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R4 Dead Ringers (Fri 19 6:30pm)

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TeenPlusTwenties Fri 19-Jun-20 19:02:07

About half way through a Harry Potter sketch...

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FreezerBird Fri 19-Jun-20 19:10:54

Yes! Thought they handled it quite well...

DickKerrLadies Fri 19-Jun-20 19:15:16

Just listened to this - that was unexpected!

TeenPlusTwenties Fri 19-Jun-20 19:16:26

So did I. Balanced, but with the 'grown ups' (Dumbledore & Snape) on the side of sense.

For Dead Ringers to cover this, it has to be getting more mainstream.

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FreezerBird Fri 19-Jun-20 19:29:40

And clever to twist the joke onto Twitter and the nature of the debate at the end, therefore making it not about trans at all <innocent whistle>.

Quillink Fri 19-Jun-20 19:33:32

No debate is definitely behind us.

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