I wrote a poem

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CrappyPoemasaurus Wed 13-Oct-21 12:13:03

Thinking about the young women caught up in the trans debate, particularly students, inspired me to write this mediocre poem.

For Young Women

The women you are fighting are the ones that went before you.
We're your mothers, grannies, aunties. We don't hate you, we adore you.

We were little girls who climbed up trees, wore trousers, made a mess.
Stereotypes forced on us caused us anger and distress.

We fought against our parents when they said what girls should be. We stood up for each other and we wanted to be free.

We raged against oppression, we were passionate and strong. We challenged inequality, we've fought it all along.

We see you shouting loudly now, we understand your pain. We love it that you care so much. We are just the same.

We stand further down the road, see things you can't yet see. We wish the world was different but it's not how it should be.

Female-bodied humans are subject to oppression.
It's down to our biology and not gender expression.

You hear what we are saying but interpret it as hate. We say, listen harder, we need nuance in this debate.

The women you are fighting are the ones who walk before you.
We speak up, put ourselves at risk: please know we do this for you.

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Fariha31 Wed 13-Oct-21 12:15:07

Brilliant, I love it.

Blessex Wed 13-Oct-21 12:15:26

Goosebumps. That’s amazing

Fariha31 Wed 13-Oct-21 12:15:42

Thinking about it, Poetry is a great way to address the gulf between older and younger women.

ChaToilLeam Wed 13-Oct-21 12:17:19

Not crappy at all! It’s great!

CatheP Wed 13-Oct-21 12:17:47

Amazing I loved it

yourhairiswinterfire Wed 13-Oct-21 12:19:34

Does crappy mean something other than crap where you're from OP? grin

It's brilliant, love it.


ChangeMustCome Wed 13-Oct-21 12:20:07

This is good, thank you.

Blessex Wed 13-Oct-21 12:23:51

Am sitting in a meeting at work and am trying not to cry about this rallying cry to our daughters.

Masdintle Wed 13-Oct-21 12:25:20

I too got goosebumps. That's fab

CrappyPoemasaurus Wed 13-Oct-21 13:05:19

Aw thanks!

I don't have a Twitter account but if someone wants to launch it out there for me feel free.

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Blessex Wed 13-Oct-21 13:17:26

Can we not ask Julie Bindell to send it out. Someone like that ?

meg70 Wed 13-Oct-21 13:32:04

It's brilliant

RightsHoardingRaptor Wed 13-Oct-21 14:23:56

Fantastic!!! I love this so much

MrsOvertonsWindow Wed 13-Oct-21 14:25:51

What a lovely piece. Sums it up doesn't it?

Fariha31 Wed 13-Oct-21 15:08:06


Thinking about it, Poetry is a great way to address the gulf between older and younger women.

Reason seems to have such little impact.

CorrBlimeyGG Wed 13-Oct-21 15:21:55

we need nuance in this debate.

There is zero nuance on this board. That's the reason people give up engaging with you, any opinion that doesn't match your own is ridiculed.

You are your own worst enemies.

Fariha31 Wed 13-Oct-21 15:24:48

You talking to yourself again GG?

BoogieFeet Wed 13-Oct-21 15:24:57

Great poem, thanks for sharing

JellySaurus Wed 13-Oct-21 18:32:13

The title you have given this thread is a perfect example of feminine socialisation. Why do we feel the need to diminish ourselves, knock ourselves down before anyone accuses us of being unfemininely proud of our achievements?

Go, Poemasaurus, roar your roar! Rename yourself, own those beautiful words!

ClinkeyMonkey Wed 13-Oct-21 18:37:16

What a great poem! A clear, strong message with a heart. Love itsmilesmile

MarshmallowSwede Wed 13-Oct-21 18:46:02

I love it!

CrappyPoemasaurus Wed 13-Oct-21 19:12:54


I've read a fair of poetry, I know it's mediocre at best! But I did feel like it got something across I'd been wanting to articulate.

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JellySaurus Wed 13-Oct-21 23:09:24

Hey, you're not claiming to be Christina Rossetti! grin

NonnyMouse1337 Thu 14-Oct-21 00:05:25

Your poem is great!!

I can never really get my poems to rhyme. ☹️

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