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"The main protagonist in this war on free speech in the UK is Stonewall"

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MrsSnippyPants Thu 30-Jan-20 11:51:58

Great article form Kathleen Stock today.

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Cuntysnark Thu 30-Jan-20 12:14:00

That’s quite a read. Chilling.

BiologyIsReal Thu 30-Jan-20 12:32:13

With LBG equality pretty much sorted, Stonewall had to look for a reason to continue its influence on the body politic and to bring in income. Their lightbulb moment was T.

Follow the money......

Mockers2020Vision Thu 30-Jan-20 12:37:44

Stonewalltology: Sell courses. Recruit clients who promote the message to others, prompting them to buy more courses.

Thelnebriati Thu 30-Jan-20 12:40:36

This agenda didn't originate from Stonewall, it came from elsewhere and they are used as the delivery vehicle.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Thu 30-Jan-20 12:41:39

Multi level marketing, the woke version, with rainbow stormtroopers.

crsacre Thu 30-Jan-20 13:49:59

One result is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, an event originating in the US, designed to commemorate victims of “anti-transgender bigotry”. It is heavily promoted by LGBT charities including Stonewall. As a consequence, in late November on British campuses, senior managers can be spotted shivering in the freezing dark, huddled around a candle flame with colleagues and students, listening to someone laboriously reading out the names of South and Central American sex workers killed in some of the most violent countries on earth—people whose tragic deaths seem, at the very least, somewhat causally overdetermined.

NonnyMouse1337 Thu 30-Jan-20 14:15:30

Feeling a bit glum reading this. Kathleen Stock is great as always.

750+ organisations under the Diversity Champion scheme, many of which are key players in shaping and enforcing public policy and law. sad

ThinEndoftheWedge Thu 30-Jan-20 14:23:18

All I can think to do is:

Support GC groups/charities
Contact the government agencies to tell them to apply the law properly.
Write to / see your MP about improving safeguarding / strengthening single sex provision
Shout about it to who you can - if you can - when you feel you can.

I bring it up as much as possible. My family sway from left to right wing and I was happily surprised that we are all on agreement with this one.

ThePurported Thu 30-Jan-20 19:57:23

Stonewall has basically become the lobbying arm of Beaumont Society.

Standpoint has another great article by Helen Joyce
Speaking up for female eunuchs
The woes of “detransitioners” are a warning: treating children with gender dysphoria is riskier than zealots admit

[Alice Dreger] points out that even to refer to autogynephilia risks bringing the fantasy crashing down. “The ultimate eroticism of autogynephilia lies in the idea of really becoming or being a woman, not in being a natal male who desires to be a woman,” she writes. She describes the condition as “a love that would really rather we didn’t speak its name”.

This determination to deny any sexual motive for transitioning is central to understanding why activists are so wedded to the gender-identity narrative. It is also, a new book argues, why gender-dysphoric children are being transitioned, despite strong evidence that they are far more likely to grow up gay than transgender. The thesis of Inventing Transgender Children and Young People, a collection of essays co-edited by Moore and Heather Brunskell-Evans, a sociologist and philosopher, is that gender-dysphoric children are interpreted as trans in order to prop up the insistence of trans adults that they are motivated by an innate gender identity that does not match their body. For there to be trans adults in this sense, there must be trans children. In Brunskell-Evans’s words, they are gender ideology’s “necessary victims”.

R0wantrees Thu 30-Jan-20 20:08:06

Stonewall has basically become the lobbying arm of Beaumont Society.

Beaumont Society is linked to Press For Change (the original lobbying group) which launched GIRES. There are also overlapping personel with TELI, Proud Trust, Agender etc

Stonewall seems rather late to lobbying for the causes which have been pushed (behind the scenes) for many years:

ThePurported Thu 30-Jan-20 20:23:08

You're right R0wan, Stonewall managed to resist for a long time. It's mindboggling to think that it didn't adopt the T until 2014, and within a year it was campaigning for the removal of single-sex exemptions.
Re that Let's go back to 2007 thread - I keep wondering how it has become so acceptable to conflate intersex and trans, when intersex orgs were so against it, and PfC/Gires promised that they wouldn't do it anymore?

R0wantrees Thu 30-Jan-20 20:32:15

There was a significant change of people in Stonewall around that time though wasnt there & Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill had passed the year before.

OldCrone Thu 30-Jan-20 20:50:05

This determination to deny any sexual motive for transitioning is central to understanding why activists are so wedded to the gender-identity narrative. It is also, a new book argues, why gender-dysphoric children are being transitioned, despite strong evidence that they are far more likely to grow up gay than transgender.

Some transactivists like the one in this clip are quite open about this - "trans youth take the 'sex' out of the trans experience". In other words if you want to legitimise your fetish, make sure it is seen as the same thing as gender dysphoria in children and adolescents, because that isn't about sex. The video should start at the right point, if not, go to 6.54 (unless you really want to watch the whole thing).

