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Lordamighty Thu 22-Apr-21 21:42:22

Anyone watching? Trans woman in women’s sport, not sure how it is going to play out.

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Dimpsey Thu 22-Apr-21 21:51:24

Oh I didn't realise the Good Fight was back on. I have enjoyed most of it so far. Not sure I could cope with a TW in sport episode though. I'll be interested to learn how it treats the issue.

I have been watching The Bold Type on Netflix and admit that I purposely skipped the episode entitled 'Marathon' when it looked like it would result in soaring blood pressure on my part - if anyone did watch that episode please give me the bare bones of what happened.

SapphosRock Thu 22-Apr-21 21:55:53

Thanks for the heads up!

bagelbaby Thu 22-Apr-21 22:17:52

Omg they are going there. Watching with bated breath

exwhyzed Thu 22-Apr-21 22:33:58

Oh I put a post up about this too but yours must have had a more succinct title grin

I was amazed that they covered it and pleased about how they decided to conclude it. Really highlighted the unfairness and the conflicting rights without coming down explicitly on either side.

It was a bit of a drive by FWR defence

Boom- sex not gender
Boom- male puberty doesn't change feelings
Boom - unfairness for natal females
Boom - people with DSD being dragged into a debate that's nothing to do with them.

Someone on the writing team has definitely 'peaked'. I sense the cyclist has probably been a significant influence in the story.

bagelbaby Thu 22-Apr-21 22:37:56

Just got to the bit where the young associates turn up calling it transphobia. Great writing

Lordamighty Thu 22-Apr-21 22:42:36

There were some great points made about testosterone levels.

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bagelbaby Thu 22-Apr-21 22:50:44

Agreed. And now the bit about training better because they 'feel happier '

CarmelBeach Thu 22-Apr-21 22:53:34

Oh wow! I'll be interested to hear how that turns out.

I stopped watching after Season 2. It was actually too reflective of real life for me to find it entertaining.

I will be astonished if the storyline ends in a controversial way.

Xpectations Thu 22-Apr-21 22:59:30

I thought the remark the judge made as he gave his final decision was snidey. But, his decision was very interesting and critical of IOC policy. Won’t say anymore cos spoilers.

Iamhangingin Fri 23-Apr-21 12:36:32

I love this show and just caught up. It was interesting. It's such a minefield of an issue and clearly there is not a solution that leaves everyone happy.

stumbledin Fri 23-Apr-21 14:47:17

I think the problem with the Good Fight is it has become so clever clever that nothing has any value other than to be seen to be making witty comments and word plays.

I thought it totally coped out, but was interested that they didn't have Diane as the lead counsellor given then she has supposedly taken up the lost causes (pro bono) cases.

I think the producers were aware that the optics of that wouldn't have been good.

And really sneaky to have Liz go all I cant be mean the the trans woman so wont continue the line of questions even though it lets down my client. And tried to stop Adrian from being "mean".

I think in line with their slick lets point out the stupidity of how the law works, it was good. Although again it just skated over the issue of intersex. But suspects most viewers will have just thought the Olympic Committee haven't thought this through.

I thought there was more than testosterone levels, that science had pointed out it was more than that. ie would have thought the expert witness would have bought that up. (Its seems to be standard practice of TGF that earnest and principled female characters will always have lank plastered down hair and no make up!)

Procrastinator3 Fri 23-Apr-21 16:27:16

Not sure the science was portrayed correctly. The only way of telling a man from a woman is not testosterone levels I think.

But the Good Fight is the only programme that has even touched this issue I think so good on them.

EmbarrassingAdmissions Fri 23-Apr-21 16:38:55

As PPs indicate, the science of this goes substantially beyond the levels of a single biomarker - Emma Hilton and Colin Wright have written several good pieces on this topic.

I haven't seen it but I shall take PPs' word for it that Good Fight is the only programme that has even touched this issue

I assume that is just in the context of sports competitions. I know that RL transmen actors play transmen characters in dramas such as 9-1-1 Lone Star (Brian Michael Smith is Paul Strickland, a firefighter/paramedic):

stumbledin Sat 24-Apr-21 22:23:00

I've just checked when this was filmed, as I somehow assumed it would have been as much as 2 years ago, but it was only last year. And on reflection wondered if under Biden they would have put a different slant on it.

Also, and this is a bit of a side track, I usually watch dateline london on BBC News on a saturday (because forgiegn corresponedents actually talk about news rather then UK who focus on gossip and personalities). Anyhow toward the end they turned to Biden's first 100 days, and the US correspondent was saying everyone was so glad to have normalcy after Trump that he had had it easy. And then he started to say something along the lines of, just wait till it gets to something tricky like gender - and almost immediately corrected himself and bought up another issue. Wonder if that was self censorship or the BBC saying lets not talk about that!

JaninaDuszejko Sat 24-Apr-21 23:03:59

The only way of telling a man from a woman is not testosterone levels I think.

Yes, there was a massive chromosome shaped gap wasn't there. But at least Adrian talked about genitals which hs a peak trans moment fur a lot of people.

Having looked at the reviews on line, all of which seem to be pro-trans, the writers have trod a careful path between highlighting the CG concerns and not offending the TRAs. Which is clever even if it seebed weak. And the comparison with the British cases on this issue were stark.

EmbarrassingAdmissions Sun 25-Apr-21 10:32:01

Maybe if it had been recorded this year, Rep. Talarico's statement of there being six biological sexes would have been taken at face value.

Shedbuilder Sun 25-Apr-21 10:44:28

I hadn't realised this was on and seem to have been too late to catch the first one, but I'm now on Episode 3 and it seems to me that they're taking the whole SJW/ virtue signalling issue on. In the episode I just watched, a black lawyer uses a quote containing the N-word and the resulting witch-hunt involves HR offering racial sensitivity training. There are two impassioned speeches from black characters about how the N-word is their word and no one's allowed to co-opt it or silence it. The parallel with gender is blindingly obvious. The resulting HR training session demonstrates how patronising and ridiculous the situation is and how everyone goes along with it to save their jobs.

JaninaDuszejko Sun 25-Apr-21 11:24:59

Yes, when I watched the programme about Adrian saying the N word and being called rascist by a white HR person it did remind me of Miranda Yardley being accused of transphobia by a straight woman and I did wonder if they would just refer to the trans issue obliquely or actually go there. So pleased they did even if the ending was a bit 'oh, feelings' and in real life I'd hope their client had found a lawyer that had more belief in their arguments.

Italiangreyhound Sun 25-Apr-21 14:58:24

I was mad at the judge saying he didn't want to make a judgment on this case. Did anyone else want to make the judgment?! I bet a lot of people do!

Plus as an aside I googled that bloody expensive handbag and now have my ad space full of those handbags!

stumbledin Sun 25-Apr-21 15:10:53

Shedbuilder - be glad you missed the first episode. It was all about Diane having a dream while knocked out that Trump hadn't really won the election and Clinton was President.

And then in the clever dick way (a bit like the West Wing) pointed out all the ways Clinton would have betrayed women, there would have been no me too etc..

So when she turns up in episode 2 to the over the top offices she has actually been on sick leave for 6? 9? months.

Some discussion on this on the telly addicts thread, but most thought it didn't work

I was wondering if they are going to try and ease the Diane character out and thry and make a more Black focused show, but then saw somewhere on line that many of the lead African American actors are leaving at the end of this series.

Maybe they didn't have faith in the show being able to hold an real principles, as it is so hell bent on clever, but not very in depth look at topical issues.

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