty and Pistey always say love in every stitch but it's hard to truly imagine what that feels like until you are a recipient. It's such a special thing to be a part of. I'm glad that all the love stitched into your blanket is bringing you some comfort. Much love to you all flowers

TheSquatLobster Wed 11-Jul-18 19:33:47

So sad that it was needed. It was a privilege to have played a small part, and I hope it brings you and your boys some comfort. Wrap yourselves in the love stitched into it and remember the good times together. Much love to you all flowers

JontyDoggle37 Wed 11-Jul-18 19:44:48

This is the best of mumsnet, right here.

Cocolepew Wed 11-Jul-18 19:49:48

I saw this on WH fb page this morning. Its absolutely beautiful ❤

Wolfiefan Wed 11-Jul-18 19:54:38

Oh my. That is so beautiful. I'm so sorry it was needed but so glad it's giving you some measure of comfort. I love Woolly Hugs and what they do. A privilege to be involved in any way. And there is love in every stitch. It's true.

diamantegal Thu 12-Jul-18 00:17:21

Slinky I'm so sorry we had to make it, but so glad that we did. It's amazing how wonderful it looks once it's all out together. Best wishes to you and your family and I hope the blanket gives you some comfort.

SpiralArchitect Thu 12-Jul-18 11:14:43

slinky I'm so glad your blanket is with you and you're already feeling all the love worked into it.

Much love to you and the boys flowers

slinkysaluki Thu 12-Jul-18 15:25:58

Thank you so much to everybody there's so much work in it I really appreciate it.

Squat Lobster the card you sent was so lovely thank you

I'm having a little cry again when I think how lovely and caring you all are 💕

I've been trying to learn how to crochet, I can knit not very well though but I'd love to be able to give something back and make some squares for someone else who needs a Woolly Hug. How do I go about it ? Do I just respond to the posts asking for help ?


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Wolfiefan Thu 12-Jul-18 17:55:32

Slinky that's a lovely idea. I'm sure Woolly Hugs will comment here soon. There are some ongoing projects. And obviously appeals go out when a specific blanket is needed.
(I haven't started knitting for Chernobyl 2019 yet. Oh no not me. blush)

WitchDancer Thu 12-Jul-18 19:26:34

Hi Slinky, Yes, you can just respond to the posts asking for help, usually with a PM to KnottyAndPistey saying how you can help and if you need anything.

It's always an honour to be part of making these blankets, and I always think deeply about the recipient whenever I make squares for them. Truly love in every stitch 💕

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