ThePurported Thu 30-Jan-20 21:28:52

if you want to legitimise your fetish, make sure it is seen as the same thing as gender dysphoria in children and adolescents
This has been going on since the concept of gender identity was first introduced. Was is Anne Lawrence who wrote about the 'script' for AGPs (to get hormones etc)?
The difference now is that no one bats an eyelid when adult males with an interest in cross-dressing advocate for 'trans kids'.

Those two articles by Kathleen Stock and Helen Joyce paint quite a picture. Good move by Standpoint to put them in the same issue!

allmywhat Thu 30-Jan-20 21:48:09

Where is the list of Stonewall Diversity Champions? Has it got to the point yet where people might start boycotting them en masse?

I'd certainly prefer a university or workplace that wasn't on the list, and I suspect most women would feel the same. No one likes gender neutral toilets, so working for a Stonewall Diversity Champion is likely to negatively impact your quality of life.

I don't know if Stonewall have entirely burned through their brand capital yet, enough to encourage a mass consumer boycott of their sponsors, but it might not be long coming. I think on a personal level I'd like to boycott them anyway so if anyone's got the list I'd like to see it.

OhHolyJesus Thu 30-Jan-20 22:13:26

Here's the schools list allmywhat

And the "top 100" notes from another thread

A few companies you can boycott but harder to boycott the councils, police and universities...and MI6 at no.88!

BackToBackTheyFaced Thu 30-Jan-20 22:16:40

Many charities are like this, not all of course, but a not insubstantial number. When They should be working to make themselves defunct...

BackToBackTheyFaced Thu 30-Jan-20 22:19:03

FYI my org is a stonewall blah blah blah. Piece of piss to get and means the square route of fuck all. You write a big long form, they take it at face value and make sure you’ve said you do the tick list, you hand over wodge of cash. Done. Only trace of it in my org is that some, not all, of HR have pronouns on their email signature.

OhHolyJesus Thu 30-Jan-20 22:23:07

Do you know how much cash BacktoBack ? I know the training is roughly £400 but to be a diversity champion I reckon it could be more as you basically sign up as a member.

Do they ever reappear to check the "gender nesutral" toilets?

allmywhat Thu 30-Jan-20 22:38:25

Thank you Jesus! grin

Thelnebriati Thu 30-Jan-20 22:50:17

Do they ever reappear to check the "gender neutral" toilets? My understanding is the business has to appoint a member of staff to act as champion so I assume they become the class monitor.

R0wantrees Fri 31-Jan-20 01:17:05

Jan 2019 womanformallyknownaswoman wrote:

"Extracts from the 2017 Financial Accounts of Stonewall:

2017 Total income £7.2m

Donations 1.7m
Grants 0.9m (total income from govt 0.65.million)
Sponsorship 0.4m
Events 0.8m
Fees 2.2m
Programs 0.5m

2017 Total expenditure £6.1m

fundraising 1m
campaigns/policy/research 2.5m
employment advice 1.6
empowerment programs 1m

2.3m Support costs ( £0.5m gen mgt costs, 4 people paid > £60k)
Key mgt personnel: CEO,MD,exec dir x2 - total employee benefits of those 4: £300k

Trustees: Jonathan Andrews, Richard Beaven, Simon Blake, Katie Cornhill, Catherine Dixon, Jan Gooding (Chair), Sheldon Mills, Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Rosalyn Parker, Lisa Pinney (Treasurer), Oliver Rowe, Tim Toulon, Mohsin Zaidi

CEO Ruth Hunt
Secretary Maxine Draper

4 core strategic priorities:

•Empowering individuals
•Transforming institutions
•Changing hearts and minds
•Changing laws

Here’s some information about Jan Gooding, Stonewall Chair, who seems to have overseen the financialisation of Stonewall from charity into deep pocketed lobby group:

Jan Gooding Group Brand Director Aviva

Jan is one of the most senior directors in the Aviva Group and is responsible for the leadership, oversight and governance of brand and marketing strategy worldwide. She is the very visible sponsor of the LGBT employee network Aviva Pride, and was elected Chair of Trustees of Stonewall in May 2014. This year she guided the board of trustees through a change in the remit of Stonewall to include ‘T’ in the focus of their activities, and in March she gave the annual lecture to the Employment Lawyers Association, addressing over 500 lawyers, QC’s and judges across the country on the areas of concern to Stonewall as the legal changes took hold.

From her public Linkedin Profile:

Jan Gooding is a marketing leader with a career which has included senior executive roles working with blue chip companies like BT, British Gas, Diageo, Unilever and, most latterly, as the Group Brand director at Aviva. She was responsible for unifying the c£400K global marketing spend under the brand idea 'Good Thinking'. In her final role at Aviva, as their first Global Inclusion Director, she led the introduction of the ground-breaking policy of equal parental leave.
-She is currently the Chair of LGBT equality charity Stonewall, which reaches and supports LGBT activists in over 70 countries worldwide. When she took over the helm, Stonewall was focussed on equality based on people’s sexual orientation, and did not actively campaign on gender identity issues-. Under her leadership Stonewall extended it remit to campaign for trans equality in 2015.
She was appointed President of MRS (Market Research Society) April 2017. And is a Fellow of the Marketing Society and member of WACL (Women in Advertising and Communication London).
Jan is known to be one of the UK’s most outspoken marketing leaders on the subjects ranging from building global brands to inclusive leadership.

