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Posie is being interviewed under caution

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Pandamodium Thu 17-Jan-19 07:47:36

At the request of Susie Green. A public order offence has been mentioned.

What the shite is the world coming to.

StarsAndWater Thu 17-Jan-19 07:50:39

What? Again. What the hell for? Or rather what actual evidence or justification do they have? Surely there'd be some kind of case for abuse of power.

glenthebattleostrich Thu 17-Jan-19 07:50:58

I was just coming to post this.

It's a bloody disgrace.

If bloody arsehole green wants to spout lies and nonsense which will damage children publicly then she can and should be held to account. Fuckwit.

Purplewithgreenspots Thu 17-Jan-19 07:51:10

Posieflowers i stand by you

sarahjconnor Thu 17-Jan-19 07:51:36

It’s harassment. Is it WYP again?

GerryblewuptheER Thu 17-Jan-19 08:04:09

Posie all you have done is tell the truth which shouldn't be a criminal.offence

I stand with you flowers

Lottapianos Thu 17-Jan-19 08:06:09

Posie announced on Facebook recently that this was coming up. She also said there was loads of stuff she was just itching to say but couldn't at that particular time. I hope she gets her chance

And yes, WTF is the world coming to?!

Iused2BanOptimist Thu 17-Jan-19 08:06:31

I wonder if this has been timed with a view to warning off international travel or even passport confiscation?
Posie is due in the USA in a couple of weeks.
Take a red pen Posie and carefully correct any spelling or grammar errors in the police statements.

DisrespectfulAdultFemale Thu 17-Jan-19 08:14:26

I'm sorry to hear the news, Posie. Green is a poisonous character.

Onacleardayyoucansee Thu 17-Jan-19 08:17:13

Posie flowers

HamiltonCork Thu 17-Jan-19 08:17:29

Do we know which police force it is?

Terfing Thu 17-Jan-19 08:19:47

Posie is (unfairly) banned from most platforms, so in what form is the alleged harassment?

Posie wine

Pandamodium Thu 17-Jan-19 08:20:00

Wiltshire Police.

womanformallyknownaswoman Thu 17-Jan-19 08:22:52

What public order offence it be - telling the truth about the risks of steralising minors with untested drugs?

ChattyLion Thu 17-Jan-19 08:30:03

Posie tells the truth and knows her way around a

MoreCheeseDear Thu 17-Jan-19 08:37:00

Support for Posie.

AutumnCrow Thu 17-Jan-19 08:45:42

Wiltshire Chief Constable Kier Pritchard uses Twitter, if anyone wants to send him a message.

BernardBlacksWineIcelolly Thu 17-Jan-19 08:56:59

jeez louise

susie green just coming across as peculiar now

Cuntysnark Thu 17-Jan-19 08:58:06

I do admire Posie. I imagine this will just strengthen her resolve. Unashamedly stealing what someone else has said but when I grow up I want to be like Posie.

DidoAndHerLament Thu 17-Jan-19 09:00:31

Support to you Posie flowers

sashh Thu 17-Jan-19 09:07:51

My experience with thew police is that they are quite happy to continue the bullying and harassment of others, I hope Posie has a better experience.

littlbrowndog Thu 17-Jan-19 09:08:49

Ofgs what is it with these people that they got the police at their beck and call

Mumfun Thu 17-Jan-19 09:10:03

I do not understand why it is not the other way round. Why was Susie Green never arrested for illegal operations on her child? I genuinely am astounded that there was no action taken whatsoever by anyone.

World gone mad I stand with Posie flowers

Pandamodium Thu 17-Jan-19 09:11:22

I know someone with a recent public order offence for punching someone in the face. Mitigating circumstances and whatever but disagreeing with sterilising children and taking the piss out of there genitals is hardly on par.

Olgatheoptimist Thu 17-Jan-19 09:12:08

So do I

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