Woman's Place UK meeting on Prisons Wednesday 27 October

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PlonitbatPlonit Sun 19-Sep-21 20:55:26

WPUK are having a meeting in London in October on Prisons

"The ruling handed down by the High Court in FDJ v Secretary of State for Justice shows that UK law does not work for women. In dismissing the claim by a woman prisoner who had suffered a sexual assault by a male prisoner whilst in a women’s prison, the judges have exposed the failings of the UK criminal justice system and its blatant disregard for women’s rights, safety, privacy and dignity.

This meeting will discuss the neglect of women's needs and inherent sexism in the penal system, of which the callous disregard for women being locked up with male prisoners is just one facet, connected to others. We shall also look at the solutions and the need to get women out of prisons (a system designed around the containment of men) by providing better, more therapeutic, sex-speciifc services and approaches."

Frances Crook from the Howard League and Jo Phoenix are the speakers already announced, and some more will be announced shortly. Allison Bailey is chairing.


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KimThomas Mon 20-Sep-21 11:57:20

This is a fabulous line-up of speakers - really looking forward to it.

howonearthdidwegethere Mon 20-Sep-21 18:28:37

This looks great! Thank you.

happydappy2 Mon 20-Sep-21 19:17:26

This will be really interesting, anyone know if it will be live streamed?

MeMyself1 Mon 20-Sep-21 23:53:00

I'm going!
It will be great to meet IRL again. Jo Phoenix is a wonderful speaker and it will be really interesting to hear from Frances Crook.
Can't wait!

WhereAreWeNow Tue 21-Sep-21 13:55:02

This looks really good.

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