Ebony Rainford-Brent - what a superstar

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PermanentTemporary Thu 04-Mar-21 12:44:05

Just enjoying some cricket today and particularly ERB's commentary, but only just realised what she's doing to get more Black British kids into cricket and support them when they are there. What a woman.

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PotholeParadies Thu 04-Mar-21 13:09:43

It sounds like a fantastic initiative and I absolutely adore the way she describes cricket in this interview.

Makes me want to go out there and whack something! www.voice-online.co.uk/sport/cricket/2021/03/02/meet-the-woman-with-an-ace-idea-looking-to-transform-the-chances-for-inner-city-black-cricketers/

Botsy Thu 04-Mar-21 13:29:20

She's a force of nature! Her energy... she's involved in so many projects, and she's a lovely person too.

PurpleHoodie Thu 04-Mar-21 13:32:20

Oh that sounds fantastic.

PurpleHoodie Thu 04-Mar-21 13:33:14

Good luck to her and everyone involved.

Winesalot Thu 04-Mar-21 15:06:08

Absolutely a fabulous initiative.

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