It never happens

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AntiSocialDistancer Sun 19-Sep-21 11:56:39

Just read this story about the paralympic basketball scandal in 2000.

BBC News - Fake Paralympians boss: 'I didn't know about cheating'

If 10 sportsmen pretended to be intellectually impaired in order to beat genuine disabled people and win a gold medal - the idea that no one would change gender is absurd.

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NapoleonOzmolysis Sun 19-Sep-21 11:59:27

And as ever the n+1 applies. It never happens, so it did happen but that doesn't count, it is happen but doesn't matter anyway.

Helleofabore Sun 19-Sep-21 12:35:14

There was that election in Mexico back in 2018 …

AntiSocialDistancer Sun 19-Sep-21 12:57:49


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EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 19-Sep-21 13:14:11

Still not sure how you tell the difference between a "fake" transgender woman and a not "fake" one.

Helleofabore Sun 19-Sep-21 13:24:45

That is the question isn’t it. If only there was a definitive test….

But no. We are told to believe everyone and whatever they say.

Anotheruser02 Sun 19-Sep-21 22:40:19


Still not sure how you tell the difference between a "fake" transgender woman and a not "fake" one.

A not fake one IMO knows they are the same sex they have always been, that they have gender dysphoria and that taking on secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex, through hormone treatment relieves their discomfort to some extent and allows them to have a happy life.
They deserve treating with respect and dignity and the right to use disabled facilities for their own safety (as there are so few of these not fake ones). I believe a not fake would be branded truscum by TRA's.


Anotheruser02 Sun 19-Sep-21 22:43:09

Sorry forgot to add, a not fake would have no interest in competing against women as they are not doing it for cunty reasons and have no intention of proving themselves to be better women than actual women. They just want to live their lives.

NiceGerbil Sun 19-Sep-21 23:16:55

What the hell? I mean FFS.

They trained athletes to be able to convincingly pretend they had intellectual disabilities? I assume that must have happened.

But. Countries have often done outrageous things in order to try and get more medals.

The East German women given testosterone (without their knowledge of what it was I believe and having long term effects).

Organised doping sometimes on a large scale and with really comprehensive plans to avoid being discovered.

That sort of thing. More as well probably.

The Paralympics is probably even more vulnerable to fraud.

And the idea that some countries wouldn't seek out male athletes that could be incentivised/ persuaded /forced to lower testosterone for a limited number of years. In order to have a chance at an Olympic medal. Anyone who says that is hopelessly naive or lying.

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