Her remarks from 2018 Stonewall Review:

Now is such a critical time for Stonewall, as we continue to fight for all aspects of LGBT inclusion. Reflecting on the year now coming to an end, 2018 has been a difficult year, particularly for trans people. They have faced a barrage of negative coverage, and we at Stonewall have made no bones about using our voice and our platform to directly confront it. But the struggle for lesbian, gay and bi equality hasn’t let up either.
We stand up forpeople.
We stand up for the respect and acceptance of L, plus G, plus B, plus T, plus, plus, plus: we stand up for people. For just as we jointly suffer from hate, discrimination and ignorance from certain quarters of society, we are united by, and stand together, to insist on equality for everyone.
One thing is true. We do draw a line with regard to questioning whether trans people deserve the same level of equality as any other group. This aspect of the current media frenzy is not up for debate.
We also believe that giving greater equality and respect to trans people will not negatively impact the rights of women or any other group.
We know that acceptance and respect for all LGBT+ people is not achieved through false ‘debates’ on social media.
We know that the acceptance and respect we seek for all LGBT+ people is not achieved through false ‘debates’ on social media. It is done by hard work on the ground, day after day, in our schools, communities and workplaces.
Here are a few examples of what our brilliant staff and volunteers have been up to:
•For the first time we attended 30 Prides,reaching some communities for the first time.
•Our hardworking Information Service dealt with over 5,550 calls and emails.
•We now have over 1,500 Stonewall School Champions and trained 2,300 teachers, all of whom are now working to make schools safe and inclusive spaces for LGBT pupils. Importantly, 458 of these are schools with faith values.
•We launched a new international programme to work with 29 organisations in 25 countries to specifically address human rights violations faced by lesbians, bi women and trans people over the next two years.
•We successfully lobbied the Government to make Relationships and Sex Education, and Health Education, compulsory in all of England’s schools and LGBT inclusive.
•As part of our international ‘Access to Justice’ programme, we trained 118 police, prosecutors and policy-makers in Europe on hate crime and LGBT equality and diversity.
•No less than 25 leading global organisations, employing 1.3 million people across the world, demonstrated their commitment to improving workplace equality by entering our Global Workplace Equality Index.
•We successfully lobbied the Government to reduce the period that gay and bi men need to have had no sexual activity before donating blood from 12 months to 3 months.
•Following our extensive lobbying, the UK Government launched a consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act (2004) which received record coverage and a huge response from our supporters.

Rather ironic remarks considering the unreliability of Stonewall’s stats:

-I have to say that throughout my career getting my hands on trustworthy data and insight has been crucial. It helps to explain where you are. How you may have got there. And what viable options there may be to move forward-.

And from our friends at Pink News, some insights into the PR & marketing expertise behind Stonewall:

Ogilvy Pride UK is the LGBT specialist PR & marketing consultancy of Ogilvy & Mather Group UK. As well as being recognised as Stonewall Champions, Ogilvy’s global efforts have been recognised by the Human Rights Campaign Organisation, who have rated the company as one of the best places to work as an LGBT individual.

Ogilvy Pride targets pink pound. The division will help clients tap into the $3trillion global LGBT market.By 2020 it is estimated that in London alone the traditional mainstream majority will be outnumbered by minority groups. For a global brand campaign to be truly strategic in its communications, consideration of minority consumer audiences such as LGBT is now key.’

Ogilvy Pride is also the first global agency to partner with UK-based LGBT advocacy organization, Stonewall. A spokesperson for Stonewall told Gay Star Business: ‘It’s great to see Ogilvy launch a specialism that specifically looks out for the needs of the LGBT community.’
In the US, Ogilvy & Mather Group scored a top ranking of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s most recent Corporate Equality Index.
Below, in a recent video produced by Ogilvy Pride, Jonathan Mildenhall, the Chief Marketing Officer of Airbnb, explains why initiatives such as Ogilvy Pride are important in the marketing industry; an industry he describes as ‘inherently conservative’.

Ogilvy Pride, the LGBT and inclusive marketing specialists from across the Ogilvy Group, have announced a significant expansion of the agency’s leadership team with the appointment of a new head of the agency for the team and two new deputies"

embedded links to sources in original

Also that this was a "sister post to this one about the network of execs promoting Stonewall"

ThinEndoftheWedge Fri 31-Jan-20 11:00:50

Janice is on it. Hopefully an article??!

Wolfbane Mon 09-Mar-20 00:12:42

Important Information on st0new@ll starts at 15:30 :

UK Column 19/02/20

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