“Dump the Dimorphism: Comprehensive synthesis of brain studies finds few male-female differences beyond size.”

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TheRabbitOfCaerbannog Sun 21-Mar-21 07:43:09


Meta-synthesis of 3 decades of human brain sex difference findings.

Few male/female differences survive correction for brain size.

When present, sex accounts for about 1% of variance in structure or laterality.

Male and female brains are monomorphic, not dimorphic, in structure and function."

Here's Professor Lise Eliot's thread explainer:


And here's the study:


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Helleofabore Sun 21-Mar-21 07:48:18

Thanks. I just saw this and wondered if it was posted.

donquixotedelamancha Sun 21-Mar-21 08:36:53

Yep, not really a surprise but it's good to add weight to the pile of evidence:

No such thing as male and female brains. What average differences there are between sexes are tiny compared to the range of individual variation.

CosmicVagina Sun 21-Mar-21 20:58:05

Thanks for posting this

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