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Caroline Ffiske - good summary of institutional capture for the uninitiated

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NameChange2PostThis Tue 07-Apr-20 11:47:20

I thought this was worth sharing as Caroline is so good at explaining this. Might be something that can be shared with the doubters who think this isn’t really an issue and we are just making a fuss over a few silly activists’ twitter posts.

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Thelnebriati Tue 07-Apr-20 12:48:26

''According to the Mail, Berridge is working with the Minister for Equalities and Women, Liz Truss, to push No 10 to take a stronger stance to protect women’s rights, but they are being overruled by Boris Johnson’s aide Dominic Cummings. Apparently ‘Downing Street just wants the whole subject to go away’. Never was there such a naive sentiment. The whole subject can’t go away because the trans lobby has already been so successful. Now, if Johnson, Cummings, Berridge, Truss do nothing, the damage that the trans lobby has already done will remain in place. This damage includes: risks to the safety, dignity, privacy of women; threats to our freedom of speech; corrosion of our trust in the police; the undermining of our language; the corruption of science – even as it is taught in schools – and the invasive bullying of young gays and lesbians.
Most tragic of all is the harm being done to vulnerable young people who are persuaded that they were born into the wrong body and that a lifetime of cross-sex hormones, possible surgery and potential sterilisation is the right course for them.''

Spot on.

OhHolyJesus Tue 07-Apr-20 12:48:56

God she's good isn't she?!

Much of the content posters here already understand but is needs a wider audience as it captures so I have if where we are right now. Will share.

Desperately hoping we have some good things coming on all fronts soon.

Thelnebriati Tue 07-Apr-20 12:54:22

One point she misses that I wish she had picked up on; PSE was originally proposed by the Women and Equalities Committee to counter the epidemic of male violence.
It was supported by Maria Miller, who subsequently did an alarming U turn on womens rights.

''Feedback from some respondents to the call for evidence and consultation conducted on the new subjects supports the view that the new subjects may help to reduce harassment and sexual violence in schools.
The guidance sets out that schools should consider how best to foster healthy and respectful peer-to-peer communication and behaviour between boys and girls, and provide an environment, which challenges perceived limits on children based on their sex or any other protected characteristic... ''

R0wantrees Tue 07-Apr-20 19:26:12

Sadly for Johnson and Cummings, doing nothing and hoping the issue will go away is not an option. Under the Conservatives, the trans narrative corrupts the hearts of our public institutions. It is rolled out by the Department of Education, the Government Equalities Office, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Police, the Courts, the NHS, the BBC, the Office of National Statistics, the Ministry of Justice. Where does it end? With women losing their jobs because they won’t play along. With men in women’s safe spaces. With faith in our police undermined. With science, reason, language, statistics corrupted.

I worry most about our vulnerable children and the people who love them. So I will end by repeating the words of an American mother: ‘My once beautiful daughter is now nineteen years old, homeless, bearded, in extreme poverty, sterilized, not receiving mental health services, extremely mentally ill, and planning a radial forearm phalloplasty (a surgical procedure that removes part of her arm to construct a fake penis).’ This mother is not alone in her despair. There are now many more, and numbers continue to grow.

Everyone with a head and a heart needs to join the fightback. Thousands are. But in the UK, Conservative MPs are the bottleneck. Only they can push through the reforms to our laws and public institutions that are needed to stop this dangerous narrative. It is time for them to take courage and step up.

This is excellent.
Really worth forwarding to Conservative MPs.
Vulnerable women & children will be impacted by policies informed by transobbyists during the Covid crisis. There is a consistant undermining of Safeguarding for children & Vulnerable Adults in such policies.

Thank you Caroline ffiske flowers

Datun Tue 07-Apr-20 19:28:56

Excellent. Another commentary that everyone should read.

ThinEndoftheWedge Tue 07-Apr-20 19:31:32

Everyone should get onto their MPs - especially if they have a Tory one.

stillathing Tue 07-Apr-20 20:13:42

I really like the way the points are linked together almost as if the author is telling a story. It makes it extremely readable.

I do wish she'd included the fact that an NHS Trust has stated that a patient requesting a female practitioner to carry out an intimate procedure is an example of "unacceptable bigotry".

Ashamed to say there was a time I would have been part of the problem & might not have read this piece simply because it is on a website called Conservative Woman. Ironic given the piece blames the Conservative Government for not upholding Labour's equality act.

Melroses Tue 07-Apr-20 21:08:21

I have just read this, having been signposted to it elsewhere.

It really is a good piece. It is such a relief to know there is some clear thinking somewhere out there. Now to translate it into a letter to my conservative MP grin

Cuntysnark Tue 07-Apr-20 21:13:55

I’ve sen it to the 3 I’m in contact with.

DodoPatrol Tue 07-Apr-20 21:19:36

God, though, some of the comments are from utter mouth breathers.

MrsSnippyPants Tue 07-Apr-20 22:25:29

I believe the website is about conservative as in politics, not Conservative as in the party. Anyways, Caroline ffiske has written some excellent articles on trans ideology and is not afraid to hold the government to account. I’m astonished her work isn’t published more widely and she is well worth following on Twitter, whatever your politics. That article certainly needs a bigger audience.

R0wantrees Tue 07-Apr-20 22:32:51

from the bio:
"Caroline ffiske is a former adviser to the New Zealand Government, served two terms as a Conservative councillor in Hammersmith & Fulham and is currently a full-time mother. She tweets as @carolinefff "

MoleSmokes Wed 08-Apr-20 14:12:57

That deserves a much wider airing - would love to see it in The Times.

It is wasted on its current audience if the unrelenting trolling about "lesbian feminists" and knee-jerk, unrelated bigotry about Muslims in the comments is anything to go by. Most of them don't even seem to have read the article - pearls before swine!

OhHolyJesus Wed 08-Apr-20 14:34:30

I thought the same thing Mole. It's brilliant but we already agree, it needs sharing far and wide.

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