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The DWP have fallen

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sashh Thu 18-Jun-20 10:31:12

I've just received a letter from the DWP.

At the end it says

Equality and diversity

We treat people fairly, regardless of their disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, transgender status, marital or civil partnership status, age, religion or beliefs.

I'm wondering if this is direct discrimination against me because of my sex. Any lawyer want to take a case?

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VickyEadieofThigh Thu 18-Jun-20 10:33:40

I stopped reading, because I collapsed in hysterical laughter at:

We treat people fairly

Agrona Thu 18-Jun-20 10:34:59

"We treat people fairily" except women.

sashh Thu 18-Jun-20 10:37:55


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weepingwillow22 Thu 18-Jun-20 10:38:44

The DWP treat all groups equally poorly

ShiveringCoyote Thu 18-Jun-20 10:49:21

Identify as transage and demand your pension. All about diversity.

TheShoesa Thu 18-Jun-20 10:55:42

I would email and point out that they have wrongly listed the protected characteristics. transgender status is a new one for me, I've seen gender identity before but not that.

(I have a separate email for communications like this and only ever use mobile data)

Kit19 Thu 18-Jun-20 11:04:41

its depressing that even government depts cant get the protected characteristics right!

sashh Thu 18-Jun-20 11:12:17

email sent

I have received a letter today from the DWP. At the end it states,

"Equality and diversity. We treat people fairly, regardless of their disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, transgender status, marital or civil partnership status, age, religion or beliefs."

I am seriously concerned at this wording. The Equality Act has 8 'protected characteristics' , they are:

Gender reassignment
Marriage and civil partnership
Religion or belief
Sexual orientation

Due tot he nature of the benefits system more women than men claim benefits, yet the DWP has seen fit to remove the protected characteristic of 'sex'. Sex is not the same as gender and many people want to see the end of 'gender' as a social construct.

The commission of @sex' directly discriminates against women and girls. The omission of 'gender reassignment' also directly discriminates against those undergoing reassignment.

Under the equality act there are sections where discrimination is legal, eg a swimming pool can offer a women's only session but not one for men if there is a request from women but not from men. The intricacies of the law rely on actual legal definitions and from a government department the ignorance of the law is shocking.

Please consider this a formal complaint under the equality act that you are discriminating against me, directly, because of my sex by not including that in your statement.

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TheShoesa Thu 18-Jun-20 11:12:25

Have they all been trained by Stonewall by any chance?

LastTrainEast Thu 18-Jun-20 11:28:46

They get it right on their page for their own employees so I've contacted them too suggesting it's a mistake.

Ooof Thu 18-Jun-20 11:35:20

OP Are you staff or a claimant?

sashh Thu 18-Jun-20 12:01:52


Claimant. Does it matter?

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CrazyToast Thu 18-Jun-20 12:06:58

SO many places use sex and gender interchangeably. They probably think gender is sex. Email them to ask.

Igmum Thu 18-Jun-20 12:09:49

Great response OP. Here's hoping they pay attention to it

SarahTancredi Thu 18-Jun-20 12:11:13

Isnt there a 9th?

Pregnancy and maternity or am I remembering wrong?

Ooof Thu 18-Jun-20 12:14:46

Well yes it matters. You have absolutely no idea of equality within DWP then do you?

salsa899 Thu 18-Jun-20 12:16:51

I think they're mistaking Stonewall law from the actual law.

terryleather Thu 18-Jun-20 12:18:40

Isnt there a 9th?

Pregnancy and maternity or am I remembering wrong?

You're correct Sarah...and it's one that only affects women, strange that....

BaronessSnippyPantsofCroneArmy Thu 18-Jun-20 12:22:47

Well done OP, we all need to push back against this nonsense whenever we can.

sashh Fri 19-Jun-20 07:25:39

Pregnancy and maternity or am I remembering wrong? That's a section in the 'sex' category. It's because you can discriminate in favour of a pregnant or breastfeeding woman like allowing breaks and a space
to express milk but not offering the same to men.

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Ereshkigalangcleg Fri 19-Jun-20 07:59:07

It's considered a separate protected characteristic. There are nine.

sashh Sat 20-Jun-20 05:31:25

I've had a reply

The use of the word gender, as opposed to sex, does not imply that the Department treats either sex (female or male) differently.

Gender means either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female. Thus gender includes both sexes as well as all other identities, so is more inclusive not less.

If you wish to complain about the way DWP has treated you or failed to treat you in delivering its services, details of how to do that are set out here -

You will need to give specific instances of the instances you wish to complain about.


John Herron

Department for Work and Pensions

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sashh Sat 20-Jun-20 05:36:20

If anyone wants to complain with me

Complaints about the department
If you have a complaint about the Department for Work and Pensions itself, write to:

DWP Complaints
Post Handling Site B
WV99 2GY

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TehBewilderness Sat 20-Jun-20 06:27:54

Send them a copy of the law and or a link and advise them they are in violation of law.
Then report to

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