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Spoiling my ballot

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Muststopfaffing Sun 24-Nov-19 16:51:49

I’ve decided to spoil my ballot in December. I cannot vote for the shit shows that are the Lib Dems, Labour or the Greens and even if the Tories had a better stance on women’s rights I can’t in all good conscience vote for them. I’m fuming that there is no one I can vote for as I feel very strongly that as so many fought for us to get the vote, and while so many women across the world don’t have it, all women should vote. I’m hoping the Suffragettes will forgive me- “No self respecting woman...” and all that. Plus, one party has had a 20,000+ majority in every election in my constituency since time began.

I have been wondering what I’m going to write on my ballot paper though. I want to write something that will get the message across to someone who has no idea what’s going on. I thought about the classic sticker woman “women don’t have penises” but I suspect round my rural neck of the woods that might be too subtle- as if anyone could think anything except only men have penises! I’ve also thought about “Google the Cotton Ceiling” but I’m not sure that’s right either.

For anyone who’s planning to spoil their ballot, what are you going to write?

WrongKindOfFace Sun 24-Nov-19 18:36:46

In your position, Thismonkey, I’d hold my nose and vote labour. Corbyn won’t be around for much longer.

Elieza Sun 24-Nov-19 18:41:36

Respectfully, there is no point in spoiling your paper. It achieves nothing as nobody will ever read it or care. It’s just an excuse for you not to do your homework and vote for the least bad party. Read the manifestos the week before and use the vote that women suffered and even died for that you may have it. A vote for the least worst party or tactical voting to get the least worst party into power is surely the best thing to do? Rather than achieve nothing.

PS there was a similar post on here last week about three act same thing.

HandsOffMyRights Sun 24-Nov-19 18:42:11


Because Miss started a gushing thread about Caitlyn Jenner on FWR and didn't return when many of us talked about what makes us a woman.

The issue of self ID is the reason I'm spoiling my ballot.

Biancadelrioisback Sun 24-Nov-19 18:46:23

But that doesn't answer my question. You spoiling your ballot will not achieve anything. No one will know, or care what you've written. You could make the most important and insightful point ever but it will benefit absolutely no-one. It won't invoke change, or make people think, or prove any point. I'll end up in a disregard pile.

HandsOffMyRights Sun 24-Nov-19 18:49:59

As I said, I will know.

Biancadelrioisback Sun 24-Nov-19 18:55:04

But that doesn't make any sense. What good does it do? Literally no one benefits

HandsOffMyRights Sun 24-Nov-19 18:55:23

Elieza There have been a number of these threads now. I was going to link to last week's one to save going round in circles, but couldn't find it.

HandsOffMyRights Sun 24-Nov-19 19:03:48

And tell me what good it does to vote for the party that abuses women the least?

As for The Suffragettes? I like to think they would be appalled that it's come to voting for the 'least worse' or that anybody is doing this lightly, without extensive research or without conscience.

It is a lose lose for women.

PaleBlueMoonlight Sun 24-Nov-19 19:12:59

I am wobbling. Having heard Angela Rayner and Jo Swinson and having seen the Tory manifesto I am, for the first time in my life thinking of voting conservative. Entirely on the issue of women’s rights. I could not have done this if it was a hard right manifesto, but it is not. I will then need to hope that Lib Dems or labour sort themselves out so that next time I can go back to voting on economic policies. If we lose on women’s rights, it will be one hell of a long road to get then back.

dippydeedoo Sun 24-Nov-19 19:16:39

Can I just say without any offence.
This really makes no odds, having been at several vote counts, nobody really cares and all that will happen is that the candidates for the opposing parties will chuckle, some will shake their head and say what a waste of time, others may empathise secretly but really it has very little consequence especially as it’s anonymous.

HandsOffMyRights Sun 24-Nov-19 19:16:41

Here are a couple of previous threads (there was another one too...with some excellent responses'

Justa post on the first page of the first thread captures my thoughts.

Dangerfloof Sun 24-Nov-19 19:18:36

I'm spoiling my vote too. Dont care who says it doesn't matter/no one will see it/no one cares.
I care.

VondaVomin Sun 24-Nov-19 19:42:36

Yes I will be spoiling my vote too. If enough of us do it then the candidates will see the level of anger amongst women. I'm in a solidly Labour ward so what I vote is irrelevant even if I wanted to support any of the candidates, which I don't.

