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Twitter Joani Walsh - gone

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thecompletenonsequitur Thu 19-Sep-19 11:28:44

Had a tab open on a Joani twitter thread. Clicked on the tab to read it and her account has vanished. I think the thread was about Telegraph /AGP chap.

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Popchyk Thu 19-Sep-19 11:34:16

Joani deactivates a lot of the time.

And then she pops up again on Twitter when there's a story to get out. Then she'll immediately deactivate again if she is working on stuff.

Nothing to worry about, I don't think.

thecompletenonsequitur Thu 19-Sep-19 11:40:38

Ah, didn't know that, thanks.

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BustedWench Thu 19-Sep-19 11:42:03

She's very busy at the moment with work, she'll be back soon I'm sure

I've managed loads more work since removing twitter

2BthatUnnoticed Thu 19-Sep-19 12:07:20

Busted I hope it’s all going okay, hang in there flowers

GiantKitten Thu 19-Sep-19 12:08:40

Oh that’s a relief, thank you!
(I clicked on a tweet with her @ in last night & it said doesn’t exist, I was confused!)

BustedWench Thu 19-Sep-19 12:13:48

Just trying to finish my dissertation which is due before 10am tomorrow... 😳 But otherwise I'm holding up, thank you ❤️

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Thu 19-Sep-19 13:08:17

I saw her tweet yesterday something about being very busy but would do an update about yesterday (Kate) when she got some time.

MrGHardy Thu 19-Sep-19 16:39:31

Yea, I spend my time a lot more constructively too since I was banned from Twitter.

Melroses Thu 19-Sep-19 16:45:32

I posted the text from her update on the thread about holes which is quite long now. She disappeared soon after I copied it, so didn't have time to sort out screen shots. Here it is again:

"Right, I'll do a thread on the #katescottow hearing but I'm going to keep some things back because I don't get paid for attending these hearings or pretty much any of the research I do - sorry, but times is tough - and gal needs wedge

Kate pleaded not guilty. The trial date is set for two days from 6 Feb. The prosecution asked for a delay as the counsel they wanted on the case starts a 6wk hearing on the original date of 20 Jan but were denied.

Discussing timings defence said there is quite a lot of disclosure pending. They don't feel there's much for prosecution witness to say as it's all in the tweets but because of extensive bad character that would extend time required. #katescottow

Defence said they would be making a bad character application but can't bring it until they've seen the relevant material. Referenced multiple previous convictions. #katescottow

Here's a link to the court report of the Miranda Yardley trial that hasn't been published before (plus the first ROGD story that was spiked)…"

theflushedzebra Thu 06-Feb-20 10:11:37

Maya Forstater is at the court - no mobiles allowed so no live-tweeting unfortunately.

theflushedzebra Thu 06-Feb-20 11:52:59

Sorry I put that on the wrong thread - it should have been on Kate's thread blush

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