There are a number of women I know who plan to do the same so at least the message will be seen a few times.

VikingVolva Sun 24-Nov-19 19:49:34

I think there have been a lot of threads, because there is a desire for one where all the answers are 'great idea, it'll send a hard-hitting message that will make a difference'

Unfortunately, there are sufficient posters who say they have direct experience of what happens at a count, who are patiently and politely pointing out it will make no difference whatsoever. And they are right.

No-one is paying attention to what is written on a spoiled ballot. It is not recorded, won't be seen by candidates, won't be referred to after the vote, and won't be reported on by the press.

Up to you.

Thismonkeysgonetodevon Sun 24-Nov-19 20:03:17

WrongKindOfFace - This is DH’s thinking; it’s more about stopping a Tory landslide than a Labour win. I’m just so disgusted at Labour’s utter contempt for women. Labour candidate hasn’t even bothered to reply to my email.

Muststopfaffing Sun 24-Nov-19 20:46:03

Interesting viewpoints, thanks. I’ve been on and off FWR for a few years now and how much I’m here depends on what’s going on IRL (as I’m sure it does for many of us) so I missed the previous threads about spoiling ballots. I hadn’t intended to duplicate, and certainly wasn’t expecting a pat on the back or to be told it’s a great idea.

For those who said vote for the least worst party, if this is what you have decided to do how did you decide who was least worst? Issues other than women’s rights? Brexit?? Or based on who is likely to have most chance beating the opposition? As I said, I’m in a safe seat (Cons) that has always had a majority of over 20,000 and historically Labour or Libdems have come in 2nd depending on the manifesto etc.

Meercatsarecats Sun 24-Nov-19 20:46:51

In a lot of places one vote doesn't make a difference anyway.
I also live in a constituency with a 20,000+ Tory majority that they've held for years.
So even if I wanted to vote for the other parties, which I don't, and can't in good conscience as things stand, the conservatives will still win.
I will know that I turned up to vote.
My morals and values won't allow me to vote for any of the candidates on offer.
My conscience will know that I did what i thought was right in shit circumstances and that's good enough for me at this time.

RNBrie Sun 24-Nov-19 20:53:20

I've been to a count and spoiled ballots were viewed by the election agents for the candidates or the candidate themselves and everyone has to agree they were spoiled. They did get read out, but more in jest than taken seriously.

I don't think I can bring myself to spoil my ballot. But I also don't think I can bring myself to vote for any of the candidate I have to choose from. No idea what I'll do yet.

Thismonkeysgonetodevon Sun 24-Nov-19 21:00:04

For those who said vote for the least worst party, if this is what you have decided to do how did you decide who was least worst? Issues other than women’s rights? Brexit??...

God knows sad So many of us struggling with this exact same dilemma.

JellySlice Sun 24-Nov-19 21:04:03

To my mind spoiling your ballot, whether or not you write a message, still sends a message: None Of The Above.

Voting for the 'least worst' is a vote in support of the erasure of women, or in support of austerity/Brexit.

exLtEveDallas Sun 24-Nov-19 21:11:11

Spoiled votes need to be read, if only to confirm they are spoilt. So I figure I might be helping to peak one more person...and that’s enough for me.

FixItUpChappie Sun 24-Nov-19 21:12:00

Spoiling your vote is irresponsible. You have no right to complain if you don't show up and make an educated choice. Best of the worst is still something.

It childish to think anyone will care or take note of anything you write on your ballot - it will be binned straight away.

GeneticTest Sun 24-Nov-19 21:14:19

It WONT be binned.

I’ve been to several election counts. DH has been a (successful) candidate at several. All spoilt ballots are read out/shown to the candidates or their chosen agent. If lots say the same thing then the candidates/agents will notice.
Most are just offensive to one side or the other.

Saying no one reads them is rubbish.

slipperywhensparticus Sun 24-Nov-19 21:20:23

There is no point spoiling your ballot vote to decrease the majority in parliament let them hang themselves they will be unable to make it worse maybe next election we will get someone worth while

SunsetBeetch Sun 24-Nov-19 21:20:47

I'm spoiling my ballot and writing to each ofnthe candidates to tell them why I won't vote for them. There is no "least worst" as far as I am concerned. I'm not going to be a turkey voting for Christmas!

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